Why New Year is a great Digital Marketing Opportunity

India is a country with seven days in a week but nine festivals, and this goes without saying that each festival marks a retail boom, as our rituals involve the tradition of rich consumerism with values of giving. We believe in celebrating each festival with an exchange of gifts and buying new clothes, furniture and daily use products. Festivals also involve the essence of cleansing of the old and adopting the new. As a Marketer, will you not use these happiness induced sweet spots of the online shoppers in India. You MUST! Online Advertising is indeed an indispensable digital marketing strategy, during the festivals.  Keep reading

Why You Should Leverage Facebook to Build a Socially Responsive Brand

One of the most effective and low cost strategies to popularize your business in front of the world is through Facebook. It is the digital age and social media, mainly Facebook is used by people of all age groups, thus it is extremely easy and hassle free to find your target group of consumers on Facebook. Facebook is not only a means to connect with and reach millions of potential clients, but it is also a mode of effective communication, as all users share their needs, preferences and choices on various matters on the platform.  Keep reading

Charting new courses in retail with EIRS 2016

The still-nascent retail scene in eastern India was craving for a spark of inspiration. Come 18th March, that catalyst is about to be formulated with East India Retail Summit. The business summit, which is returning after a two year hiatus, is bringing the retail-influencers of pedigree under one roof. Why is it important? Well, the summit promises a wealth of opportunity for business owners- both brick and mortars and service providers.  Keep reading

Why Everday is Holi for the Digital Marketing cowboys & girls!

As the nation gears up to play with colours on Holi, it is just another regular busy day for an online advertising professional, where he has yet again played with colours to create that desired impact for multiple brand communication. Well, I don’t have to re-emphasise that digital marketing and selling through social media are the new mantras of business. It is here that colour becomes the strongest means of communication in a digital campaign and one of its most important element. Colour has an impact on how we think and behave. It directs our eye where to look, what to do, and how to interpret something. It puts content into context. It helps us decide what is important and what is not.  Keep reading

5 Things That Can Make Your Video Go Viral

It is not much difficult to presume how much we all love to see videos. Neither it is hard to understand why. Since the advent of cinema, the audio-visual medium is the stuff of legends. Digital age has changed the ballgame and now virality is the key parameter of success. Let me try to outline the five most important attributes that can make your video go viral.  Keep reading

Why you must visit Joydev Kenduli Mela - Top 5 unmissable things to do

Searching for the true meaning of soul and finding purpose of life are the subconscious factors that are the main reasons of travel. Nestled amidst lush foliage, a quaint settlement of few hundred becomes one of the largest congregations of man for 5 days, every January. For the thirsty traveller, lusting for the meaning of life, the sheer spirituality of the place is an humbling experience. Jaydev-Kenduli mela, has been organised for the last 600 years in memory of poet Jaydev and his holy dip in the river Ajay on Makar Sankranti. Bauls, fakirs, kirtaniyas and sadhus, all descend down in hordes to celebrate this pious occasion, where the Krishna took mortal form to finish Jaydev�s �PADA� in Geetagovinda. Thus, this ultra-secular festival becomes a celebration all forms of music and love. After a decade of being a pilgrim every year to Jaydev mela, here is my list of top 5 unmissable things in the mela.  Keep reading

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