Charting new courses in retail with EIRS 2016

Charting new courses in retail with EIRS 2016

The still-nascent retail scene in eastern India was craving for a spark of inspiration. Come 18th March, that catalyst is about to be formulated with East India Retail Summit. The business summit, which is returning after a two year hiatus, is bringing the retail-influencers of pedigree under one roof. Why is it important? Well, the summit promises a wealth of opportunity for business owners- both brick and mortars and service providers.

Agents of change is retail- EIRS agenda

As the flag-bearers of modern retail converge at EIRS 2016, the agenda of the business summit is aligned to retail sophistication. The agenda is to come to the aid of a gamut of business owners. The key pointers for retail perfection will be discussed with stress on omni-channel marketing principles, the power of new age franchising and the milestones which the malls of urban India aim to achieve.

While discussion on cutting-edge retail ingeniousness is one key element, the other one is the platform doubling up as a hub for networking. Business owners, service providers can experience real-time networking with the industry influencers, vendors and alike.

UrsDigitally’s contribution to the cause of retail
Team UrsDigitally has been engagingly involved with the PR and communication team of Images Retailing to create the necessary stir that the event needed. It is a collaborative model that includes omni-channel promotion through social media, print and collaterals, ensuring tremendous response to the event.

Come 18th March, ITC Sonar is going to experience a retail revolution and yes- team UrsDigitally will be there!


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