Case Study for Popular Jeans Brand


How Our Social Media Marketing Strategies Translated a Legendary Jeans Maker to a Youth-Friendly Brand

Moustache Jeans is one of the earliest brands who associated with us and the association is still going strong. Since 1984 Moustache has been into manufacturing ready-made garments. The denim makers, brought this trend-setting fabric to India 30 years back. Today, with over 54 outlets, the brand has an impeccable reputation nationally and internationally.

This social media marketing case study draws spotlight on how our social media advertising agency made Moustache the mass choice.

The Challenge

In spite of being in the trade for a fair amount of time, Moustache Jeans was somewhere facing stiff competition to the newer competitors. Contemporary brands with more digital visibility were grabbing the market, whereas, Moustache was in urgent demand of a quick and potent market tapping strategy, online.

Hence, they were looking for a professional social media marketing firm who can bring them back to the race with prominent digital exposure.

Modus Operandi

Being a social media management company our prompt suggestion to Moustache Jeans was taking the route of innovation on Facebook. Our logic behind choosing Facebook as the digital medium for the brand was was their TG spectrum. We helped them define their main target group as 21-34 year olds. The time time we started campaigning, around 100 million people in eastern India were using Facebook, most of the being the youths. Our mission was to engage this millennial audience with the brand products. Basically, our key objective was to create a distinct brand recall value for Moustache Jeans and position it as a youthful fashion forward brand. The client wanted our social media marketing firm to create them an eCommerce presence on their own website.

The following route-map for Moustache Jeans social media marketing turned out to be a effective -

  • Every post our team published on their Facebook page carried a hint of their jeans fabric. We tried to play with their chief product jeans visually, that uplifted their image as an innovative brand.
  • Every new product Moustache launched, like water repellent jeans or flavoured jeans had to create a long-lasting presence on the viewers’ minds. Thus, our social media marketing team chose the trending path of storytelling. We developed numerous animated GIF-s emphasizing each new product. targeted towards eCommerce conversion and viral marketing.
  • The brand carries a legacy of 30 years. UrsDigitally wanted to capture this legacy and use it as a wonderful marketing stuff through compelling videos. We portrayed the growth story of Moustache Jeans through these animated videos, scripted, developed and executed by us.
  • Our east Indian region is inhabited by residents of different cultural and lingual backgrounds. We decided to break the language barrier reaching users of every language. We added native speakers of several languages, in-house so that they can reply, comment or generate conversation, organize conversation in the mother tongues. This enabled us get a wider reach and develop an innate bond with the brand followers.


The Impact
Bridging the gap between consumer perception and brand persona, Moustache Jeans was catching up the success stream, gradually.
  • In less than 2 years we have been able to create a listenership of an extensive queue of followers.
  • 40000+ user responses within 3 months of 2016
  • 78000+ proactive fan following and counting, a majority of them belong to the youth community
  • A huge youth community of proactive followers

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