Digital Success Case Study for Real Estate Project


How We Got Hundreds of Qualified Leads for the Top Real Estate Developer group in Kolkata

About Ambjuja Neotia

Under the stewardship of Mr. Harshavardhan Neotia, Ambuja Neotia is one of the most prominent and respected corporate houses headquartered in Kolkata with its forte in real estate and recent forays into hospitality, healthcare and education. The company has been responsible for landmark projects in and around the city. Utalika Luxury, one of Ambuja’s most extravagant projects in the recent times, relied on our lead generation skills for its business.

The Challenge

Working for big, renowned name is a challenge itself. There is always a factor of high expectation that doubles the pressure on the team. Ambuja Neotia being one of the most valued and regular client of our online lead generation agency we couldn’t have let them down with a moderate rate of leads. Our motto was and always will be, highest rate of conversion via running a strategic social media campaign.

 Utalika mobile app created by MaxMobilityHow We Did It
  • For this real estate campaign we started by jotting down every detail about Utalika Luxury project in order to develop a digital strategy roadmap. It helped us in identifying the right target audience in Kolkata – the affluent populace.
  • Next, we developed our audience messaging and sharpened them time-to-time. We made sure that our audience understands the end consumer benefits at a glance. Hence, we expermimented a lot with the project USPs in order to carve out the best possible content outreach for the campaign. USPs like spacious rooms, a 3-storey club, an interlinked podium, a 2.6-acre lake within the property – all these made us create a stylization of the social media creative posts.
  • To create a live experience for our target audience, we developed a 360-degree view of the apartments. And these 360 degree visuals on Facebook created a very high user engagement. Also, we developed an assistive m-brochure mobile App for the project so that prospects can experience every details of the property on their mobile. Ambuja Neotia expressed their appreciation for this innovative ideation by the team.
  • Nothing can beat the superior appeal of motion graphics. Our creative team added its share of creativity into it to create a merger of visuals and graphics in motion. This unique approach in video featuring a character finding joy, refreshment and peace at Utalika space was not only liked by our client, but earned millions of views on Facebook adding up to a very healthy lead conversion.
  • Cold Tweeting, a useful way to find free Twitter leads for realtors worked for Utalika Luxury project. We made it happen by starting conversation with the people residing near the Ambuja Neotia real estate office, as if we were building networks. Few hours of engagement on Twitter, this way provided us with some qualified leads which later generated a fair conversion rate.
The Impact

Our strategic promotional management wrapped under lead generation services through several digital creative posts, videos and cold tweets was bringing successful results.

Utalika mobile app created by MaxMobility
  • Total Leads generated - 2637 Enquiries in just 5 months
  • The "Jai Hey" video, by Saregama, featuring Chairman Mr. Harsh Neotia went viral on social media.
  • Total reach - 1,346,122
  • Each social media post reach on Average – 3000+
  • 11K+ Fans joined
Looking for THE right Digital Agency to drive your digital marketing and generate good ROI? Contact Us.Testimonial

The testimonial from our client is the most precious award to us –

“It has been great working with UrsDigitally on the Utalika social media project. We, at Ambuja Neotia, had put a lot of emphasis on the digital platforms for Utalika and it has indeed been a benchmark to follow on several fronts starting from having an interactive user-friendly website to achieving high responsiveness on social media. They have managed to patiently walk the tightrope of balancing our marketing philosophy with new age techniques and thereby helped us ride the social media wave by attaining the desired outreach.”- Manish Basu, Head – Public Relation and Research, Ambuja Neotia

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