SEO Case Study


How we took one brand which never had any SEO impression to a click friendly and recognized brand

SEO is a warzone- quite literally. With King Google waving its wand every now and then, the digital marketers find it hard to cope with the new set of algorithms. In line with this, putting a brand which had no digital marketing exposure, in a front tier of search results was a challenge.The client was a prominent name in apparel and fashion with a pan India presence. What they lacked is a real presence in digital media and roped us in for that endeavour.What the brand wanted

  • To create an online footprint via SEO
  • Conversion through AdWords

What we didWe took a holistic dip in the pool of possibilities and made a route-map for search engine optimization. Our endeavours included:

  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • UX optimization and conversion funnelling
  • Key content marketing which includes Micro Blogging, Q&A, Press Release
The numbers we conjured up
Being one of the most challenging projects to manoeuvre, we put up all the stocks and made it our prime priority. The numbers were impressive to say the least. In within two months, we were able to put the brand in the top 30 search results for a wide range of competitive keywords. It is imperative to say that before the SEO process was in motion, the brand was not even in the top 100 search results for the given keywords. No wonder our SEO specialist got a pat on the back- from the client!
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