Poster for Happenings

Soumitra Chattopadhyay is an iconic Bengali polymath, who has become synonymous with the essence of both entertainment and intellectual stimulation for all Bengalis. In order to celebrate this spirit of perfection, our esteemed client organized a 7 day film festival at Basushree cinema, of which UrsDigitally was the premiere promotion partner. We created several publicity campaign materials to announce this mammoth of an event, of which a sample poster lies above. Here you can see our strategically designed poster in yellow to highlight the core features of the film festival with a sketch of Chattopadhyay himself.

Hoarding for Supreme Motors

Supreme Motors is a name with which no car lover needs an introduction, as they are the largest of their kind in east India. As a part of their New Year campaign we created this hoarding for them, where we chose the red colour which signifies the spirit of happiness and renewal.

Roadside Banner for IRIS Hospital

UrsDigitally is committed to a healthier West Bengal, in association with its premiere client IRIS hospital. We keep creating informative print content for enhancing their presence every now and then.

Banner for Shemford School

The districts of West Bengal are developing with an equal verve as Kolkata. With rapid industrialization and greater employment opportunities, multifaceted English education is the need of the hour. Shemford, an international school started in Burdwan with the object of making children in the district, effortlessly English savvy, to meet the demands of the changing times. UrsDigitally, as a branding consultant of Shemford School affiliated with the CBSE curriculum, helped them widen their student base across the state. The above image shows a banner which was a part of our promotional campaign for Shemford. We strategically used the White background in the banner as it supports all colours. We also depicted prowess in choosing the right words in a limited space to attract more attention.

Brochure for UNO real estate

Real Estate is one of the most competed fields of business in today’s times, which is making a mark in consumer psyche. In tier 2 cities, the pitch for resonance is even more tedious. In this scenario, we helped UNO real estate developers eke out a name for them and brand themselves amidst all the market competitiveness from scratch by virtue of effective print communication. The above image shows an A4 sized brochure, we customised for UNO keeping in mind their clientele base, where we narrated their floor plan, in yellow for better visibility.

Leaflet for Supreme Motors

Supreme Motors happens to be the largest dealer and service providers of used and unused cars in eastern India and is a credible name to all car lovers in the region. However, Supreme wanted to be equally loved by the sprawling youthful population of the country at large. Thus we as a branding partner of Supreme Motors, single handedly undertook all their print promotions, helping them gain more presence and feature their brand psychology better across all age groups. We prepared A4 sized leaflets for the promotion of Bullero Maxi Truck by Supreme, highlighting all its features, but in the space and budget of Supremes choice (which is being shown above) which can be cited as an example of our branding prowess.

Leaflet for IRIS Hospital

Kolkata, barely has a stellar healthcare mechanism for the middle classes. The hospitals with decent amenities are beyond the reach of the economic means, the middle classes can afford, while government hospitals are poorly maintained. However, the best feature IRIS hospital has is affordable healthcare with the best of amenities. We helped IRIS enhance their presence in the city with our effective print communications. Our target with IRIS is not only helping them deliver quality healthcare services to a greater number of people each day but also spreading awareness about health issues in the city. The above image shows an A5 sized leaflet with the road map of and departments and services provided at IRIS, that we prepared to acquaint the general public of Kolkata better with IRIS.

IRIS brochure for free health check up

IRIS one of UrsDigitally’s esteemed health care clients is committed to provide affordable health care to South Kolkata dwellers. Here is one of the informative print brochures we made for IRIS focussing on their free health care amenity.

Bilingual Patient Information Booklet for IRIS hospitals

IRIS hospital is one of UrsDigitally’s stellar clients striving to provide a decent and affordable healthcare to south Kolkata dwellers. We at UrsDigitally serve as their print partners to enhance their presence across the state. The information booklet has all the relevant information for the prospective patients about the various departments, fees, facilities, treatment options and equipments at IRIS in both English and Bengali in an A5 size.

Jacket for IRIS hospital

We stand with IRIS hospital’s mission of providing quality healthcare at affordable prices and thus in order to enhance their presence in the city with our effective print communications; we made this engaging 4 fold jacket. This informative jacket not only gave a detailed description about the departments and services of IRIS, but also directions to reach it.