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Note from CEO's desk .

Working as a professional digital marketer, I have had first-hand experience and exposure to the digital ecosystem and I have come across various ways the digital ecosystem is defined. While some say it’s a “parallel universe” that was created, others say it’s one of the most seamless ways of living life in today’s time. But according to me the ideal way of describing this digital transformation that is happening all over the world is that it is a “way of life,” whether it’s upgrading to a smart home, sharing your life updates on social media, or shopping online. Consumers and users have been getting habituated with the digital way of working and living.

As a digital practitioner, I feel extremely blessed, privileged, and lucky to be a part of this digital change that is taking over our day-to-day lives. I have been co-creating UrsDigitally with a set of very like-minded and motivated partners, team members, and patrons but the fact that I have also been able to contribute in assisting organizations and brands in reimagining their business model in this digitally-enabled world keeps me motivated at the end of the day.

There are a lot of important yet mundane things to consider when running a business or a venture in terms of your topline, bottom line, profitability, work culture, and other things. However, when you look at the overall opportunity curve, you are left feeling thrilled and ecstatic. And running an organization like UrsDigitally, which is collaborating with brands across India and globally to prepare them for this digital reimagining, I believe it is a job worth doing. We have our dreams like any other organization and aspire to become the most innovative and loved agency in the days ahead. The path ahead is complicated, agile, and full of challenges and would take consistent dedication, energy, and a clear mindset, but when the realization dawns that you are making a difference in people’s lives, all the struggles become worthwhile.

I would like to sign off here, hoping that UrsDigitally will be able to acquire the necessary repertoire, energy, and skillsets to assist brands in surviving and growing in the digital world.

We understand finding an agency that understands your trade is a daunting task. Hence, we have tried pointing a few things that helps you feel comfortable while making the choice

  • UrsDigitally is co-founded and led by passionate industry veterans – exPWC/IIM/ Infosys
  • Creativity and Innovation are two sides of the same coin for our team
  • Digital Commerce is our specialization and we promise to help you boost the same
  • Every project has a dedicated team and regularly reviewed
  • All works are guided by Strategy and Extensive Research
  • Co-creating growth stories since 2016
  • Innovative Planning and Tactical Execution
  • Strong Reporting Framework With Data Transparency
  • Usage of tools for real time tracking with minimal and no manual interpretation
  • 100 + creative minds generating innovative ideas
  • For UrsDigitally, it’s always about making money together and not exploiting you!

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