Case Studies

Transforming a Govt Body into Digital

While big cities are thriving with super fast internet connectivity, smaller hill stations are yet to enjoy the same. In this scheme of things, UrsDigitally helped one of its government department clients to establish a stellar online presence, by the sheer usage of social media. To know more read on.

SEO Case Study

In today’s world of lightening fast internet, your potential clients would seldom have the patience to move to the second page of an online search. Thus in order to always stay ahead, you must ensure that your venture features before your rivals, which is why search engine optimization is important

Optimizing PPC for Brand New Jewellery Brand

There was a time, when people would carefully examine each bead of jewellery before buying it, but with the changing times, consumers have become less apathetic towards buying jewellery online. Thus, it is important for all jewellery brands to enhance their internet visibility. At UrsDigitally, we developed the online presence of a jewellery brand from scratch. Read on to know more about it.

Online Market Research for a Leading Cab Aggregator

Convincing a cab driver to drop you where you want to go is more difficult than attaining Nirvana in today’s times. No wonder Cab booking apps are thriving. However, what needs to be done while promoting a newly released Cab App service is the strategic publicity of its USP to set it apart from its competitors. Read UrsDigitally’s journey in doing the same.

Lending 24×7 Design Support for a Car Distributor

Automobile is one the most competitive sectors of the corporate world. In this scheme of things, read about UrsDigitally’s strategy in promoting a renowned automobile dealer using the print medium in East India.

Franchisee Aquisition Case Study for A Reputed Footwear Brand

A brand always has to be in a state of flux. Stagnancy usually spells disastrous for brands of any size. Thus every entrepreneur is always on the look out to expand their business, expansion has its own costs and logistical issues. Not only does it entail certain investments in real estate and intellectual property but intangible expenditure in time and effort. So what is the best way for fruitful expansion with a high ROI? Franchising.

Lead Generation Case Study

Business Summits are an essential part of professional networking for budding entrepreneurs. Know UrsDigitally's attempt and success in garnering leads for an impactful business summit from scratch by reading on.

Digital Success Case Study for Real Estate Project

UrsDigitally takes pride in penning down this case study on lead generation for real estate that will remain as an inspiration with us in the coming years.

Case Study for Popular Jeans Brand

Branding is all about creating and changing perceptions of various products. Know how we at UrsDigitally transformed the personality of a legendary Jeans brand to a youthful fashion wear. Read on.

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