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Email Automation – Key steps towards Sales Funnel Management

What is Email Automation?Using email or marketing automation software allows you to send email messages based on established rules and personalize them based on the actions your consumers take—or don't take.Some examples of automated welcome emails sent after a customer joins a mailing list, comparable product recommendations following a user's purchase on your site, or a brief reminder that the customer put something in their cart but didn't complete the checkout process.Email automation eliminates time-consuming activities from your to-do list, allowing you to focus on more important tasks like replying to customer inquiries. It can assist clients in learning more about your company, encouraging them to return, or reminding them of why they originally purchased from you.  Keep reading

Enhance your ‘Googleability’ with these 8 amazing Google Analytics insights

‘Googleability’ is everything, or so they say!And SEO Service Providers in India will unanimously agree.Google Analytics is changing everyday! Research shows how almost 89% of Search Engine Optimization strategies can be fine-tuned and boosted through Google Analytics reports.Want to track the age, preferences, and interests of your viewers? Ask Google! Want to note the number of impressions of your ad copy? Ask Google. Want to figure out how to attract your target demographic? Ask Google.Google seems to have all the answers  and now with improved Google Analytics, you are all set to turn your SEO strategy into a raging success as well.  Keep reading

8 Effective Consumer Psychology Hacks to Increase the Sales Flow of Your eCommerce Website

Did you know that by 2026, eCommerce transactions are estimated to make up for almost 96% of overall transactions?Clearly, businesses are leaving no stones unturned while revamping their eCommerce platforms to make the most of this eCommerce boom! The result? Your competitors can now target your customer base better than ever. To keep generating a robust revenue stream from your eCommerce website within this competitive space requires you to employ the best eCommerce Marketing Strategies that can not only attract traffic but also ensure that your consumers are spending more on  your website.  Keep reading

5 Digital Upgrades your local business needs right now to thrive in the post-pandemic world

With Covid-19 onslaughts rising in numbers, 2020 was an almost-apocalyptic year, to say the least. Clearly, 2021 has the tell-tale markings of a post-apocalyptic year where the focus is on renewal and stepping up our game.Reimagine. Rebuild. Revamp. These are the watchwords of the day!  Keep reading

E-commerce Marketing from Start to Finish: Things You Need to Consider

With almost all the businesses shifting online, the online marketplace is getting more crowded every day. It is getting more and more difficult for audiences to differentiate between two separate eCommerce brands.Therefore it is not just enough for you to build an online store and wait for customers to knock at your doorsteps. It’s just not going to happen. Hence, you need eCommerce marketing strategies in India to stay ahead of your competitions.  Keep reading

The 8-Step Master Guide to Create a Fail-Safe Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

We are clearly living in a world of “digital chaos”.With more and more brands saying the same things for promoting their product/ services, your prospects are bombarded with hundreds of emailers, ads & social media content in just 24 hours’ time.That’s why a Digital Marketing Strategy that can set you apart from your competition is the need of the hour.Do you know what is happening as a result of the digital chaos though?  Keep reading

11 Amazing SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic by 40%

Content might be King, but engagement is surely the Queen of your digital marketing strategy. A sure-fire SEO strategy is the lady-in-waiting that the Queen just can not do without!That’s why SEO Service Providers need to constantly step up their game, imbibe the best and the latest in the market to surge through the volumes of options available and feature of Google’s top list!  Keep reading

9 Amazing Things You Should Know to Win at Performance Marketing

Marketing that’s based on performance - number of leads closed, sales, rate of bookings, downloads, etc, pretty much covers what Performance Marketing stands for today. Year after year, we witness how Performance marketing is becoming a more and more integral part of an effective Digital Marketing Strategy.In 2020 alone, the US budget for Performance Marketing was as high as $6.82 billion!  Keep reading

8 Amazing Tips to Write the Perfect CTA for Your Native Ads

When it comes to writing the perfect CTA for Native Advertising, the mantra has always been simple and clear -You need to add value to your campaign right at the start. Make a mark & define the utility of your campaign right at the onset by making complex decisions less complicated & technical issues less technical.  Keep reading

6 amazing ways in which Digital Transformation is changing your workplace

The MIT scholar clearly had his own reasons for coming up with this adage. The decades-old Digital Transformation phenomenon with innovative Digital Transformation Services hit the accelerator pedal with the rising changes in consumer expectations. The new-age consumer is information-hungry and always agile. That is why the rise in the number of CDPs has been one of the most striking Digital Transformation changes!  Keep reading

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