‘Realization’ Check: Content Marketing is Different from Content Writing



“Every brand needs to tell a story”

That’s exactly what aspiring business tycoon Mr. X heard from his consultant and advisor of a content marketing agency.

How would that story be told?

Yes, blogging (The consultant implanted the opinion that blogging was the way to build content authority and boost rankings) should be part of the content marketing services.

Harpooning on the bright idea, this is what Mr. X did.

He hired a content writer to keep telling stories of himself (hardships, struggles, ambitions, vision, etc) in the form of ‘beautiful’ blogs!

Three months later, Mr. X had gained three fantastic subscribers—the writer, consultant, and his fake ID which was advised by the same consultant to better handle the subscriber flood.





Curtain drop!

Of course, blogging is not a bad idea in itself, but Mr. X committed three blunders that cost him his money and most importantly, time!

First—Communication! No one (unless you have a big fan following) is interested in your personal story. This is a value-based communication and not episodes of your CV (Tell what you have to offer and how the audience can benefit for the same)

Second— People! Blogging works best when sufficient background work is done concerning the TG(Pin-pointing on the exact TG with buyer personas, research on the most searched KWs and insertion of the same to boost rankings, identify audience needs and hence leverage tools to see trending topics on the field based on the requirements, etc )

Third— Platform! Most people make the fallacy that content writing and content marketing are just two sides of the same coin. NO! Content production is just one segment of the entire tale.  (Even if you do everything right, how would your audience know you are writing blogs in the first place? Hence, analysis needs to be done on which platforms the TG engages more and how to promote or market your blogs on those platforms to enhance visibility and subscriptions)

This is the entire quote that no one tells you. But as a content marketing agency, we think it is imperative to understand!

Every brand needs to tell a story THAT THE AUDIENCE WANTS TO LISTEN

With that now established, how as a business owner could you recognize the red flags before it’s too late?

More importantly, what’s the methodology to craft a crackling content marketing strategy?

Just as we have always loved, let’s spill the secrets through 4 different ‘W’ Stories!



Once upon a time, in the magical land of India, one of the most esteemed hand tool manufacturers knocked our humble agency doors for some content marketing services.  The challenge was whatever communications they made, no matter how much they spent, engagement rates never shot up!

Worse still, there were obscene comments in many posts that severely harmed the brand’s reputation.

Enter us.

Upon a first-level analysis, we noticed a glaring mistake! The communications all catered to the young generation while their target audience was composed of trade persons, farmers, dealers, and more!

This is what we did!

For every segment of the TG, we created a complete buyer persona with their preferences, lifestyle, hobbies, age details, and more.

Upon completion of the exercise, few things became as clear as a Mauritian deep blue sea!

First and foremost, vernacular communications were extremely important. Second, Shakespearean and poetic English, as much as our copywriters would love to write, should be abandoned for straight-forward conversations. Third, provide value-based inputs, tips, etc!

We narrowed down the communication strategy to convertible specifics as soon as we did the audience profiling right! We knew to whom we were speaking to and their mindsets!

Within a few weeks, engagements increased to double!




Nah, marketing doesn’t mean Facebook, Google, Instagram only!

In many other cases, based on audience profiling, the platform could change drastically.

This is what happened.

A major jute product manufacturer approached our content marketing agency to get bulk purchase inquiries from industry leaders. The pain-point was the usual—a lot of money being dumped into Facebook lead ads, but none yielded results!

We spotted the gap rather quickly! No one logs into Facebook thinking they would make a deal worth tens of lakhs! Yes, Facebook promotes a friendly mindset and not business-like.

Our team came up with a streamlined marketing strategy that had two aspects: Organic LinkedIn reach-out and Google ads specifically targeted to big export-import exhibitions, trade shows occurring in India and abroad.

The reason was simple—Business owners who could afford the deal size as specified by our client usually maintain a strong ‘prospect’ network, in most cases offline. They have LinkedIn profiles to connect with bigger leaders online and command strong visibility on trade shows, expos, conferences relevant to the industry.

Marketing is about understanding the right channels for the right audience!

Within a few months, we delivered some quality leads with one even from Future Group itself!





In most cases, we hurry to think of the content topic first but unfortunately, that’s not right. Content marketing services shouldn’t revolve on what I WANT to speak but rather on WHAT MY AUDIENCE WANTS TO LISTEN TO and WHERE can I get their most attention!

Here’s an inside story.

Usually, monthly communications for a brand are made way in advance so that there is no disruption during implementation.

However, things drastically transformed with a sudden lockdown!

People’s mindsets shifted and the initial communications made no sense.

Hence, for most brands, we churned out periodic communications in the form of tips, puzzles, fun engagements, awareness, etc

For some brands, we even did teleinterviews, sessions, webinars, and whatnot. The entire tonality shifted from promotional to value based!

Unsurprisingly, paired with the fact that people were at home and surfing on platforms more, we witnessed as much as a 1000% increase in reach, engagements, and many more such metrics.

Well, this is an unprecedented scenario. But, the gist remains the same. Any content marketing agency needs to produce content that satisfies customer needs.

An easy way to crack what the TG needs for the industry our client specializes in is to find the most searched keywords. Once that is done, we can either utilize the same to find the most engaging blog topics or content and even set up ‘trend reminders’ to get notified of any trendy topic in the sector.

For instance, in the above jute manufacturer example, we immediately spotted that ‘green consumerism’ was a big trend and jute being a 100% environment-friendly packaging solution, we built up case stories on how the client was contributing to this trend, paired with engaging facts.

These were used as ads and connectivity content for Google and LinkedIn. The content tonality, as obvious, was conversational to uphold the ‘connection’ aspect!

Hence, producing engaging and need-based content fine-tuned basis the platform it would go to.




Let’s make this very clear!

A lot of business owners and even marketers don’t pay heed to the timing factor while communicating on platforms.

Consider a scenario.

You see a health and fitness ad in the morning when usually people go out to jog versus you witness the same at night when you are laid back after a good day’s work!

When would you respond more? Sure enough, the first case.

While it would be time until such level of personalized distribution becomes a reality but you just can’t ignore the time factor!


This is exactly what happened with one of our clients, a reputed surgeon.

We had decided to hold special Facebook Live Sessions in the evening when the Doctor was free. The sessions were based on increasing immunity strength and fitness with the right diet!

The engagement rates were initially low and that’s when we decided to apply a hunch! We had initially thought that evening was the best time since people would be free after daily work. However, since the content was based on diet and breakfast to lunch being two of our heaviest meals, people were more than nonchalant to follow the rules at dinner time!

We changed the content a bit—How to drive a healthy diet plan from morning till night and published the same at 10 every morning.

Within a few iterations, views and engagements almost tripled!

The timing of your communications is always important. However, it’s difficult to gauge the right posting times at the start.

For the same, you could always follow the following chart at the initiation phase before there is enough audience data to personalize the timings (an analysis based time framework for the best posting times on the world’s biggest social networks)


Source: entrepreneur.com



The above ‘4 W’ Framework is a great strategy to initiate content production that bridges your offerings with the audience’s needs, is personalized according to platforms, and is posted at the right time.

However, things are not always so smooth. There is no FIXED FORMULA when it comes to content marketing services.

Hence, the next step would be to carefully do what most falter in doing.

A monthly storyboard with engaging content on the right platforms and communicated at the right time is, ACTUALLY, THE START!

What follows is a more rigorous technical aspect wherein feedbacks has complied, analysis is done from social media insights, website analytics followed to comprehend the audience behavior, campaign performances, website performances, and suggestion of recommendations to make the 4W framework implementation better in the next month!

Any ROI-driven content marketing agency such as ours worth its salt will tell you that constant generation and feedback to enhance the former is the core of true content marketing.

The UrsDigitally Story: Phygital Transformation for Retail Giant Through Our Digital Marketing Services

Back when we were in high school, our physics teacher explained how neutrons were formed. Those weird ‘particles’ basically doing nothing (neutral charge) yet having a significant impact (balancing nuclear mass) were the mid-way between two opposite element poles – Proton (positively charged) and Electron (Negatively Charged)!

It was fascinating how two different worlds could be merged into a new entity!!

Almost a decade hence, the above philosophy stunningly holds even for industries that have a sparse correlation with core physics concepts – Digital Marketing Services!

Online and Offline marketing is the Protons and Electrons of the advertising industry. Critics, experts are always at loggerheads on the comparative effectiveness of the two worlds. Ideally, fundamentally offline businesses with local physical presence such as in retail, hospitality, F&B industries have been inclined towards offline advertising. Whereas, businesses with online offerings such as in education, counseling, IT, e-commerce, have always been inclined towards the online end of the demarcation.


Within a few months, the entire global business scenario could not fathom that a digital transformation strategy was ‘the’ way forward to build a sustainable organization. Adding to the fact that billions have graduated towards digital-heavy decision making only exacerbated by the present scenario, digital advertising has become a necessity rather than ‘an option’!

Enter PHYGITAL – The ‘unthinkable entity’ or world where online marketing impacts offline businesses. And, that’s exactly where our story begins today.


Source: clearvoice.com


‘Tryst’ With India’s Retail Goliath

Godrej Interio –  Naam toh suna hi hoga!

Yes, UrsDigitally’s digital marketing services were awarded a special marketing contract for Godrej Interio – India’s most popular and largest furniture and furnishings brand.

To be specific, Godrej Interio had realized that digital promotions were indeed the way forward and hence wanted to shift the entire marketing exercise of their hundreds of physical stores to online.

As a digital promotions partner, UrsDigitally would be responsible for managing activities of 75 stores under Godrej Interio East – the brand’s most esteemed cash cow region!


Source: hmhub.me


The Goliath-level Challenge

Behind every silver lining, there is a cloud! (Yes, we flipped it intentionally!)

Digital marketing services are only served best when all stakeholders are digitally active.

Even though digital advertising was surely the way forward for the sustainable business growth of all stores, there was a stark lack in the digital knowledge among store owners and Godrej TSIs who were acting as a bridge with the stores.

There were other challenges too:

  • Since many stores were nearby, there was a chance of regional overlapping while campaign targeting


  • Google My Business listings of many stores had multiple issues that needed to be solved


  • A proper digital presence for each Godrej store on Facebook was required


  • Compliance issues – Being Godrej, any promotions taking the name of the brand is bound to raise suspicions until and unless they were officially ratified

The primary step hence was to digitally educate all TSIs and Store owners on what we intended to do, what offers we would be running, what would be the digital experience for consumers seeing the ads, how the processes would flow, and lastly how communications would take place across all levels (agency -Godrej stakeholders – dealers – prospect consumers). Most importantly, how to manage the incomprehensible amount of information flow across all stakeholders!

Long story short, we needed to set a process! And that too in a way so that DATA OR ACTIVITY UPDATES are not only all captured seamlessly but also visible and accessible across all levels in a congruent manner.

Being a rising digital marketing agency with high vision but a lean operating model, unless this was set, the entire activity was doomed to be a failure. And, yes, the hiccups in this digital transformation strategy were much more than one could have comprehended.




Source: yourtrainingedge.com


A Mammoth Overcome

Tens of sheets and multiple online meets later, the entire communication and data management process was streamlined.

All sheets and campaign data were compiled into a comprehensive information bank that was accessible across different factions of the team. The sheets were formulized to deliver unique insights that would designate a campaign’s performance strength, weakness, etc.

In addition to streamlining the overall team structure, a data analysis structure was also developed wherein the team would monitor every campaign detail minutely from a sheet, reports to generate decision making insights as to what could be done for weaker performing locations—create videos with vernacular language maybe? Or, fine-tune interests to more locally beneficial ones?



Easier Planned than Done: The To-Dos!

These weren’t common times and nor was this a common project case wherein the client would be patient enough to wait for months for relevant business results.

Herein, the 75 Godrej store owners were extremely bullish about results and we had to prepare for an ROI-extreme campaign. This was Phygital campaigning at its best!

During the initial research phase to carefully map the activities that need to be done for impactful business results, we came across some notable factors:

  • An intent search was pretty high and hence user traffic campaigns for Google, Facebook would result in huge enquiries


  • There were suburban areas wherein target locations and audience size would be very low! Streamlined campaigns with customized content could be needed to attract the audience in those areas


  • For the non-intent audience that needs a bit of push selling, Facebook lead promotions would act as the perfect tool


  • A set of interests, behavioral metrics were identified that would be utilized for better campaign targeting


  • Geo-fencing techniques to be used to fine-tune the targeted location for each store to prevent overlapping


  • Review and consumer concerns were not properly addressed and that had reduced local store/page ratings which required proper planning


  • Each store needed to have a proper Facebook presence to run advertisements – Facebook store pages need to be created for each shop


After careful analysis of requirements, targets, and audience analysis, the following activities were planned:

  • Facebook Channel Management
  • Enquiry Generation and Sales Funnel Development – Lead generation and traffic
  • Google My Business Management for Each store
  • Online Review/Reputation Management
  • Online Response Management



The Vehicle Starts Running!

Finally, after a lot of blueprinting, ratifications, approvals, process set-ups, the campaigns went live by the 1st week of July.

Fingers crossed! We needed to show the best results to sustain the reputation of our digital marketing services, the brand, and warm-up organizational dreams!

Reach, engagement, impressions start blowing from the first day. HOWEVER, there were subsequently low enquiries.

All our painstaking efforts of setting up processes, educating stakeholders, developing team structures, plans seem to go out of the window!

It was a disaster weekend. We were clear that other metrics and stats would amount to nothing if there were not many inquiries. An emergency, hours-long meeting was followed by frantic activities, exchanges, and the entire campaigns were completely re-done and re-targeted within a matter of two days!

And, then something magical happened!

We generated over 300 enquiries within 2 days. Suddenly, the entire environment shifted. As the campaign progressed, the numbers kept on rising.

Tons of leads started flowing both from social channels and via user traffic from the landing page. As the numbers started climbing, a separate team member had to be identified who would just be responsible for sorting the data basis the store locations and updating on the client-facing sheet.

The tandem of tools, media experience, data analysis, and result-oriented decision making worked!



Source: 2fps.com



All Comes Down to This: Result Stats

At the end of the month, this was the entire picture:

  • 7362 total leads/enquiries from social channels
  • Over 3.1 million reach
  • Over 6.2 million impressions
  • 5 lakh+ total clicks, 66 thousand link clicks
  • 5 lakh post engagements
  • 1 lakh+ video views


For landing page analytics:

  • 12,000 unique visitors
  • 1644 total leads/enquiries from landing page traffic
  • 13,000+ sessions
  • Average session duration – 1 minute!


The best part – the leads generated had an unprecedented 24% relevancy rate (High conversion probability). This not only made the entire campaign significantly business positive for Godrej Interio East but also we were notified that the pan India relevancy rate was only 6-7% and that too on a much lower lead count!

In short, we had generated the most number of enquiries than any other activity in all of India for Godrej and performed more than three times better on the business relevancy front!

Considering all the hiccups we had, this was just fascinating!

We had beaten the pandemic blues and proved that Phygital (Digital marketing for businesses with physical presence) works in such a magnitude!




Source: dealersupport.co.uk



Well, every coin has two sides!

While our enquiry and business numbers were impressive, this also set huge expectations from our digital marketing services!

As they always say, maintaining the top spot is more difficult than attaining the same.

Hence, this is just the start.

We are planning bigger and better in the subsequent month, focusing on more automated tools, increased data analysis competency, and smarter decision making.

Results would talk for us and we dream to one day manage digital promotions of the entire pan India Godrej stores.


It’s almost unprecedented how one disease has resulted in a global pandemic, worldwide economic recession, and perhaps most importantly a conjoined effort on every front to defeat the same and save humanity.

No doubt, the marketing industry is too facing an inconceivable crisis. But, there’s a silver lining. After the initial setback, the digital economy would receive a massive boost.

Irrespective of the downside, any digital marketing agency would witness an active growth phase powered by businesses who now realize more than ever the importance of digital transformation to future-proof their firm’s activities from such a sudden catastrophe.

And, online marketing, owing to its direct connection with customer touch-points, essentially is the primary step towards fast, economical business digitization.

Having established e-marketing’s vitality in these times and post COVID-19, how do digital campaigns look like?


The COVID-19 phase has transformed the industry.  The only form of marketing that’s relevant now is VALUE-BASED.

Hence, push selling and over-promotional stuff are a big NO-NO as it would communicate a wrong message to the TG. These are times when you show care for your audience and establish yourself as a CONSUMER-CENTRIC BRAND above all.

Puzzles, games to break their boredom; health tips to stay safe and secure; creative campaigns to continually harp the ideas of staying at home, social distancing to the masses—there are multiple ways you can brand yourself and contribute to the battle against COVID-19.

Marketing is all about being in sync with the audience’s mindset and this is the time exactly do so.

Needless to mention, our digital marketing agency is doing its bit too.

Here are our top creative campaigns for our clients with the sole aim to add value to their target audience sets.

Campaign 1: Crack the Boredom

Client Details: A leading wallpaper and wall-covering brand in the country

Objective:   The client, being strongly business-reliant on a nationwide network of dealers and distributors, wished to continually engage and revive connections

What We Did: During Lockdown, we knew that these distributors and dealers were having tough times coping up with their daily routines. Hence, we initiated a series of puzzles and teaser games to keep them entertained. The creative renditions would be distributed via WhatsApp broadcasts every day— a new one per day. And the ones who could solve the puzzles and teasers would be celebrated with a surprise! Needless to say, it was fun, interesting, and enough to make the audience enticed and engaged.

Campaign 2: Online Summer Camp

Client Details: A leading personality development institute for young and teenage students.

Objective: The client wished to not only establish value-based connections with parents of students (their primary TG) but also communicate directly with pupils

What We Did: Our team, after thorough deliberations with the client, planned an ONLINE SUMMER CAMP via the video interface, ZOOM.  It would be a special six-day session with one new interesting chapter in each session. An engaging video would be popularized across all channels and students could register via a separate form. The fees would be highly minimal and it would be a great opportunity to drive the best value amidst the lockdown.


Campaign 3:  Tips and Actions That Matter

Client Details –  A real-estate brand that commands a chain of resorts in a metro city

Objective —  The brand wanted to do something good for the community, helping them during these tough times and position themselves as a value-based company.

What We Did — We planned to develop a comprehensive creative campaign wherein their logo was utilized to beautifully portray different tips to be aware of the disease and safeguard themselves — stay safe, social distancing, stay at home. This was a trend in the market too and hence transformed into perfect moment marketing. For instance, two segments of the logo drifted from each other to portray social distancing. Again, a part of the logo was manipulated to show home to circulate the message – stay home. In addition, all their social activities offline were portrayed across all channels.

Campaign 4: Live Forums

Client Details – An education management firm with Pan India presence

Objective – Build a throbbing national community online that would later convert into revenue

What We Did —  We brainstormed and came up with the idea of online forums. Each forum would be guided to a special position-holder in the education industry — principals, education leaders, teachers, students, trainers. Few days would be allocated to each forum and relevant people from all over the country would be asked to come live via the official page. Basically, anyone from the education industry can send us their details and go live from our page. We would capture all those details via a form and later revert back if they need special online, personalized classes from our client. This achieved a two-fold objective. It not only strengthened the national brand presence by leaps and bounds but also managed to get a warm audience who could be later targeted for leads.

The Concluding Story

Summarizing everything, as a digital marketing agency, we learned that value-based marketing could lead to three extremely important segments for any firm—

    • Build a low-cost digital asset (like webinars, sessions) that would create new channels of revenue and future-proof the business


    • Transform the brand’s presence beyond location silos


    • Nurture the audience enough through engagements (since the marketing is done purely based on their needs) so that they can be transformed into potential leads


These times are indeed unprecedented. A bit of marketing with a unique, assistive, and facilitative tone would enhance the firm’s positioning on multiple fronts and they can reap the fruits as times change.

Most importantly, again, such marketing makes businesses digitally resilient amidst any uncertainties. That’s the biggest lesson to be learned from this phase and surely that matters over everything else.

Funny Durga Puja Cartoon Series

Autumn – aah what a season! Clear skies, soft cushion-y clouds, youthful sun, and vibrant greenery; it’s perfect! Needless to mention, this newly sprinkled spirit of festivity on nature and our surroundings tingles our creative vigour too! Forget clients and the mountain of ‘Puja Special’ campaigns — yes, marketers’ festive season is not as ‘happy go lucky’ as others; we are loaded with more work because every other brand bets big on festive season for sales! Still, we just can’t stop ourselves from cooking something fun and mind blowing every Durga Puja.

A couple of years back we created a viral festive campaign for leading footwear brand which managed to achieve a 700% growth in brand awareness.

But Messing With the Divine?

Believe it or not, we got real-life threats for creating a couple of fun videos on the eve of durga pujas! The videos went hugely viral on Facebook — despite having almost no media budget!

And then last year, We came up with another one. This time it was the ‘OTHERS’! What do the divine pets do when they are not doing their regular ‘pet jobs’? After all, they also need work-life balance!

Do these gigs validate our success as a digital marketing and creative agency? Truth is, we love to have fun and enjoy the madness in creating something beyond the Dos and Donts!

So this time We wondered and wondered. Thoughts came pouring faster than the speed of light (no Einstein, you ain’t winning!) and greater than the amount of rain Bengal has received in it monsoon seasons.
Our neurons were generating more electricity than our office bills and finally we had no option left! We had to take a leaf out of the ‘Creative Bible’.
The sentences read— “When you are stuck into a creative whirlpool, don’t be a fool and jump into the moment!”
In short, we decided to focus on what’s brewing in Bengal to brew our plans!

Like a thunderbolt, the idea struck! Turns out, seeing everything happening, what if Durga Ma would really like to step into the mess! She is rightfully angry! Why?

A Hilarious Digital Agency Life

Howdie people! I regularly get this query from many people I am connected to on Social media. What it feels like to work in a cool digital marketing agency!

And then Something incredible happened a few weeks ago!

We were dead bored. The daily client works, the same deliverables being repeated, corporate videos based on the same boring clips, our creative genes were craving for some life! The already viral digital rap video we did roughly a month ago with zero studio experience and amateur actors had really stuck in! Needless to say, we were craving for some more camera action like we did a few months back: A first ever digital marketing rap song

After a couple of deliberations, trash talks, and ‘slang badminton games’ we finally decided—BOSS, why not make our lives the topic?!

In short, why not do an original video series on our digital agency life itself i.e. When creativity takes a full swing, you translate your worst moments into the seeds to create the best one! So, we set out to create some cool agency humor!

But.. There was a problem. How to make it different? Running out of thoughts, we banged the door of our Boss and Creative Director. Literally dragging him out of his ongoing work, we brainstormed. And then the idea shined—the light is in the dark!

No need for a head scratch. Here’s what it is. We would create small black and white, silent film type comedy videos for the series; like black and white nanofilms. We came out with a catchy hashtag too—#KuchBhiUD (Just about Anything funny that happen at UrsDigitally) or UD Originals. Pulling out our android phones, equipped with some fuzzy ideas in our head, and marching ahead with our crazy creative-vengers it was finally time for ACTION!

Here’s how things turned out—

Brainstorming – Whatever that means


What happens when a conclave of people engaging in an incoherent miscellany and gallimaufry of deliberations, random postulations, abstractions, and visualizations resulting in substantial diminution of precious seconds … ?? 🤣🤣🤣




Briefing – A designer’s dilemma


If you thought marketing agencies were filled with creative people who sat for ages in silence trying to find out original ideas, you couldn’t be more wrong. What actually happens in a digital marketing agency when designers get brand or task briefings from project managers? Here’s the truth



Changes – A Never Ending Cycle


There is one universal saying in the digital marketing bible—Change is the only constant. Sorry, Client Change is the only constant. You might just create the Monalisa, but you still would be showered with mind-bogglingly confusing changes. Here’s a short overview of that situation.



Review Meeting – yeh DIL Maange More, more, and more!


Get this straight. Even if you take your client’s site before Google in Google rankings, they would ask for more. Yes, that ‘more’ is never accurately defined, but they always need that ‘Extra Bonus’. In short, there is nothing called ‘client satisfaction’. Here’s what happens generally in monthly or weekly client review sessions.


Deadline – Finding the Perfect Idea!

A copywriter spends the same amount of time finding the ‘perfect’ ad copy as Einstein spent on his scientific theories. Yes, a lot of things go into creating those magical 3-4 words that enthrall the audience. But, sometimes, outcomes might not be some illustrious



When Client Attrition Occurs


In a digital agency, whatever happens, there is always frustration everywhere! And, that reaches its peak during the exact moment when client leaves giving weird reasons. But, obviously, that frustration comes out in a rather different sort of expression!



About the Author:Priyajit is an enthusiastic writer and a deep thinker. When he is not writing, you can find him complaining about onion prices because he is only 25 but married!


A Crazy Digital Marketing Rap Song – A Side Kick Creative Project That Went Too Far

I always wondered why we have that section in our CV which talks about our co-curricular skills. But now I know, all thanks to the out-of-the-box thinking of my boss.

I am a content writer working in a Digital Marketing agency in Kolkata. Just like any other content writer, my life was confined to the keyboard.

Was it monotonous?

Hell No!

From fish feeds to dating tips, I had to write on various topics some of which were fascinating and some which were nothing less than a nightmare.

With low spirits and a constant battle between my grey cells and Monday blues, I finally managed to reach office with a fake smile and a tired soul.

Everything was normal until IT happened. My boss called me.

I was taken aback. Owing to my typical back-bencher mentality, I was wondering what I have done wrong.

To my utter surprise, I got to know that he was toying with a crazy idea – making a Digital Marketing Rap song! and HE wanted me to spearhead the campaign. Wow!

Monday Blues were entirely crushed by high spirits; somewhere back on my mind the tunes of ‘Apna Time Ayega’ were constantly bolstering my spirits. I knew I would nail it!

Digital Marketing is a strange field. What is hot today can be a far-forgotten thing tomorrow. This is why marketers always hunt for innovation. Marketers are always on the rush looking to creating something unique, something funky, and something new. This was something similar to that. A fresh idea and a fresh concept – every marketer’s definition of a fairy-tale!

All that was remaining is execution and then marketing (obviously)!


The Script

First thing first!

The script had to be really appealing. Apart from ‘Every night in my dreams’, it was the script that made Titanic what it is today. Well! The expectations were not that high.

However, you need to dream big no matter what you do. Dreams are pleasant, free of cost, and always have a happy ending. So, there’s no harm dreaming, right?

Dream sorted.

Now it was time for me to wake up and prepare the script. I am no newbie in the world of Hip-hop and I know how rap music works.

You need to come up with trendy and meaningful short sentences. Period. The real challenge was to combine that with Digital Marketing elements.

Firstly, I consulted our videographer. After few sutta breaks and coffee conversations, we finally selected a beat. This gave me the perfect idea about the duration of lines and the tempo.

Next, I had written all the words which should be present in that RAP. Words like SEO, PPC, and competition were a mandate.

PPC rhyming with BBC, SEO rhyming with ratio, relax, it’s not that easy. You need to use the right words because competition can also cause termination. (Slow claps!)

Every Eminem fan knows the importance of storytelling through a rap. And, surely I wasn’t any exception. I came up with a typical story. A frustrated client looking to save the arse of their languishing business and then a Digital Marketing solution – my script concept was ready.

Once I did that, all I had to do is to blend easily relatable and happening things with Digital Marketing components.


The lyrics read – ‘Competitors sare jaise Virat Kohli / Sula do mujhe de do neend ki goli’

Content is something which is regarded as the KING in the world of Digital Marketing. You cannot make mark in this marketing world without good content. Quality content is a priority that tops the worksheet of every Digital Marketing campaign. Anything in this marketing world is incomplete without quality content.

Now, quality content doesn’t mean attractive sentences romancing with fancy synonyms. It is all about creating a connection with the readers. More emphasis should be on developing something which people can easy relate to and enjoy at the same time. This rap script was not an exception.


Talent Acquisition

The next part was interesting – !

We all have some creative surge in us that gets buried due to our flexible work nature. And if we could bring out that, then the results are incredible.

OK, maybe not that kinda incredible! And this Rap Video is the perfect real-life example of my ‘gyaan’

Our designer became rap singer, the copywriter became actor, and what not. Recording Script sorted, singer sorted, and now the most obvious thing – recording.

Have you ever been to a creative agency? If you have then you will notice 2 things which every employee carries – ID card and earphones. ID Card, for the most obvious reason. But, without the second one, you cannot work properly because there is too much noise.

A nightmare situation for recording! So, We improvised. Our storeroom became our shooting spot. The results were messy and mesmerising. The pin-drop silence was tailor-made for recording.

As my designer friend (to the left) kept on rehearsing, me (right) and my videographer friend (centre) were busy watching ‘Chernobyl episode 6’. As wise men said, ‘Don’t work hard, work smart!’

The recording was finally completed. And when we came out it was 9 pm. everybody in the office left. We were so engrossed in the work that we had zero clues about time. This is what freedom does. Every work is a football and everyone is a certain Cristiano, when they get to do something which they like the most.

If you ever visit a Digital agency, you will be amazed to see how people coming from different backgrounds collaborating for a particular project. But, you will never find a graphic designer coming up with status copies or a content writer adding music to a video. This is because Digital Marketing caters to specialization. There are specialists in every department. Job roles are very important. So, we exactly knew about each other’s specialisation and everyone knew what was expected from them right from the DAY 1.


Lights, camera, action!

Right, next up was shooting.

If you are a fan of hip-hop, you don’t need to stretch your grey cells to decipher the fact that there are a different swagger and flamboyance in these types of video.

The HR in me did great work I guess. The crew was ready. We thought the scenes and combined it with lyrics and exactly knew what we needed, the only thing missing was a director hat and a clapboard. We were all set to go.

After-hours shooting in the office offered the perfect respite from the lengthy worksheets and unending presentations. Coming back home with a tired body, really? We never felt exhausted when we were shooting after the office work.

That day I realised, feeling tired is a funny little excuse game played by our brain to limit our mind from doing something extra. After unending cuts and limitless retakes, the shooting was completed. We found so many hidden talents.

Creativity is not something which you need to hunt for. Creativity is to stay in your comfort zone, do what you love doing and compile it with the requirements.

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All Hail Digital Marketing!

UrsDigitally Wins ASSOCHAM Most Promising Digital Agency Award 2018. Is Branding Really Different in Today’s Digitally Disrupted world – ASSOCHAM Panel Discussion.

What is the key to motivation and happiness? The answer lies within a simple word. Appreciation. Recognition motivates us to work harder.


And that’s what happened on 24th August at ITC Sonar, Kolkata when the esteemed ASSOCHAM India recognized us as the Most Promising Digital Agency of 2018.


We, in our journey of creating a mark in the industry and throttle ourselves on the list of the best since our inception half a decade prior, have managed to produce some remarkable brand campaigns that finally resulted in this prestigious award, just like multiple awards that we recieved before that.


For instance, Plastic Menace, a campaign responsible for instigating a mass social media revolt against plastic usage that we run for an NGO, was primarily instrumental for winning this award.


The ASSOCHAM event – the Brand Science & Excellence – was a full house which boasted of stalwarts like H.E. Dr. Sabit Subasic, Hon’ble Ambassador, Bosnia & Herzegovina for India, Mr. Anil S. Nair—CEO and Managing Director, L&K Saatchi and Saatchi, India, Mr. Subash Kamath—CEO and Managing Partner, BBH India, ASSOCHAM dignitaries, and many more.


After a few enriching sessions delivered by Mr Nair and Mr. Kamath, came the moment we all were waiting for—a debate on a thoroughly exciting topic— Is building brands very different in a digitally disrupted world?


The topic was bang on!, in resonance with what exactly the strategy and perception should be for a company venturing out in the online space, or for large enterprises who are looking for ways to keep up with the explosive rise of digital marketing across all sectors.


Our Director and Co-founder of UrsDigitally, Mr. Amitava Bhattacharya was among the four people who were invited to form the debate panel. As the discussions grew intense and the clash of perceptions gained momentum, Amitava’s contrarian views on branding gained a unified nod from the audience while the rest of the panellists disagreed. The debate got very engaging and gruelling at the same time.



So, what did Amitava say that provoked the eminent personalities from big ad agencies to fiercely oppose his view?


According to Amitava, branding is very contextual and proportionate to the stage of business. He feels that for the small business / start ups, traditionally perceived branding (story telling) is more of a luxury. Instead what they need is growth hacking to drive ROI on marketing and advertising. Once the business starts getting some traction, then you can drive branding to reach out to the mass media.


And a big chunk of that credit goes to e-commerce platforms or market places. Amitava explains—“Today branding has become totally relative. It’s upon you if you go for the long drawn marketing strategy comprising of a extensive consumer research, competitive analysis, marketing ideation extrapolation, and a lot more, or take the shorter route of piggybacking on the disruptive ad technologies/ social media / market places etc”.


E-commerce has totally levelled out the field for big brands and their smaller counterparts alike and today products from both the brackets are available on the same page for the customers to see. ”, says Amitava.


In today’s digitally disrupted world, a brand with a little budget can directly reach out to its target customers at any stage of the funnel – intent / consider / purchase. Thanks to the disruptive ad technologies and the popularisation of e-commerce market places, now a smaller brand can compete with the bigger ones. Without going through the long drawn process of brand building, now a business can create their growth story with SMART digital marketing strategies.


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In last few years we have seen two biggest changes in marketing.


With the e-commerce exploding in emerging markets branding has now become equivalent to the business model. From paid media the power has shifted onto the earned media – peer recommendations.


Perhaps the biggest change that digitalization has brought in the world of branding and marketing is ‘customer engagement’.


And, who is to judge whether your product deserves to be right there on top of the growth curve? It’s the audience and the customers themselves. Today, customer engagement is a two way street. Brands really do not control the perception.


With poor products or services, it is just not possible to hide today. Customers can now speak, and most importantly they are heard too.


But something has not changed though.


There are a few fundamental brand building principles – customer orientation, customer segmentation, and consistent messaging at every consumer touch point – that have become more important than ever.


Social Listening is the key.


A brand must understand the psychology of its customers – not only of what they need the product to do for them but how they want the product to make them feel.


The need for fine-grained customer segmentation is another major aspect that is further accentuated by the advent of digital technologies. These days, the brands need to continuously assess and re-assess their targeting and be flexible enough to take a re-course if needed.


Third point – consistent messaging across all the channels is something that brands often falter with. Consistency does not mean ‘identical’. Today customers interact with a brand in different media channels in many different ways. For example, how they interact on Facebook / Instagram may be totally different when they engage with the same brand on Twitter.


UrsDigitally Co-founder Amitava Bhattacharya (extreme right) on the panel at the brand science event 2018 by Assocham in Kolkata



Combining consistency with agility and transparency is critical.


One of the way brands can earn trust online is through their transparent approach with messaging. It certainly helps to create the loyalty and advocacy of digital natives for the brands.


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It was certainly a very refreshing session that opened new ways of seeing the world of branding and digital marketing. It is worth re-emphasizing that a brand represents a collection of its customers’ perceptions of how they see the brand, how they feel about it, and what they say about it. With so much of disruptions by Digital, it will be right to assume that the brands who can extend their value propositions beyond just products and services and can clearly establish what they truly stand for will win the new age customers.


Insights From Engage 2018 – East Indias Largest Digital marketing Conference

Digital Intelligence—the future of the world run by the two digits (0 and 1) and the key to further human advancement. That was exactly the topic on which the industry’s best minds, veterans, luminaries, enthusiasts, agencies, entrepreneurs, and students plunged in together for a gruelling, engaging, and highly interactive session at PRSI Engage Digital Summit on 20th August, 2018. Famed as the largest digital conference in all of East India, needless to say, the summit at ITC Sonar, Kolkata was a grand success and opened new doors of knowledge for all.


AI is going to completely revolutionize everything we know and have. It’s going to drive a new era with unlimited possibilities of beneficence for humanity and the world ”, said the legendary Sandeep Marwah—Founder of Noida Film city, who was the keynote speaker at Engage—initiated the proceedings.


Post that, dignitaries from multiple renowned organizations further enriched the ambience with inspiring lectures on different industries such as robotics, fashion, public affairs, social, design, and marketing wherein digital intelligence is currently catalysing a disruption. The negatives were also discussed and some common anxieties were chided away.


For instance, Bhupesh Daheria —CEO of Aegis–remarked, “AI would certainly take away some redundant jobs, but, it will also cough up completely new types of jobs unheard till now!”


In addition, the social impact of this technology also didn’t go untouched. “Digital technologies have enabled us to reach out to millions through a finger tap, and hence, making people happy has become so, so easy if we wish to. Even an appreciation a day for the ones you love, through a whatsapp message, would certainly bring smile to their faces!” exclaimed the vibrant founder of YUVA Unstoppable, Amitabh Shah!


Well, as a matter of extreme pride, we, at UrsDigitally, were the official digital media partners for the entire event. The summit was thoroughly covered on social media through live videos and posts and that garnered significant traction. In addition, our directors, Amitava Bhattacharya and Ayesha Hazra were also invited to speak at this grand event!


Amitava Bhattacharya, a veteran in creative marketing and Co-Founder of UrsDigitally, gave the audience a detailed glimpse on the future of marketing and what that means for all in the industry. According to him Marketing automation is growing by leaps and bounds, and in no time, AI-based marketing would spread its roots in all industries around the globe. While that means a death knell to redundant activities and the people employed to perform them, it also opens up a plethora of opportunities. However, this revolution is essential for any enterprise to stay relevant, since customers, be it of any age bracket or demography, are now looking for more frictionless experiences and AI is the only key to this. To add more, local and regional language-based marketing, assistive e-commerce, omni-channel experiences, and micro-channel targeting are going to be the critical marketing success factors in coming years, and to conveniently embrace them, AI is a must adoption.


Ayesha Hazra, an expert in marketing strategization and project delivery and Co-Founder of UrsDigitally, threw comprehensive light on how digital communication is being disrupted by the application of AI. Speaking of the challenges that plague marketers, personalized communications, real-time frontend interactions, omni-channel presence capability, and customer behavioural analysis on these channels form the quartet of the biggest silos in today’s digital marketing. AI is revolutionizing in each of those segments with exhaustive data analysis from multiple channels—visual, consumer characteristics, content, audio, and more, surface insight generations, and hence allows marketers to now drive insight-based decisions that obviously lead to increase in response rates and eventually ROI.


It was an experience to remember for a long, long time and the day at Engage could be summarised in a phrase— ‘celebration of knowledge!’ We earnestly look forward for the next year and wish to be again significant contributors in the biggest digital meet of East India.


How Digital Media Has Rocked the World of News? Insights from JOURNALISM 2.0—A Workshop We Conducted at PRESS CLUB KOLKATA

The world is changing two digits at a time—zero and one! Digital technologies are revolutionizing every industry that we can possibly imagine today and is rightfully throttling the human civilization to a completely new era unheard of even few decades ago.


So, what that means for journalism? Quite unsurprisingly, this sector has also not escaped the digital fever and is on the course of many breakthrough transitions. But, there’s a catch. Journalism is not just any other field. It’s the real information powerhouse and an industry that influences societies, cultures, nations, and impacts billions around the world.


The e-codes have completely revamped the process of information flow from the source to the destination—billions can know anything happening around the world within seconds. As great as it might sound on the surface, unfortunately, there are a lot of apprehensions too in the field surrounding this transition. For instance, job relevance for a large percentage of industry stakeholders, rapid changes such as economies of scale, and possibly limitless threats!


Kolkata Press Club, a name that certainly needs no introduction, has been aware of this ongoing paradigm change in the industry—digital journalism or journalism 2.0, for a while now. Overall very confident on the advantages that this transformation entitles for this industry and to the true vision of journalism—put the world’s information in its truest form into the fingertips of all people, anytime, anywhere—the organization has been administering annual sessions for the state’s budding journalists, mass communication students, and veterans to help them comprehend the positives of digitization and how it can augment their profession in seemingly limitless ways!


We, at UrsDigitally, have been associated with these prestigious workshops from its very inception and being a 360 degree digital marketing agency in Kolkata, have been proud to produce our own ideas before the best of journalists in the city. This year too, we were part of the yearly session of Kolkata Press Club and our CEO, Mr. Mitul Das was invited to address and enlighten the audience with his in-depth industry knowledge and what digital transformation promises to this age-old market.


“There are four pillars on which the world of journalism stands today—Sourcing of News, Validation of News, Distribution of News, and the Impact of news. I am here to tell you exactly how digital technologies have revolutionized each and every of these segments,” Mr. Das began.


To initiate, sourcing of news had always been a very lengthy, expensive, and time consuming affair. News agencies had to employ people who would travel long distances to screen out new information, daily affairs, and communicate with hundreds of people. Overall, each such firm had to deploy a huge network almost like fishing net to get hold of any new information. Needless to say, digital media has completely scrapped that. With billions connected to the internet, now anybody can say anything on social media and put up any new information.


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For example, the concept of ‘citizen reporting’ has become very common, something like the Times of India has already implemented. Any citizen at any place, if witnesses something unusual or something that craves attention, can immediately record the same on his/her smartphone and directly send it to the press. Moreover, tech-savvy journalists now can implement ‘social examination and listening tools’ through which upon selecting a special topic/topics on the web, they will be immediately notified whenever any new information on that topic is posted. To speak as a whole, reporters now are seemingly drowned with the flow of information they receive and witness every day, and on-field networking as of previous days is almost redundant!



The last line connects directly to the essentiality of the second segment—news validation. More information doesn’t necessarily mean right information. In most cases, it’s just the opposite.


With social media companies themselves now engaging in a holy war against fake news, curation and news validation has become significantly more important. The importance is all the more magnified when we realize that due to the expanse of digital media—connecting millions—one fake piece of information can create a national or international ruckus within no time.


While access of information to common masses has grown easier than ever before and on a much wider extent—information empowerment, it obviously also has opened new doors of malicious, manipulative, and self-centred activities by criminals or like-minded people. For, instance, recently it was confirmed that the news of Saudi Arabia announcing a 700 crore relief fund for Kerala was a hoax, bringing a much unexpected end to the nationwide uproar that was caused when a message was further circulated that the Indian government had refused to accept the offer.


Hence, online information explosion and its ill impact of increasing the possibility and impact of fake information calls for much more concrete validation tools such as B S Detector, FiB, Media Bias, than ever before. Thankfully, there are plenty online photo analysis, image validation, author/reporter profile scanning, and more tools available that could be leverage by today’s new age journalists to validate any new piece of information.


The third segment is obvious to understand—digital technologies have completely revolutionized news distribution. The biggest problem in the previous era and the ultimate silo for news agencies was that information distribution was localized. It took eons of collective man hours to collect information, validate sources, edit them, put them onto print, and finally distribute to obviously a restricted location. Also, language was a barrier.


Needless to say, apart from the gargantuan time loss, this was extremely expensive, ardous, clumsy, and left a lot of room for errors. Through the World Wide Web, today a person based in a remote village in one of the farthest corners of the world can come to know what is happening in the opposite face of the planet with the single click. In addition, the same news can also be now rendered in different forms with minimal effort—videos, articles, blogs, audio news etc. Access to information, as mentioned few lines prior, is now on a scale just unthinkable and hence digital technologies have completely revamped the way information is now distributed to the masses, anywhere, anytime, and within seconds! All this, in a fraction of the cost than ever before.


The last slice of the four flavoured cake of journalism 2.0 is something which has been solely possible due to the advent of digitalization—impact of news or measurability. The journalism of the previous era culminated right after the news was distributed in printed format and that effectively left the loop open. There was minimal communication with the audience on how the news affected them, what was their psychological standpoint and opinion, what significance and impact did one piece of news entitle? All this has been possible, and with huge intensity, due to the rise of digital media. To be more precise, social media platforms now help news agencies to gauge the impact of their delivered information on the audience and learn from their comments, reactions, and feedbacks. It’s a whole new level of motivation to carry out a work and a tool of immeasurable assistance for new-age journalists when they can exactly visualize how their reporting of information affects the audience and how can this be improved to win over more audience from market peers. This has finally closed the loop and engaged news agencies to strengthen their core capabilities.


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With positives, the negatives also come along. As Mitul explained and discussed on the ways digital technologies have disrupted everything in journalism for the beneficence of the industry and the world, unsurprisingly, concerns over the responsibilities of new-age journalists came to the fore. As common with any application scenario of e-tech, many journalists in the audience questioned the relevance of the human mind in journalism few years into the future, if not immediately now.


With AI increasingly creeping in to the world of codes, ringing the death bell of redundant activities, the concerns made all the more sense. To that, the speaking panel had a very apt answer that concluded the proceedings of the day on a positive note and summed up the mission of the session altogether—“Digital technologies, or even AI, can present you with a horde of data, maybe filtered to a point. Ultimately, it’s upon the human mind to interpret that information in the correct context and decide on how to present that before the audience. In an era of information explosion and the ever-increasing thwart of mis-information, new age journalists have to become more like governors of the whole process, carefully monitoring, validating, and interpreting each step of the information flow from the source to the destination. Hence, it’s suffice to say that digital technology would be the ideal enabler and augmentation tool for all journalists in this information-hungry and information flooded world, rather than a replacement.”


Our Side Project – A Comedy Spoof series on Bollywood, Politics, and Current affairs

Creativity is intelligence having fun”- Albert Einstein

Creativity sure knows some eerie ways of expressing itself. Whether you are dreaming your fantasies on an afternoon nap, taking a small work break for a ‘serene’ and long desired puff, or having a dinner date with your crush, god knows when ideas will pour in.

And when such a moment comes, the creative fanatics we are at UrsDigitally, we make sure we squeeze time off from the usual hard work and deliver something ‘different’.

It’s a way to conjure up some really different and memorable moments, to relax our own minds, and above all, steal some precious, humane seconds of ‘heart-out laughs’ from the daily robotic lives of our viewers.


A comedy spoof on the popular Bollywood film – Padmavat

Few weeks prior, one such idea suddenly dawned in one of our video editor’s minds while he was planning an film outing with his friends. Soon, the video production team gathered on the conference room and started having a brainstorming session on the idea.

brain storming

Some were sceptical, more because of the wide controversies generated by our last religious spoof on the lives of Shiva-Durga, though the video had become instantly viral on social media.

The other half however was convinced on the promise the new idea held and eventually, after a prolonged tug-of-war between different viewpoints and perspectives, everyone gave a thumbs up and the side project was kick started. Over the next three to four days, a lot of visualization, fine tuning of ideas, and content editing, bought out of the free times from regular brand work culminated into the short, exciting, and funny video presented here.


The idea: Managing in-outs and the stars of billions of lives is sure a hectic task and no wonder gods have very little time to spare. But, we just ignore the plight of the vahanas or the divine pets that accompany the gods at every task and have just the same hectic lives. Well, one fine evening, the vahanas suddenly encountered some free time and they sat together to plan an ideal outing in Earth. What unfolds next is a thing to surely watch for.


Animated Comedy Video on Santa and his trip to Kolkata

Just another couple of months back, We produced another comedy spoof – a small satire on random dwellings by the Kolkatans. The plot features the loving Santa as he lands in Kolkata, and decides to take a trip to Park Street – in a metro!!

Travelling by metro in Kolkata is an experience of its kind. It is no secret the city is already filled with Ola and Uber cabs, yet the humble Santa decides to commute like a common man. Additionally, Santa is all dressed in Blue attire that symbolizes the recent transformation of administrative power. And how the majority of the city’s Red monuments are re-painted Blue. Well, it was hilarious yet sensitive how the spoof also came up with the idea of showing the increase in the cases of IPC 498!

We also focused on how a well-known restaurant in Park Street area treated an ‘ill-dressed’ customer. It’s gloomy how our city has changed over time. The busy Park Street witnesses a lot, from unfortunate kids selling balloons on the street to affluent couple cherishing the yuletide.

From voice-over to video editing, what a fun-filled 3 days of home production it was. As we truly believe, “The magic sauce is the power of experimenting with new ideas.” I am happy that the team keeps coming up with such fun pieces time to time.


When your team is a full of uber creative young bunch of free souls, a non-stop flow of creative juice is bound to flow around, and you can expect some fun projects popping out time to time. We love to ideate on side projects beyond the realms of client works, and try a little-out-of-the-box experimentation with our own branding. There is a lot of fun in this. From ideation to storytelling, writing dialogues, conducting internal auditions, recordings, and what NOT!