Email Automation – Key steps towards Sales Funnel Management

What is Email Automation?

Using email or marketing automation software allows you to send email messages based on established rules and personalize them based on the actions your consumers take—or don’t take.

Some examples of automated welcome emails sent after a customer joins a mailing list, comparable product recommendations following a user’s purchase on your site, or a brief reminder that the customer put something in their cart but didn’t complete the checkout process.

Email automation eliminates time-consuming activities from your to-do list, allowing you to focus on more important tasks like replying to customer inquiries. It can assist clients in learning more about your company, encouraging them to return, or reminding them of why they originally purchased from you.

In other words, email automation is a method of delivering automatic emails to the right individuals with the correct message at the right time, without having to do the work each time, using a marketing automation platform.


Why is lead nurturing important through email automation?


Lead nurturing through email automation is important. It aids in creating a relationship with your leads. Because not all leads are ready to buy as soon as they arrive on your site, lead nurturing via email marketing is critical. Nurturing those new subscribers entails guiding them through the sales funnel, which email marketing is ideal for.

Leads should be nurtured with suitable material to ensure they grasp the value of your solution before sales teams contact them to enhance close rates, eliminate lost sales time, and shorten the sales cycle.

Using automated lead nurturing as part of an inbound campaign, on the other hand, guarantees that all leads receive prompt responses and are automatically provided the appropriate information. In this way no lead goes unnoticed, and no content is squandered.Lead nurturing automation also enables methodical monitoring of lead engagements with your content and website, as well as exact identification of that lead’s stage in the marketing funnel.

What to do to run smooth email automation?

To ensure that your email automation runs well, whatever you learn about your customers might help you decide what to do next when it comes to targeting your automated emails. Try an alternative tactic if your recipients aren’t opening your discount emails or clicking on your recommendations. Every time you send an automated email, you have the opportunity to collect vital information from each consumer. Tracking details such as who opens the email or clicks on the CTA, for example, aids in improved targeting.

Creating automated drip campaigns can be effective. Since, before becoming a customer, some people interact with your firm multiple times. Through this drip campaigns we can provide them with relevant and informative content about the company, brand or industry.

What are the best email automation tools?

Some of the best email automation tools are –

  • 1. Sendinblue
  • 2. Mailchimp
  • 3. Mailjet
  • 4. Drip
  • 5. ConvertKit
  • 6. Infusionsoft
  • 7. Zoho
  • What are the steps in email automation?

    The basic steps to follow to run an email automation are:

  • 1. Creating a contact list and collect data about your target demographic.
  • 2. Designing and run campaigns.
  • 3. Monitoring customers’ behavior.
  • 4. Improving segmentation of target groups
  • 5. Examination of marketing and sales productivity
  • 6. Sketching a flowchart for nurturing leads carefully and engaging them.
  • The below image describes the steps to be taken for implementation of email marketing automation.

    Now moving on on to email campaigns workflow here are few examples:

    This is an example of basic automated email workflow.

    This dynamic lead nurturing campaign workflow shows a more dynamic approach regarding what step to take when leads do not take certain actions like not clicking on the CTA.

    Now what if someone does not open the email or click on the CTA, then there are a couple of alternative options to consider:

    Steps to take to increase open rates

  • 1. Changing the subject line and rewrite it to make it more appealing
  • 2. Make sure the opening 50 characters of your email entice someone to open it.
  • 3. In your email, use customization.
  • 4. Send emails during times when your recipients are most likely to read them.
  • 5. Make your emails mobile responsive
  • Steps to take to optimize CTA

  • 1. Use action oriented CTA
  • 2. Keep the CTA short
  • 3. Adding a sense of urgency to your call to action
  •  Advantages of email automation?

    Here are some of the advantages of using email automation –

    • Email automation is self-contained and does not necessitate human involvement.
    • Nurture causes them to be more receptive.
    • Relevant to the recipient of the email
    • Boost brand recognition
    • Prospects will benefit from better personalization.
    • A well-thought-out email strategy can be executed
    • Errors will be less likely.
    • You’ll have more time to focus on other things if you save time.
    • Helps to reduce cost
    • Increase your company’s revenue
    • Better segmentation and targeting
    • More detailed reporting to keep existing customers interested
    • One gets to learn more about their customers.

    Enhance your ‘Googleability’ with these 8 amazing Google Analytics insights

    ‘Googleability’ is everything, or so they say!

    And SEO Service Providers in India will unanimously agree.

    Google Analytics is changing everyday! Research shows how almost 89% of Search Engine Optimization strategies can be fine-tuned and boosted through Google Analytics reports.

    Want to track the age, preferences, and interests of your viewers? Ask Google! Want to note the number of impressions of your ad copy? Ask Google. Want to figure out how to attract your target demographic? Ask Google.

    Google seems to have all the answers  and now with improved Google Analytics, you are all set to turn your SEO strategy into a raging success as well.

    Here’s how you can use Google Analytics to your advantage and drive more organic traffic to your website:

    •  1. Utilize the potential of Google AMP Tracking


    With the all-new Google AMP Tracking, you can now provide an uber-fast browsing experience to your mobile visitors. Amazing studies have shown how publishers are recommending Google AMP tracking everyday for all-round visibility and engagement boost.

    Search Engine Watch recorded how enabling AMP has increased click-through rates by 90% whereas 80% of the content is getting more views. 


    And it doesn’t end there! You can now use Google Analytics tracking to analyze and record user interactions on your page!

    • 2. Check & resolve XML sitemap issues 


    Ensure that your sitemap is registered with Google Search Console before you use Google Analytics to resolve your sitemap issues.

    But it doesn’t just end at syncing. Ensure that Google can read your site properly by getting rid of any indexing errors that might hamper the analytics process. As they say, you need to set things straight before Google can get things right for you.

    SEO Service Providers should conduct a thorough check of the sitemap & ensure that nothing is getting in the way of Google successfully reading your site. 


    • 3. Check organic keyword performance with Google Search Console


    Your work does not end at sprinkling an assortment of keywords across your webpage.

    With Google Search Console you can keep one beady eye at how your organic keywords are performing! This is crucial for your site to maintain its rankings within Google Search results.

    Keep tracking and revising your organic keywords with Google Search Console to ensure that your page is reaching the target demographic!

    The keyword performance report also provides you with valuable insights regarding clicks, impressions, CTR, and average position. It also records the relevance of your pages with respect to search queries.

    • 4. Monitor your backlinks 


    Referrals play a major role in driving traffic to your website. In fact, they are one of the top ranking monitoring factors. As the number of backlinks rise, so do the chances of your site ranking top for search entries.

    One you use the analytics to track and monitor what kind of website are referring to your site, you can contact them and even map out some cross-platform promotional plans that can further benefit both the parties.

    • 5. Find your top-ranking content


    Come to think of it, there will always be some content on your site that will convert better than others.

    With Google Analytics at your service, you can now identify and capitalize on the best-performing content.

    With some luck & the right tools in play, you could even turn some of these into ad campaigns that can accelerate conversions!

    • 6. Check the attribution path


    This happens to be one of the stellar Google Analytics features that you can use to your advantage.

    An Attribution path is the history that a user followed that led them to discover your content.

    The attribution paths are almost like direct roadmaps to your consumer’s preferences. You can use it to analyse patterns and tweak your strategy to maximize engagement and conversions.

    Apart from these major tools, you can use Google Analytics to map the buyer’s journey, determine whether your site is optimized for Google crawling, and so much more.

    Content may be the King of your Digital Marketing Strategy, but a strong SEO strategy bulletproofs it! That’s why we at UrsDigitally focus on fortifying our clients’ SEO stance. Google Analytics is already changing the ball game for most SEO Service Providers in India. Are you in the loop yet?

    8 Effective Consumer Psychology Hacks to Increase the Sales Flow of Your eCommerce Website

    Did you know that by 2026, eCommerce transactions are estimated to make up for almost 96% of overall transactions?

    Clearly, businesses are leaving no stones unturned while revamping their eCommerce platforms to make the most of this eCommerce boom! The result? Your competitors can now target your customer base better than ever. To keep generating a robust revenue stream from your eCommerce website within this competitive space requires you to employ the best eCommerce Marketing Strategies that can not only attract traffic but also ensure that your consumers are spending more on  your website.

    At UrsDigitally, we believe in building success from the very roots! For instance, we have worked with brands such as Dalmia Gold Tea and set up their entire eCommerce model. We have then employed our very best eCommerce marketing tools to boost their sales flow. To quote numbers, Dalmia Gold Tea saw a marked 56% boost in its sales numbers despite the onslaughts of the pandemic.

    As eCommerce partners to various notable brands across industries, we have mapped out a few hacks that never fail to influence buyers in their purchase journey!

    1. 1. Scarcity can help you sell


    How many times have you passed by a store with a ‘50% off’ board without so much as slowing down to consider making a purchase?

    Now, imagine that the same board had a ‘Flat 50% off just for today’ emblazoned on it. That is quite enough to stop you in your tracks because it creates a sense of urgency and instils a fear of missing out! Not to mention, a sense of serendipity that you feel at having glanced at the offer luckily on that day.

    We can recommend this as a surefire way to increase sales on your eCommerce website.

    1. 2. Offer three choices to make your consumers spend more

    It is a known fact that when consumers are faced with two choices, they invariably go for the lesser-priced article. However, when you offer them three choices, they pick the one that is priced in the middle.

    Therefore, just by adding the third choice into the mix, you are ensuring that your customers are spending more on your website.

    1. 3. Invest in topnotch product display

    Get rid of any inhibitions your customers might have about buying products online by displaying your products from every conceivable angle.

    Entice your customers with high-quality product images that can inspire conversions! As they say, you can never go wrong with a good first impression – and for your buyers, it’s your product image.

    1. 4. Highlight the savings while offering discounts

    It’s all very well that you are offering discounts to boost your sales numbers and lure more people into your website. But the effort is moot unless you highlight just how much they are saving with the said offer.

    We suggest the strike out the original price model where you strike out the original price & show the discounted price right next to it so consumers get a fair idea as to how lucrative the offer really is!

    1. 5. Utilize call-only ads

    Brevity is your friend, and that holds true for every step of your online sales funnel.

    Eliminate the middle tier – the landing page. Recent consumer behaviour shows that they want to get more done within a shorter time frame. Instead of browsing a page for a couple of minutes, they would rather get in touch with your business directly.

    That’s why Call-Only ad campaigns on Facebook and other social platforms are driving a steady flow of leads to your sales managers who can then nurture it based on lead potential.

    The idea is to empower your consumers to take an action and be involved in the process instead of viewing pages passively.

    1. 6. Use buyer recommendations for cross-selling & upselling

    What could be more effective than having a buyer recommend your products?

    Of late, social proof has been seen to be one of the most effective kinds of advertising. But you can take it one step ahead to boost your cross-selling and upselling tactics.

    Lead your customers to discover related products and create a need for the same by using the ‘Buyers also liked’ recommendations. You can also convince your buyers to spend more money on your website  by highlighting better quality items under the ‘buyers preferred’ section too!

    As they say, the key to the most effective eCommerce Marketing Strategies is being aware of what works best on your consumers.

    1. 7. Add perks and surprises within the buyer journey

    After all, who does not like surprises? Especially if they come in the form of free shipping!

    Or maybe in the form of an additional 8% discount right before checkout?

    By adding these perks at strategic points within your buyer journey, you are giving them reasons to keep returning to your website.

    1. 8. Giveaways

    This one is probably a no-brainer, but people do love free stuff!

    By organising and rightly broadcasting free giveaways, you will surely entice a wide net of consumers.

    Then, just let your quality products do the rest of the job to retain your customer base.

    When one of the leading providers of topnotch eCommerce Marketing Strategies in India is helping you get more out of your website, you can consider it a safe bet. The secret behind our perennial well of ideas is constant agility. We understand that consumer behaviour and psyche is constantly changing and getting influenced by countless external factors! From analyzing influences to playing influencers ourselves, we are constantly on the move. With our expertise and your business potential, marketing wonders are just a call away. Ring us up on +91 98308 97683 now!

    5 Digital Upgrades your local business needs right now to thrive in the post-pandemic world

    With Covid-19 onslaughts rising in numbers, 2020 was an almost-apocalyptic year, to say the least. Clearly, 2021 has the tell-tale markings of a post-apocalyptic year where the focus is on renewal and stepping up our game.Reimagine. Rebuild. Revamp. These are the watchwords of the day!

    What does it mean for your business, though?

    As experts at devising eCommerce marketing strategies for a varied range of businesses, we at UrsDigitally were stunned to find out that almost 59% of small businesses are likely to scale down and shut shop as fresh waves of the pandemic keep hitting us!


    So, what did we do? We made a foolproof strategy-lifeboat to help you navigate these rough waters, of course. As the pandemic forces us to restrict our mobility, we are becoming more digitally agile. Is that good news for your by-the-lane shop that always got a steady stream of business from the locals? It could be, only if you could adapt to the changing times and let eCommerce marketing take the reins.

    Turn your store footfalls into website traffic, your store-front display into a brilliant digital catalogue, and add some prompt delivery options to the mix – that’s a surefire way to wake your business up from the stupor!

    The success mantra for any business is firstly founded on mapping its consumer needs and expectations. For instance, as a local grocery shop who has recently gone online, what is your biggest trump card over retail giants? The answer is the immediacy of service, of course! By adopting an online-delivery model, you could cater to your local band of customers and better yet, do it faster than anybody else!

    Needless to say, you need to take your business online to retain and expand your customer base. But it does not end there. To ensure that you are doing eCommerce marketing right, you need Digital Marketing Services custom-tailored just for you!

    But before that, let’s look at the five Digital Upgrades you need to adopt right now to save your business and even make it thrive better than ever:

    1. 1. Sit atop the ‘Near Me’ search list


    While more and more of your customers are shopping online, seeing their familiar store topping the ‘near me’ search list will definitely give them a jolt of excitement.

    Why do we stress on this? Because, ‘near me’ searches have seen a whopping 200% rise in the last two years alone. Clearly, as eCommerce transactions rise, businesses have a way to play their location as a trump card to attract as many nearby customers as they can.

    Integrate the ‘Near Me’ search option within your app, optimize your visibility by signing up on Google My Business, use nearby location landmarks throughout the content that you publish, and make sure that your customers can find you!

    So, when you are updating to an online store model, you need some stellar Digital Marketing Services like SEO tone-up & Content Marketing  to increase your businesses’ visibility.

    When you employ the best services, it reflects on your ROI!

    1. 2. Delivery cycle optimisation

    Promptness is the watchword for businesses these days! So, the edge that you are looking to gain over your competition is neatly tied up in appearing on location-based searches & prompt deliveries.

    In a market that facilitates instant gratification, you can’t expect your customer to wait for hours for a product from a store that is just close-by.

    We suggest in-app location integration and ETA estimation to keep your customers in the loop at all times.

    So, along with sprucing up your SEO checklist to ensure that you top the search list, you need to also do it justice by optimizing your delivery cycle options!

    Make the wait a pleasant one for your customers with fun in-app delivery tracking features too!

    1. 3. Loyalty programs

    Customer retention is one  of the biggest concerns that businesses have while shifting from the brick-and-mortar model to an online store setup!

    But we say that you have options to retain and expand your customer base better than ever digitally.

    With smart eCommerce Marketing Strategies in play, you can give your customers reasons to keep coming back to your store. Loyalty points, customer benefits, rewards on purchases greatly enhance a buying experience.

    That’s why we at UrsDigitally have partnered up with GrabLoyalty, to bring you the best benefits of both! Now the best Digital Marketing Services for your newly budding website comes complete with a loyalty program too!

    It’s time to wow your customers at the end of every purchase!

    1. 4. It’s all about Product Catalogues!


    Did you know that almost 60% of customers lose faith in a business after a dissatisfactory ecommerce experience?

    To avoid that, you need to figure out the pitfalls first.

    Confusing menus, difficult navigation between product categories, ill-considered product cataloguing could be doing you more harm than you can imagine!


    To put it simply, you always put your best players in the frontlines if you wish to succeed. When you do that for your store, why not for your eCommerce website as well?

    Surveys have shown that a well-thought product catalogue plays a pivotal role in changing website visits into conversions.

    For instance, we at UrsDigitally ensured that our client Excel Interior Wallpapers reaped the benefits of a perfect product catalogue when they chose us as their digital partner. From creating an online presence for the company to boosting their business by a whole 150% over the years, we know first-hand the wonders a well-crafted product catalogue can do to your conversion rates.


    1. 5. Seamless payment options & surprises too

    To excel at anything, you need to tread along the fine line between a job done and a job done well. That’s where we could use our help.

    Shifting to a digital model is not just new for you, but for your customers too. Even today consumers are apprehensive about the security of online transactions. While they are embracing the ecommerce trend more than ever now due to the Covid crisis, you need to make the journey easy and enjoyable for them as well.

    We suggest multiple payment options, seamless process, and a well-crafted buyer journey leading to the point of purchase.

    But what about the extra something that could ensure another visit from your buyer?

    Surprise them with perks just while they’re paying. Suppose your customer has just made a purchase and voila! Delivery free!


    Placing such perks at this strategic point in the buyer journey has worked wonders in retaining & expanding the customer base.

    In chaos, there is opportunity. And that’s the operative theory you need to put into play to turn your eCommerce website into a resounding success. From the works of maestros like Moliere to strategists like Sun-Tzu, how often have we chuckled to ourselves while reading about people who have thrived under pressure.

    From anecdotes of a modest food-peddler churning profits by serving World War soldiers to inspirational business biographies, fiction and facts both support the merits of spotting an opportunity and then making it big! Just like Dalmia Gold Tea did with UrsDigitally’s stellar eCommerce Marketing Services! The brand saw a whopping 56% increase in sales within the February-May cycle even in the midst of this pandemic!


    It’s your turn to set an example. Why don’t you start by ringing us up on +91 9830897683 for the best eCommerce Marketing Strategies in Kolkata?

    E-commerce Marketing from Start to Finish: Things You Need to Consider

    “Communication is at the heart of eCommerce and community”

    Meg Whitman Hewlett-Packard CE

    With almost all the businesses shifting online, the online marketplace is getting more crowded every day. It is getting more and more difficult for audiences to differentiate between two separate eCommerce brands.

    Therefore it is not just enough for you to build an online store and wait for customers to knock at your doorsteps. It’s just not going to happen. Hence, you need eCommerce marketing strategies in India to stay ahead of your competitions.

    Let us first understand what is eCommerce marketing?

    Ecommerce marketing refers to all the strategies & efforts that you do in order to generate eyeballs towards your brand, get liked by your audience, and finally convince them to spend money on your product or services. There are many facets of eCommerce marketing services but like normal marketing, it can be segregated as organic marketing and paid marketing.

    Different brands use different mediums to reach their audience. However, all these boils down to one question — ‘where is your audience hanging out?’ that is where you are supposed to be present. As simple as that.

    Ways to market your eCommerce store/ product

    When you get the answer of ‘where your target audience is spending their most time in’ you now need to understand how to market on these platforms. Every online platform comes with its own game to succeed. Let us quickly see what it takes to make your eCommerce brand a success in each of these marketing channels individually.

    Joining the social media party

    Unless you are living under the rock, you must be knowing names like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. This is where more than 70% of the entire world will be found.

    According to a recent survey by Adespresso, people spend an average of 38 minutes on Facebook alone. Plan your content strategy around the idea of how you can capture their attention within these 38 minutes.

    Optimize your product page copy

    Your product page is where the real battle happens. This is the place where it gets decided whether you win the game or you are left with an abandoned cart. We usually get clients who were either paying too much attention impressing Google or they were forgetting the SEO side and only focused on how the thing reads. As a result, they may have ranked well but no conversion or the worst of it, they never got in front of their ideal target audience. Of course, you don’t want that to happen with you right?

    Therefore, it is crucial that your product page copy is written to impress Google as well as your prospects. This way, you not only rank for those keywords but also get conversion out of it.

    Use blogs to influence and impress them

    Only the right kind of keyword will bring you an audience who has the potential as well as the interest to buy from you. Then, to rank for your target keywords on Google, you can use blogs as your powerful weapon.

    So, what do we mean by choosing the right kind of keyword?

    Basically, the most high-performing and high-converting keyword for your eCommerce business will be those which your actual customer will be searching on the internet while in their awareness stage or perhaps while making that buying decision.

    Create content that helps them make better decisions with their purchase. Cater to their interest softly and they will reward you with their loyalty.

    Handle their objection before they ask

    The best of the marketers know the most powerful way to convince someone for your point is to cater to all their objections before it comes into their own mind. How do you do that for your eCommerce business? With the power of the internet, you can use forums like quora, Reddit as well as paid tools like SEMRush to know what the market is asking about. Then, collect them all and use them as your content topic. If that looks like too many topics to write, make an FAQ section below your web pages where you will be answering all of their questions

    Ready, Set, Sell

    Ecommerce marketing has taken 100 folds since last year. Although there will be new inclusion coming every now and then, we have tried to put in the fundamentals of what makes a strong eCommerce marketing.

    All of these strategies are tried and tested through our extensive research and practical experiences on our current commence clients who are doing 3X with their eCommerce business especially after the pandemic.

    If you want us to help you achieve similar results, just contact us. You can then go for a refreshing holiday while we will work day and night for your success. Join the community of our successful clients who have availed our eCommerce marketing strategies designed for Indian businesses and currently running a super-busy eCommerce store even during today’s market situation. In case you need proof of our results, head over to our testimonial & chase-study section. Some of the big retail brands have reached a monthly margin of 25 lakh+ in their eCommerce sales. Ready to scale your eCommerce business? We’re just a call/mail away.





    The 8-Step Master Guide to Create a Fail-Safe Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

    We are clearly living in a world of “digital chaos”.

    With more and more brands saying the same things for promoting their product/ services, your prospects are bombarded with hundreds of emailers, ads & social media content in just 24 hours’ time.

    That’s why a Digital Marketing Strategy that can set you apart from your competition is the need of the hour.

    Do you know what is happening as a result of the digital chaos though?

    Our brain is working harder than ever to block promotional content so that we do not suffer from decision fatigue or information overload. Now, can you identify its impact on your business revenue? If your customers are getting trained to ignore these brand messaging, that means your brand message will also be ignored by them, isn’t it? But don’t worry, there is a loophole in the circle & that is why we use digital strategy to find that loophole & leverage it to boost your business.

    A perfectly curated digital strategy will help you reach your organizational goals no matter what changes are being introduced in the online world. We have discussed a detailed analysis and a step-by-step blueprint on how to create a robust digital strategy that brings results to your business. Make the most of our 360-degree Digital Marketing Services.

    Here’s how:

    1. Define Your Goals

    Jumping on the strategy session without understanding what is the result that you want out of its successful implementation is a fool’s job. Let’s not make this mistake for your business.

    Note down what is your expectation out of this digital strategy.

    Your strategy will be based on your goal. Is it brand building? Increasing your social media reach? Onboarding high-profile influencers? Boosting ROI?

    Once you decide what to focus on, we let our strategy handle the rest.

    2.Thorough domain analysis

    Thorough domain analysis is the key aspect of your strategy. Understand your target customer group, figure out how they respond to your brand image, or whether you have established any, map out their expectations and then create a strategy that best fits your business needs.

    Competitor analysis is another area that can help you make a headway. So, let’s suppose you are in the finance niche. You are probably not the only one selling this product/ service, are you? That means you already have a good competition going on even before you think of jumping into the game. So how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? The answer lies in “personalization”.

    1. Personalize your product
    2. Personalize of your offerings
    3. Personalize your content to attract the most suited prospect
    1. Focus on your Buyer Persona

    However, you can not personalize your messaging for a million people at a time, can you? Even with the largest sales & marketing team, it is not possible. For that very reason, you need to sit down with pen & paper and note down who is your audience? What’s his age? What does his life look like? Why does he need your product?

    This becomes your buyer persona. Now use this while communicating any brand message of your product, whether written or verbal.

    4. Identify your key marketing channels

    First time in the history of the business world it is happening that businesses can now reach anyone at any time without relying on big broadcast media houses & spending millions of dollars for a few seconds of attention. The Internet has empowered businesses with very strong marketing channels to reach out to their target audience for almost no cost. There are 100s of channels today that you can use to reach out to your audience.

    However, effective Digital Marketing Services in India helps you narrow down your marketing efforts to fewer of these channels at least for the beginning phase. It will not only help you cut the unnecessary pressure out of your marketing team but will also ensure whatever you are putting your energy into is getting you some level of traction in return. After you start getting some momentum in your business, you can always increase your reach and try out other marketing channels to grow your reach.

    After all, it doesn’t bode well to be master of none!

    5.  Plan a robust content strategy

    Your content is the voice of your brand online. There is no salesperson standing in front of your audience online while they are going through your website, your ad, or even your Instagram page for that matter. Therefore it becomes very important that you come up with a strong content marketing plan that ensures your brand is moving towards the direction it should be, in order to make those profit margins increase.

    6. Use a content calendar to streamline your workflow

    Your digital strategy is of no use if you fail to upload consistent content that drives traffic & converts leads. However, usually, we have found that digital strategy comprises huge content demand. It might happen that your team forgets about an important content post that was to be uploaded yesterday. To avoid such confusion & chaos, we would advise you to start maintaining a content calendar of your own.

    A well-drafted contempt calendar will include-

    1. The list of content pieces to be published for a given month
    2. Name of the assigner & assignee
    3. Content format
    4. Date of submission
    5. Date of approval etc

    7. Plan your resources

    Once you have your strategy laid out, jot down the resources that you need in order to achieve the result you want. It can be adding a new member to your team or buying a sophisticated tool to support your star-performers and help them excel at work. Noting these small details separately will not only help you stay prepared from the beginning but also ensure that you are keeping track of any expense that your digital strategy’s implementation process might involve.

    8. It’s all about analytics

    Planning and then executing a Digital Marketing Strategy needs a lot of effort from your end. It requires you and your team to perform a lot of activities in order for you to execute what is being planned. Therefore, it becomes of prime importance that you measure your outcomes. There is analytics provided with almost all of the paid/ unpaid tools & platforms used today. Use these data insights to dive deep into what’s working for you and what’s not.

    Rome was not built in a day and the same goes for your Digital Marketing Strategy. In a world of changing consumer expectations, brands need to be agile, responsive, and adaptive to float along the current! That’s why we at UrsDigitally believe in providing stellar Digital Marketing Services in India, not only to build up revenue but to build a brand that sells! As they say, put your best minds at work for the most critical tasks!

    Have you started building your strategy yet?

    11 Amazing SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic by 40%

    Content might be King, but engagement is surely the Queen of your digital marketing strategy. A sure-fire SEO strategy is the lady-in-waiting that the Queen just can not do without!

    That’s why SEO Service Providers need to constantly step up their game, imbibe the best and the latest in the market to surge through the volumes of options available and feature of Google’s top list!

    They say the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google Search results, and for good reason. That’s definitely a place you don’t want to end up in!

    So, what do we do?

    With these top-curated SEO tips of 2021, build a strategy that can boost traffic & bolster conversion rates too:

    1. Rewrite & overhaul high-ranking content

    With the right Google Analytics tools at your disposal, you can analyze your high-ranking content and build on it to boost your traffic.

    You could also turn some of these content into campaigns that can engage your target audience better than ever.

    Use Search Console to identify the topmost queries and build on them to fortify your content!

    2. Step up your technical SEO

    Before we move on to keyword phrases and content requirements of your site, there is the backend technical SEO to take care of.

    Ignoring your technical SEO could leave a giant loophole in your SEO strategy. Backend architecture like site codes are just as important as on-page SEO strategies to feature on top of Google’s lists!

    3. A regular blogging schedule

    SEO Service Providers in India need to be aware of the importance of regular blogging in increasing your site’s ‘SEOability’ as we call it.

    Draw up a consistent content strategy that can ensure you are using all the blogging tactics to your advantage!

    4. Strategic use of long-tail keywords

    You can best use long-tail keywords when you create specific pages for the topics you want to attract traffic for.

    By sprinkling these keywords across the specific pages using the right location tags, you ensure that you attract and engage the right traffic.

    By providing detailed specific information you ensure that your customers are not disappointed & provide them what they were looking for when they checked into your site.

    The motto is to attract more and deliver more value than ever before!

    5. Compress media files before uploading

    Media flies do liven up your page. But do you know the toll uncompressed media files can take on your website speed?

    It is highly advisable to optimize every media file before uploading so that your overall website loading speed is not too high and brings down the performance and ranking of your entire webpage.

    Ensure that you are doing your bit to make rendering of your website easy for the internet browsers.

    6. Stay ahead with a robust link-building plan

    Link-building happens to be one of the topmost priorities of your off-page SEO. Attracting backlinks from other sites can skyrocket your traffic too! But here’s what you should consider first – the quality of the links that are getting integrated will determine a large part of your traffic.

    Ensure that you gather quality inbound links to see your traffic soaring through the roof.

    7. Meta descriptions & numbers in titles

    Any SEO Service Provider worth their salt knows enough about using meta descriptions in optimizing your page performance.

    But did you think that you could use the titles to your advantage as well?

    Studies show that dates and numbers added to titles have increased a brand’s rankings by scores. So using numbers strategically within your content will always fetch you consistent results!

    Provide value, don’t mislead your readers and see how the numbers can impact your click through rates!

    8. Used mixed sentence lengths

    IF there is one thing we know for sure, it’s the fact that long chunks of webpage content usually get ignored by most readers.
    That’s where scannable content comes from. Readers should be able to scan your content for key information phrases easily.

    You probably already know not to use long sentences that can’t hold the reader’s attention for long.

    But here’s the twist.

    It has been seen that long sentences when sparingly used with short and mid-length sentences can actually work better in creating an impact without jeopardizing the scannability of your content at stake!

    9. Lazy load your images

    Another SEO trump card for you to play to optimize your website.

    Lazy loading refers to a technique that defers the loading of non-critical resources at page load time.

    By lazy loading such files, you immediately reduce the initial page loading time, page weight, and also system resource usage – all of these have marked positive impacts on performance.

    10. Do not ignore alt-tags for images

    When it comes to ‘Googleability’ you can not ignore the importance of adding alt-texts to images. With alt-texts you keep your browser’s accessibility and understanding of the kinds of images in your site.

    However, you must be wary of NOT stuffing your attributes with too many keywords. Any kind of redundant keyword stuffing can result in a negative user experience, or worse flag your content as spam!

    11. Let SEO optimized Landing Pages work wonders

    More landing pages mean more gateways for incoming search traffic!

    Strategically drive traffic to your landing pages via email marketing, social media campaigns, press releases and watch your website traffic soar!

    Rome was not built in a day, neither can your strategy become foolproof in moments. As explained, there are countless different tweaks you could make on it generate a fail-safe SEO strategy that delivers the best results!

    Are you ready to explore the potential of the all-new improved SEO strategy yet?

    9 Amazing Things You Should Know to Win at Performance Marketing

    Marketing that’s based on performance – number of leads closed, sales, rate of bookings, downloads, etc, pretty much covers what Performance Marketing stands for today. Year after year, we witness how Performance marketing is becoming a more and more integral part of an effective Digital Marketing Strategy.

    In 2020 alone, the US budget for Performance Marketing was as high as $6.82 billion! 

    In essence, Performance Marketing refers to a combination of brand marketing & paid advertising clubbed together, paid out only when the estimated outcome is attained. It is beneficial for both the ‘merchant’ and the ‘affiliate’, where they can actually target and optimize results with a specific, maximized ROI approach based solely on performance. 

    One of the key luring points of performance marketing is that it lets retailers get a sense of assured quality – assurance that their money is being spent well and they are getting right returns out of their investment. 

    With new-age communication optimization tools, personalizing shopping experience for buyers and numerous other online and offline ways, this new performance-based strategy is opening up a whole arena of marketing exposure and brand value that holds immense allure for businesses worldwide.

    So, how do you utilize the full potential of Performance marketing in helping your brand succeed? We have a few pointers to guide you along: 

    1. Choose your ‘Publishers’ wisely

    First things first, choosing the right marketing partners for your Performance marketing space is of prime importance. These are your ‘affiliates’ whose quality of work will determine your strategy’s success rate. 

    These could be coupon websites, loyalty programmes, product review sites, you online blog support, cashback websites, etc. 

    The world of Performance marketing is slowly moving more towards social media influencers, content sites, product review sites, personalization applications, etc. to fortify your Digital Marketing Strategy. Using or knowing which of these fall in line with your business needs is the first fundamental choice that determines your success in the Performance marketing field. 

    2. Third-party tracking platforms are essential 

    When it comes to your affiliate partnership, you can not ignore the importance of third-party tracking platforms. These are like one-stop shop solutions for banners, links, product feeds, promotions, etc. 

    These platforms are where your merchants issue bonds, sends newsletters, handles returns, etc. 

    But these platforms also have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses mainly around pricing structures, merchant expertise rungs, and such. Some of these platforms like PepperJam and Rakuten Marketing are highly sought after names in the field of Affiliate Marketing.

    3. Dynamic remarketing is the key to success

    The world of digital marketing is slowly leaning more and more towards personalizing customer experiences. Who does not like a bit of personalized special touch in the purchase process? The answer is NO ONE! Dynamic remarketing lets businesses target customers based on their previous activities. 

    Prompting customers to finish a purchase by displaying products similar to their old search patterns is one of the foundational tactics for dynamic retargeting! 

    These ads could be displayed over ad platforms, social media, search engines, or through display advertising! 

    4. Smart use of frequency caps

    Duplicate sales efforts or ads campaigns can spell disaster for your marketing strategy. While we are on retargeting ad campaigns, let’s not forget to consider consumer preferences and experience is of prime importance. 

    Set a frequency cap on your affiliate marketing campaigns that determine how many times consumers will be viewing your ads in a day! Overkill is the last thing we want in our strategy. 

    5. Optimizing visual search options

    Visual search turns your phone camera into a discovery tool. Optimizing visual search has been one of the biggest success points of your affiliate marketing strategy! 

    The entire process of shopping has always been visual – it is only fair that even marketing can catch up to it! So the lure of visual search in marketing is clear. Your customers express a clear intent on a product and marketeers can quickly grab the opportunity to showcase and connect to the customers based on their expressed preferences. 

    6. The pay per lead or Cost per Acquisition arrangement

    Again, one of the biggest success points of performance marketing – assured delivery of results. 

    As the name already suggests, this is an arrangement where the retailer pays the affiliate as per the leads generated and only after the transaction is over. 

    Pay per lead, on the other hand could also refer to non-cash transactions. A lead could simply even be a name or an address or a complete form depicting the lead’s degree of interest and chances of conversion. Usually, more complex the lead higher are the rates of payout! 

    7. Optimize your landing page

    Invariably, the Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Impression (CPM) parameters of your Performance marketing strategy can only taste success if your landing page is optimized for conversions! 

    A compelling and user friendly landing page goes a long way in prompting conversions and as well as giving your customers a reason to come back to your business. It is also noteworthy that the positioning and targeting of CPC ads are of prime importance. Round off the bases with respect to the right Google adwords and witness how your landing page works the revenue wonders for you! 

    8. Do not ignore Brand Positioning

    It is crucial that you do not forget the importance of brand positioning in prompting conversions. 

    Performance marketing strategy is largely focussed on data. And while the data points are important, lead marketeers should also remember that to finally persuade the leads to become a customer, what you offer as a brand needs to be in line with the customer’s expectations! 

    Use performance marketing tactics to bolster your overall brand positioning as well. 

    9. YouTube Shopping is a fresh opportunity 

    Digital marketing trends have mapped how more and more purchasers have been turning to YouTube video tutorials before purchasing a product. 

    Conventionally, after the video they would go on with their purchase process on other platforms. However, marketeers know that more the number of steps added to the purchase process, higher are the risks of consumers dropping out of the sales funnel. 

    Therefore, since 2019 customers can directly shop from YouTube videos and that is one fresh new opportunity that performance marketing can fully cultivate for maximizing conversions.

    An absolute data-driven way to advertise – that’s the Performance marketing tagline that is convincing businesses to adopt & embrace this new strategy with every passing year. When you unleash the full potential of performance marketing through leading Digital Marketing Services, you unlock phenomenal resources that can fortify and bolster your Digital Marketing Strategy in India! If you want to be success savvy, adopting strategies and adapting your stance seems to be the best shot to success. 

    Are you ready to unlock the potential of Performance marketing  to multiply conversions? 

    8 Amazing Tips to Write the Perfect CTA for Your Native Ads

    Don’t trick them. Don’t piss them off.”

    – Eric Goeres, Director, Times Magazine.

    When it comes to writing the perfect CTA for Native Advertising, the mantra has always been simple and clear –

    You need to add value to your campaign right at the start. Make a mark & define the utility of your campaign right at the onset by making complex decisions less complicated & technical issues less technical.

    Understanding what the audience needs is a key jumping step to writing the perfect CTA for your native ad. Just  by 2020, the global investment in Native Advertising has reached a whopping $85.5 billion! To put a number like that into perspective, one must understand that the CTA determines as much as 60% of the chances of your ad getting clicked on.

    When the stakes are that high, you would need all the help that you can get to write a killer CTA for your native ads.

    First things first, the Call To Action of your Native Ads is the brand message that the users will connect to right at the beginning – needless to say the rest of the content/video won’t even matter if your CTA falls flat.

    You can’t go wrong with these tips:

    1. DON’T get stuck on word count 

    Your CTA tells the user exactly what action they need to take & how to take it. It could be as simple as two words or a well-crafted sentence.

    But if you are being too wordy with the CTA, you do run the risk of losing your viewer’s attention and not being able to communicate your message.

    Case in point: German Rail boosted revenue by 24% with its ingenious campaign sporting an intriguing and impactful CTA – No Need to Fly? 

    The headline strikes off the brevity checkpoint of the CTA rulebook very well & manages to convey the required message so effectively.

    2. Use a strong & clear command verb

    Strong command verbs like ‘start’, ‘download now’, ‘find out how’, add that much required zest to your CTA.

    A call-to-action is all about increasing the CTR and leading viewers towards that action. Your copy needs to be concise and assertive.

    Case in point: Adidas’s Goodbye Gravity campaign hit home and translated to a phenomenal success. In this campaign, Adidas sent soccer balls to the atmosphere to check their spin. The strong & concise CTA did justice to the innovative campaign idea.

    3.Add urgency to your CTA

    Next to using a strong command verb, what works best with CTA is a note of urgency by using words like ‘now’ & ‘today.’

    CTAs for Native Advertising in India have worked best when the command verbs have been accompanied by specific time words like ‘find out today’ or ‘ending soon’ or ‘start now’.

    By adding a time word to your CTA, you are ensuring prompt action on the part of the viewer.

    4. Add the value proposition

    What carries the most weight for your CTA is the unique selling point that ought to appeal to the viewer. In more direct terms, what’s in it for them?

    One of the best ways to increase the CTR is a nice & to-the-point CTA+USP mash up that can capture the user’s attention immediately and get them to take the desired action.

    Case in point: Again German Rail comes to mind. The chief selling point for them is that it is a more economic alternative to flying. By including ‘No Need to Fly’ in the ad CTA, what they achieved is a certain level of economic appeal so consumers would gravitate towards the brand and the campaign.

    Also Brandless achieves this so effortlessly with an uber-intriguing CTA – “How can this be only $3?!” With a CTA like this you can immediately build brand awareness and highlight your chief selling point.

    5. Instil the fear of missing out

    One of the sure-fire ways of getting clicks on your ad is to establish the fear of missing out on your CTA itself.

    Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO in short has been seen to be an excellent motivator. All you need to do is blend it in with a factor of urgency in your CTA – when people feel they might be missing out on a chance that might not come around again, they usually take action promptly.

    Instilling the FOMO factor in your CTA by using phrases like ‘Subscribe now to get 50% off’ in your Native Ad CTAs can create a sense of urgency and drive action.

    For instance, CanvasPop used this technique in their CTA “Turn your favourite family photos into high quality canvas prints. Get 60% off when you order today!” By incorporating a note of urgency into the campaign while also explaining what you can get, their CTA conveys a complete message that is bound to attract users.

    6. Make use of social proof in the form of Customer reviews

    Has your brand been successful in harbouring consumer faith? Well, then it’s time to flaunt that in your CTA!

    Write compelling CTAs that also exhibit customer support and faith to establish a brand image & maximize your CTR.

    7. You cannot go wrong with first person speech 

    By using a compelling first person tone, you establish an instant kinship with your viewer.

    By changing CTAs from second person speech (get your free trial) to first person speech (Get my free trial) has been shown to increase CTR by almost 90%!

    8. Know how to use different CTAs for different stages of the decision making process

    Each of your native ads have an agenda & your CTA should be based on what suits you best. The main stages in decision making are:

    • Information Search Stage
    • Alternative evaluation Stage
    • Purchase decision Stage

    It is important to note that the CTAs apt for each of these stages will obviously be very different & you should use them wisely to optimize your CTR.

    When it comes to writing the perfect Call to Action for Native Advertising, there are a number of things to consider – ranging from degree of urgency, purpose, and stages of decision-making process.

    We have witnessed how even a change in the form of speech has been instrumental in raising CTR by as much as 90%!

    Learn all the tips and tricks of writing the best CTA & turn your Native Ads campaign into a resounding success today!

    6 Amazing Ways in Which Digital Transformation is Changing Your Workplace

    Clearly, the thing that’s transforming is not the technology  – the technology is transforming you.”

    The MIT scholar clearly had his own reasons for coming up with this adage. The decades-old Digital Transformation phenomenon with innovative Digital Transformation Services hit the accelerator pedal with the rising changes in consumer expectations. The new-age consumer is information-hungry and always agile. That is why the rise in the number of CDPs has been one of the most striking Digital Transformation changes!

    But we rarely ever stop to wonder the other side of the story. The not-much-talked-about side of the story is the impact Digital Transformation has had on employees and existing work models. It is of little wonder that as Digital Transformation Strategy becomes more complex, traditional work models can no longer accommodate the changes.

    Let us look at a few stark changes Digital Transformation has made to workplaces:

    1.Flattening hierarchies

    While rigid hierarchies compartmentalizes the workforce, enforcing Digital Transformation Strategy needs more agility and fluidity of structure. As such, Digital Transformation is seen to flatten the hierarchy level and increase transparency of operations.

    Digital Transformation largely revolves around transparent organizational structures. Dissemination of information is more transparent than ever lending a certain uniformity and agility to the process.

    2. Changing for the better – updating employee skills

    Businesses that have successfully carried out Digital Transformation have provided extensive training to their existing employee base so that they can keep up with the changes! One of the key practices that businesses could follow is to set up an appreciation program with the HR to help employees keep up their morale and warm up to technology!

    3.Collaboration Tools on-the-go

    How was a Covid-struck world keeping up with its myriad business communications? From Zoom video conferences to actively collaborating on projects remotely, Digital Transformation Services in India has really turned the ‘work from anywhere, anytime’ expression into a reality.

    In a way these tools are truly expanding workplaces – you could have your employee base distributed globally.

    From meeting trackers to team collaboration softwares, these Digital Transformation tools are not only globalising your workspaces but also fine-tuning the processes.  Task management software tools like Nifty, Quire, etc. are easing making the managers’ job easy. From monitoring a smooth workflow on Slack to seamlessly automating parts of the Sales cycle through Sales Force Automation, businesses have registered a stark hike in productivity and managers are heaving sighs of relief.

    4.Better Capacity Planning 

    This is of greater relevance in the present times more than ever. With the Covid-crisis upsetting business models, certain upsurge of demand for resources in some departments has been on the rise.

    With Digital Transformation Services on the rise, resources could be deployed from one department to the other without much ado. This helps the management in taking prompt and effective decisions.

    5.Changing Competency requirements

    Digital Transformation has had a major impact on hiring and competency requirements of companies. ‘Digital fluency’ is what the recruiters search for in a resume.

    Digital fluency refers to the ease with which you can achieve your desired outcomes by using technology. Digital fluency actually refers to something much broader than being technology savvy. It denotes a certain proficiency with which individuals can manipulate information technology to fulfill strategic goals and construct ideas.

    6.Rise of telecommuting & Communication Technologies 

    With a stark rise in affordable communication technologies, Digital Transformation is granting employees a lot of flexibility between work and home roles. Telecommuting is essentially a structure where consumers perform some or all of their work outside traditional office settings! Leading business firms are now compelled to unbind time and task from place, and they have witnessed a stark increase in productivity for this too.

    As Digital Transformation Strategy in India gains more layers, it is clear that workplaces will soon be unrecognisable from their old traditional models. Dynamic organizations are shifting to  ‘squad’ operational models where there is fluidity in roles and tasks. IDC has already forecasted that by 2024, more than 60% of high-performing businesses will be adopting fluid, outcome-based, reconfigurable team options to optimize results!

    Digital Transformation is essentially leading us towards using resources smarter for greater results! Businesses that want to stay on track need to roll along the tide of changes.