Swirling Through The Wind: 5 Ways In Which Creative Digital Marketers Do It Differently

Swirling Through The Wind: 5 Ways In Which Creative Digital Marketers Do It Differently

Not long ago, the mighty internet was solely yet another knowledge garnering platform for the teeming millions of India. Eventually, social media made its way in our lives and was largely used for friendly communications. As the country witnessed a digital revolution with mobile gadgets going into the smart mode and social networking applications sprawling each of such devices, entrepreneurs took to social media to promote their products and services.

Today, digital marketing media has a large contribution to make in the business scenario of any metropolitan city of the nation. It is fast becoming a cost effective and less time consuming substitute of conventional advertising. In the realm of such a magnanimous multiplication of digital resources, however content plays the key role, as it is not possible to attract audiences, if your content is unsuitable for its target customers.

Thus, no matter how well you know the tactics of marketing, creativity is a good digital marketer’s trump card to success.

A Creative digital marketer will lay the highest emphasis on content - Because he/she knows that no matter how well you garnish a slice of pizza, the eater would pick the one, with the chunkier pieces of meat.

A recent work for a high-end jewellery manufacturer who wanted to show his designing prowess to the prospective customers.

A Creative digital marketer does not need to empty his pocket to gain popularity - Since good content is his forte, his online posts would organically induce a higher likeability.

A Creative digital marketer’s task is to narrate the story of his clients to the world - She/he wants to build the brand identity of his client and to familiarize the world with his story, rather than selling the products and services of his clients directly.

One of our work for the famous jeans brand - the creative tries to capture the audience’s imagination and aspiration of reaching greater heights in life

A Creative digital marketer primarily wants to communicate with the buyer -The chief business strategy implemented by a creative digital marketer is to interact with a buyer on a psychological level to understand his passion, unlike a conventional marketer who undertakes market research simply to understand the demands and necessities of buyer groups in bulks.

A creative digital marketer’s works have a high emotional quotient - to form a greater connectivity and strike a chord with the audience, who would go on to be the buyers.

This artwork was created for a very well-known non-profit body who organised a series of Tagore’s plays enacted by different international universities. The poster tries to re-imagine the famed story - Kabuliwala, by Tagore.

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