We Did Start The Fire: A retrospective on Our World Environment Day Campaign On Social Media

We Did Start The Fire: A retrospective on Our World Environment Day Campaign On Social Media

"The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth." Marlee Matlin

With every inch of the planet turning into global trash cans, where do we stand? Caught between the claws of vulgar progress, development and environmental abuse, there is no running away from the fact that environmental damage is as common as ignorance. It is no longer a nightmare of the future. As we slowly kill what keeps us alive, let’s hope that we can overcome this weakness and work together for a better world. Here are a few ads we did for our clients for the latest World Environment Day campaign.


The future belongs to children. The present seems as disastrous as the future. With environmental damage increasing manifold like general idiocy, it is the future of the planet which is at risk. Ideated for Apple Eye, a leading brand in kids’ wear with store locations across India, This creative ad asks self thinking adults to understand that the only secure investment you can make at the moment for your child’s better future is by being environmentally conscious.




The planet is already damaged beyond repair. For JewelsForum, a leading e-commerce jewellery website, We took the route of taking this issue head on. It first engages the reader with the darkness of environmental damage that persists and then gradually brings glittering hope by transposing an urgent call to action to save the planet from further abuse. We ourselves are behind such menace, and only we can do something about it.




A fun creative for UrsDigitally’s in-house World Environment Day campaign, this ad sarcastically aims to showcase that we are screwing with nature and it dreams up a time in the future when we would need human shaped and sized condoms to protect ourselves.




This is our top favorite. The AD for the environment Day Campaign cleverly brings to notice rising temperature levels and the woes of Global warming. A penguin dripping in sweat with a bottle of a well known prickly heat powder makes up the imagery to touch upon the despair of habitat loss. A clever wordplay in Bengali drives home the idea.




This World Environment Day Ad, designed by UrsDigitally for PS Arcadia Central, a Class A business located in central Kolkata’s dynamic business district brings to notice, the issue of rising sea levels due to Global Warming. The copy that reads ‘there used to be an island here’ attests the fact directly.



social media marketing for kitchen chimney brand


Pollution is rampant, real and omnipresent. With records that show that it has only been increasing in the past few years, one can hardly ignore the fact. Designed for Propello, a leading brand that produces innovative kitchen appliances this ad by Magne for its World Environment Day campaign engages the reader with issue of pollution. A tree’s reflection in form of a chimney blowing smoke captures the whole essence of what is happening all around the world- Nature is being lost like memories of the past. With a copy that simply addresses the issue head-on without pretention, it carries the message that there is still time to save the world, so save it while you can.




Our take for the World Environment Day ad for Suchita Publications Ltd’s imprint Careers in Commerce, a brand that deals in study materials for commerce, is simple yet profound. With a copy that reads, “Greenland was never so green before”, the ad aims to raise awareness about the effect of rising global temperatures, a serious environmental threat. If you are still confused as to how Greenland not being so green ever is something to be alarmed about, consider this.  Greenland is a massive island covered with ice while Iceland is a massive island that is brimming with lush greenery. The copy is hence a direct reference to rising global temperature and habitat loss, something that is adversely affecting the environment every day.



There is no denying that global warming is the greatest danger looming at large for mankind. The biggest effect of the environmental crisis is the fact that polar ice caps are melting each day at an alarming rate bringing about rise in sea level and loss of habitat. The imagery that has become the symbol of the crisis is the plight of polar bears. Each year thousands of polar bears lose their habitat and are facing death due to the rise in temperatures. This creative ad ideated for Moustache, a leading brand of jeans and apparel, uses this imagery, integral to the climate change saga. By imagining the future of polar bears, being forced to hang out at beaches, away from the cold; it seeks to merge the serious issue with a comic approach. The bear is seen wearing blue jeans lying on beach sand in the sun. With the focus being on the issue itself, this ad by us for the World Environment Day campaign also embodies the youthful spirit of the brand, hence not sounding too preachy about the cause.




Ideated for IRIS hospitals, a leading healthcare brand, this ad for their World Environment Campaign again stresses on the need to secure the future, in order to facilitate safe life for the children. The world is at risk because of extensive environmental damage and it is the future and hence children that will feel the repercussions. Let’s turn towards environmental conservation and help nimble lives blossom.

This World Environment Day lets promise to make this world a better place.

What are your views on the present state of the environment?

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