Why You Should Leverage Facebook to Build a Socially Responsive Brand

Why You Should Leverage Facebook to Build a Socially Responsive Brand

One of the most effective and low cost strategies to popularize your business in front of the world is through Facebook. It is the digital age and social media, mainly Facebook is used by people of all age groups, thus it is extremely easy and hassle free to find your target group of consumers on Facebook. Facebook is not only a means to connect with and reach millions of potential clients, but it is also a mode of effective communication, as all users share their needs, preferences and choices on various matters on the platform.

Cross promotion of brand message

Facebook can be readily connected with almost all other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and also with audio-visual mediums such as Youtube. It is tremendously user friendly and has been customised in a business mode for users to tap into.

Facebook’s unique sales proposition

The social giant is more than eager to promote your story and popularize what your venture means to the world, ofcourse, for a few bucks. With close to 1.5 billion people from around the world in its belly. it is by far the most credible platform to establish your business identity or taking your brand in front of the consumers.

A Gamut of Advertising Solutions

Facebook has spread its advertising solutions in easy-to-complex spread. While a first-timer can easily start BOOSTing her communications, the veterans have the ever-changing Power Editor tool to set up ultra complex advertisements. Facebook also helps businnesses connect with external / third party advertising platforms such as Atlas and LiveRail. LiveRail helps to increase the relevancy of a particular advertisement by targeting it to the right people on Facebook, increasing its Cost per Thousand Impressions, while Atlas connects online ads with in-store sales boosting one’s Return on Investment.

Besides, Facebook’s Customer Relationship Management partners include the likes of Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, Sparkroom, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Zapier and MailChimp.

360 degree videos for an immersive brand experience

Facebook launched its 360 degree video feature in September 2015 that allows viewers to switch camera angles as per convenience, this feature can be used as an effective audio-visual business strategy for all ventures. Another similar of such visual stimulations is the FanCard feature that allows fans to send free logo-bearing customised cards. Since each card carries a logo, every time such a card is sent, your brand gets boosted before the people in your friend list.

Facebook also users to customise their news feed to prioritise updates from specific business pages through its "see first" option for free.

The competitors are taking the cue

Twitter is reportedly planning to introduce a Facebook like algorithmic structure, which would prioritize content on basis of its organic visibility free of cost, unlike Facebook’s edgerank or boost features. Thus Facebook needs to be up to date and original in its approach to be ahead of its competitors.


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