10 Unforgettable Lessons SRK’s Fan Can Teach You

10 Unforgettable Lessons SRK's Fan Can Teach You

While many are going gaga over the stupendous return of the KING KHAN, there are some finer (read audacious) life hacks that can be learnt from the movie. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should know by now that the ideas, however crazy they may sound, do not be afraid to take the jump. Read this post and you’ll know why Smile  

Parents Are Emotional Fools:

If your parents are not supportive of your Insanities (err DREAMS) in life, do not worry, and just buy them a home at a super posh area of New Delhi! While 99.99% of the Indians aged 18-35 are struggling to convince their parents of their decisions every day, parents of Indravihar are so hyper supportive that no absurdity in their children ever strikes them!

Cars Are Becoming Cheaper than your Data Charges!

If you have to take a call centre job, better not opt for the same at Delhi. Call centres at Delhi pay their employees enough to buy cars but not enough to buy a computer with an internet connection and thus, employees need to visit the local cyber cafes for even the most minute of internet usages

Bollywood Stars are not as inaccessible as you thought

Want to get into the special vanity van of your favourite superstar and spend some quality time with him/her? Here is how you can do it! Just drop into the shooting set  in which he/she is supposed to be, enact a few scenes from his/her best movies and abuse his/her professional rival and you are done! He/she would immediately take you inside his vanity van, without worrying about your identity or any security concerns!

Another tip. Super stars in India do not believe in resorting to professional securities or police for protection and in order to break into their house, all you need to know are the names of their alma maters and ancestral localities

Real Estate is your key to Happiness. Yes.

Move over conventional models of investment such as gold or the forex, if you want to get rich, just buy yourself a slice of land at Indravihar! Just sell it off and you can have enough to lead a lavish lifestyle in foreign countries such as London and Dubrovnik

Want Quick Success? Train Yourself Hard for A Reality Show.

If you are clumsy, awkward and under confident in life, here’s a quick way to be readily street smart and charming! Just participate in some local competition / reality show, win a trophy and travel all the way to where your favourite film star lives to hug him! There’s no better way to transform yourself than getting your heart broken by your favourite superstar

Look is Everything. Really.

Age is just a number once you REALLY look like someone! And trust me NOBODY (barring your parents and spouse) would notice the difference between the skins of a 25-year-old and a 48-year-old, if they look identical!

Nothing is impossible. You Know this, right?

Human Body is able enough to escape death by falling down from a cliff top into a water body which looks like a sea interface by swimming across it but not by falling down from a one storey building.

If roads in your locality are jammed up and you have to rush somewhere, jumping through the roofs of different buildings in you locality is a good idea to reach faster. Do not worry; there is no martial art training necessary to do it! If your favourite film star can jump across roofs why can’t you?

And ultimately, whenever you go to watch a Shah Rukh Khan movie, make sure to leave all your grey matter away outside the plex along with your satchels and water bottles, no matter whether Rohit Shetty or Maneesh Sharma directs it!

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