11 Amazing SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic by 40%

11 Amazing SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic by 40%

Content might be King, but engagement is surely the Queen of your digital marketing strategy. A sure-fire SEO strategy is the lady-in-waiting that the Queen just can not do without!That’s why SEO Service Providers need to constantly step up their game, imbibe the best and the latest in the market to surge through the volumes of options available and feature of Google’s top list!They say the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google Search results, and for good reason. That’s definitely a place you don’t want to end up in!So, what do we do?With these top-curated SEO tips of 2021, build a strategy that can boost traffic & bolster conversion rates too:

1. Rewrite & overhaul high-ranking content

With the right Google Analytics tools at your disposal, you can analyze your high-ranking content and build on it to boost your traffic.You could also turn some of these content into campaigns that can engage your target audience better than ever.Use Search Console to identify the topmost queries and build on them to fortify your content!

2. Step up your technical SEO

Before we move on to keyword phrases and content requirements of your site, there is the backend technical SEO to take care of.Ignoring your technical SEO could leave a giant loophole in your SEO strategy. Backend architecture like site codes are just as important as on-page SEO strategies to feature on top of Google’s lists!

3. A regular blogging schedule

SEO Service Providers in India need to be aware of the importance of regular blogging in increasing your site’s ‘SEOability’ as we call it.Draw up a consistent content strategy that can ensure you are using all the blogging tactics to your advantage!

4. Strategic use of long-tail keywords

You can best use long-tail keywords when you create specific pages for the topics you want to attract traffic for.By sprinkling these keywords across the specific pages using the right location tags, you ensure that you attract and engage the right traffic.By providing detailed specific information you ensure that your customers are not disappointed & provide them what they were looking for when they checked into your site.The motto is to attract more and deliver more value than ever before!

5. Compress media files before uploading

Media flies do liven up your page. But do you know the toll uncompressed media files can take on your website speed?It is highly advisable to optimize every media file before uploading so that your overall website loading speed is not too high and brings down the performance and ranking of your entire webpage.Ensure that you are doing your bit to make rendering of your website easy for the internet browsers.

6. Stay ahead with a robust link-building plan

Link-building happens to be one of the topmost priorities of your off-page SEO. Attracting backlinks from other sites can skyrocket your traffic too! But here’s what you should consider first - the quality of the links that are getting integrated will determine a large part of your traffic.Ensure that you gather quality inbound links to see your traffic soaring through the roof.

7. Meta descriptions & numbers in titles

Any SEO Service Provider worth their salt knows enough about using meta descriptions in optimizing your page performance.But did you think that you could use the titles to your advantage as well?Studies show that dates and numbers added to titles have increased a brand’s rankings by scores. So using numbers strategically within your content will always fetch you consistent results!Provide value, don’t mislead your readers and see how the numbers can impact your click through rates!

8. Used mixed sentence lengths

IF there is one thing we know for sure, it’s the fact that long chunks of webpage content usually get ignored by most readers. That’s where scannable content comes from. Readers should be able to scan your content for key information phrases easily.You probably already know not to use long sentences that can’t hold the reader’s attention for long.But here’s the twist.It has been seen that long sentences when sparingly used with short and mid-length sentences can actually work better in creating an impact without jeopardizing the scannability of your content at stake!

9. Lazy load your images

Another SEO trump card for you to play to optimize your website.Lazy loading refers to a technique that defers the loading of non-critical resources at page load time.By lazy loading such files, you immediately reduce the initial page loading time, page weight, and also system resource usage - all of these have marked positive impacts on performance.

10. Do not ignore alt-tags for images

When it comes to ‘Googleability’ you can not ignore the importance of adding alt-texts to images. With alt-texts you keep your browser’s accessibility and understanding of the kinds of images in your site.However, you must be wary of NOT stuffing your attributes with too many keywords. Any kind of redundant keyword stuffing can result in a negative user experience, or worse flag your content as spam!

11. Let SEO optimized Landing Pages work wonders

More landing pages mean more gateways for incoming search traffic!Strategically drive traffic to your landing pages via email marketing, social media campaigns, press releases and watch your website traffic soar!Rome was not built in a day, neither can your strategy become foolproof in moments. As explained, there are countless different tweaks you could make on it generate a fail-safe SEO strategy that delivers the best results!Are you ready to explore the potential of the all-new improved SEO strategy yet?


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