Transforming a Govt Body into Digital

How a remotely placed Government Department created online branding through an well stacked website

The Directorate of Cinchona & Other Medicinal Plants (DCOMP) started functioning since 1862 right from almost foot hills at 150 meter to an altitude of 1800 M in the hilly terrain of Darjeeling District. The initial objective of the Directorate was to grow different species of Cinchona trees to produce the lifesaving Anti-Malaria drug Quinine from the bark. Later on the activities of the Directorate expanded and the cultivation of Cephaelisipecacuanha, Dioscorea composite, Large Cardamom, Rubber, Mulberry, Turmeric, Taxusbacata, Broom stick, Citronella, Vetiver, Lemongrass, Artemisia annua, Mandarin Orange etc. started at different times.

DCOMP in spite of being a Government association didn’t have any medium of their own to showcase their work, heritage, products and future business plans. UrsDigitally assisted DCOMP to create its own website and helped their business gain credibility. Precise information placed brilliantly enabled them to keep their customers informed and made it possible for them to target a wider market.


SEO Case Study

How we took one brand which never had any SEO impression to a click friendly and recognized brand

SEO is a warzone- quite literally. With King Google waving its wand every now and then, the digital marketers find it hard to cope with the new set of algorithms. In line with this, putting a brand which had no digital marketing exposure, in a front tier of search results was a challenge.

The client was a prominent name in apparel and fashion with a pan India presence. What they lacked is a real presence in digital media and roped us in for that endeavour.

What the brand wanted

  • To create an online footprint via SEO


  • Conversion through AdWords


What we did

We took a holistic dip in the pool of possibilities and made a route-map for search engine optimization. Our endeavours included:

  • Comprehensive keyword research


  • UX optimization and conversion funnelling


  • Key content marketing which includes Micro Blogging, Q&A, Press Release



The numbers we conjured up

Being one of the most challenging projects to manoeuvre, we put up all the stocks and made it our prime priority. The numbers were impressive to say the least. In within two months, we were able to put the brand in the top 30 search results for a wide range of competitive keywords. It is imperative to say that before the SEO process was in motion, the brand was not even in the top 100 search results for the given keywords. No wonder our SEO specialist got a pat on the back- from the client!

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Optimizing PPC for Brand New Jewellery Brand

How we took a jewellery brand which had limited awareness, to the top tier of search results

The ever evolving digital marketing space is becoming all the more competitive with each passing day.  Search marketing as a playground for marketers is opening up new avenues with each passing day. We delved right into the centre of it with a comprehensive search marketing endeavour, garnering massive response from the audience.

What the client wanted

Being a new player in the block, the client side wanted instant attraction and conversion to happen. Getting a foothold in the search results with no brand equity is a tall task and we tried to soak in the challenge.



What We did

To make the funnelling of the search marketing results more viable, we holistically delved into the following essentials:

  • Did a comprehensive competitive study taking brands of the same to slightly above pedigree in the bracket.
  • Used social listening tools to gauge out discussions and trends in the real time.
  • Did an end to end website audit?
  • Provided user experience consultation.
  • Keyword research and search volume augmentation.
  • AdWords campaigns
What We Achieved

It didn’t necessarily come as a surprise that the campaign got an immense response from the audience. Not only has it gained a top rung in the search results, but also we have been able to transform the seemingly casual visitor into customers.

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Online Market Research for a Leading Cab Aggregator

How we did a comprehensive field survey for an online cab booking app and helped them tap in the consumer psyche, before launch

Ride hailing apps are now making waves in urban transportation and India as a whole is observing a wave of frenzy around the concept. With India recording an unprecedented economy growth rate, disposable income is at an all time high.

What the client wanted

The client wanted to map out the consumer psyche and consumer potential before launching their cab hailing app in Kolkata. Being one of the most populated metropolitans, with a history of issues with taxi operators, Kolkata posed as the perfect backdrop for a business. Cab refusal, overcharging and nuisance are just some of the problems which were bugging the citizens of Kolkata and that is something that needs addressing. The cab hailing company saw it as a perfect opportunity to tap in the audience. Our job was to do a comprehensive survey to map out consumer potential.


What We did

We went overboard with the concept of compiling a comprehensive research on a plethora of essentials which can give the client a good amount of insights on the market. To ascertain the same, we chalked up the following:

  • Kolkata – Population Statistics – We provided a comprehensive study on the population breakup of the metropolis. We categorised on the population segregation among the urban and the suburban locales.
  • Kolkata – Zone wise View – We provided a comprehensive study on the various socio-economic zones across Kolkata.
  • Kolkata – Notable Places – Areas of Interest – We jotted down the notable places in Kolkata to segregate the notable places where the need for taxis will be at the highest.
  • Kolkata – Profiling Railway Stations – We provided a brief on the main railway stations which work as a lifeline to the city conveyance and the allied infrastructure that the taxi services bring in.
  • Kolkata – Profiling Airport – We provided a brief on the airports, where the cab hailing services are needed.
  • Kolkata – Income Profile – Monthly Disposable Income- this served as our focal point to ascertain the demand that the cab hailing services can have.
  • Kolkata – Transportation Statistics – The statistics provided an insight into how the urban metropolitan mass moves about the city and the gross average spend that goes into the same.
  • Kolkata – Taxi Insights – A note was created to ascertain the main players in the Kolkata Taxi unions and firms. This was done to gauge out the competition that the cab hailing app will face in Kolkata.
  • Kolkata – Conveyance Preference- We mapped out the conveyance preference of Kolkatans.
  • Fare Comparison Chart – Taxi Operator – We did a comparative study on the fare structure of different players which provided the insight that the decision makers wanted to position their fare structure.
  • Products Offered by Competitors – A comprehensive study was done to understand the various amenities or perks that the competitors of the cab hailing service provided. A vital element in making a product plan.

The Social Connect

One of the major successes came in the shape of a social connect we were able to create with the can hailing mass of Kolkata. A page dedicated to taxi problems in Kolkata became the hub for various communications related to the issues faced by common people with taxi refusals and other negatives. The page became a raging success with people from diverse demographic background pouring in their views about the taxi scenario in Kolkata. Our client, the cab hailing service got real time, responsive data about the user experience that the can hailers look for. Result? A truly seamless information structure for the client to make use of in their marketing proposition.

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Lending 24×7 Design Support for a Car Distributor

How we transformed the dealer of a reputed automobile company into one of the major names in the market

How we transformed the dealer of a reputed automobile company into one of the major names in the market Automobile dealership is not a new concept. In fact, it is one of the most competitive sectors which observe new players entering the block. To make zone-wise presence stronger, automobile companies often provide dealerships to multiple dealers within the same zone. To make themselves stand out from the competing dealers (both same franchise and others), many dealers go all out to brand themselves as the best after-sales and service provider. In a nutshell, to stand apart, they need creative marketing support for diverse collateral list. We as a creative agency were all along the way to support their cause. Resources we helped them with:

  • Print Collaterals- Flex, banners, leaflets.
  • Targeted print campaign support- Campaign ads.
  • Social Media promotion- New launches offers and more.


creative support image


A cohesive creative support resulted in the dealer earning unprecedented mileage in the consumer psyche. Not only had they become one the prime dealers of the concerned automobile manufacturing brand, but also a major name in automobile dealership in its zone itself.


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Franchisee Aquisition Case Study for A Reputed Footwear Brand

How We Generated Tons of Leads for A Footwear Brand Franchisor

A brand always has to be in a state of flux. Stagnancy usually spells disastrous for brands of any size. Thus every entrepreneur is always on the look out to expand their business, expansion has its own costs and logistical issues. Not only does it entail certain investments in real estate and intellectual property but intangible expenditure in time and effort. So what is the best way for fruitful expansion with a high ROI? Franchising.

Franchising your brand is one of the well proven avenues through which fast expansion is possible. The PROs outnumber the CONs in these ventures. Now, digital marketing can have a positive impact in finding potential franchisees that can effectively help your brand in scaling up.

A case in point is our work for franchise lead generation for a known footwear brand in East India. This case study speaks about one of the component – video marketing – that gave the franchisee aquisition strategy a strong leg to run through.

The Client Brief:


The brand has a huge and loyal customer base and an expansive catchment area. The products have been well-received and the Customer Loyalty Program re-enforced trust on the brand. Thus the time was ripe for aggressive expansion.

What the franchisor (client) wanted:

  • To generate leads for prospective franchisees
  • To let prospects aware of the logistical and legal parameters of being a Brand Franchisee
  • To inculcate interest and intrigue through creative advertising of the aforementioned parameters.
  • To make the transition from a prospect to franchisee, smooth.

Our Strategy:


Taking the client brief into account, our strategy  was designed after the following activities

The main idea of the video was to showcase a store slowly forming out of nothingness juxtaposed with texts directly regarding the information we wanted to share.



The set target was reached in terms of lead and client expectations. Also we established a strong contemporary connection with the usage of minimalistic graphics and images in our video.

Video marketing is an able and efficient tool to mass market your product as well as expanding an established business though finding apt and optimum service partners i.e. Franchisees in the aforementioned cases.

About us: We are a multifaceted marketing company specialising in digital marketing, designing, and strategic consulting. Our departments are varied and portfolio, diverse. Our dedicated team of efficient researchers, marketing experts, visualisers and designers are adept in handling any of your logistical and enabling needs for growth hacking and proliferation of the business.

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Lead Generation Case Study

How we marketed and garnered leads for a reputed Retail Business Summit in Eastern India from NO past data whatsoever

One of the most clinical aspects of digital marketing is to garner leads. Leads do not necessarily mean a list of names and contacts who can be potential clients. Filtering the potential clients and bringing forth the really quality ones is a challenge that we cherished and delved into.

The client’s back-story

The client side boasted of a considerable pedigree when it comes to retail trendsetting and knowledge share. After a hiatus of two years they were ready to remodel their presence in eastern India. In that endeavour, the biggest retail summit in eastern India is poised to be their trump card.

Expectations clients had

The clients brief was short and sweet. They wanted

  • Quality leads who will be interested in taking part in the event.
  • Leads among small to medium scale business owners who are the ideal audience for the summit.
  • Create a database of leads for future references.


What we did

One of the major difficulties faced by us was the short time span which we were entitled to while promoting the event. To make things worse, we have limited resource on the keynote speakers and other key selling points. To bypass this resource void, we put our efforts in optimizing the latest lead generation ad techniques in Facebook.

An Omni-channel perspective to lead generation

To make the best possible inroads into the target audience’s psyche we adopted a three pronged approach in social media with promotions across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We kept a tab on what the influencers of the retail sector are conversing about and pitched in our thoughts. We slowly (intentionally to create a good lead funnel) created a community of listeners and provided them with thought provoking content to feed upon. What we observed is an influx of leads who became genuinely interested in what we have to offer.

What we achieved

While we keep people engaged by the social profiles, some backend manipulations of key interests and narrow targeting helped us gain a fair amount of well qualified leads. The response was lukewarm at first, but over time we were able to hit page consumers multiple times with our target driven ads. The result was phenomenal to say the least. Even with a very niche targeting, we were able to generate 200+ (and counting) leads for the event.

Digital Success Case Study for Real Estate Project

How We Got Hundreds of Qualified Leads for the Top Real Estate Developer group in Kolkata

About Ambjuja Neotia

Under the stewardship of Mr. Harshavardhan Neotia, Ambuja Neotia is one of the most prominent and respected corporate houses headquartered in Kolkata with its forte in real estate and recent forays into hospitality, healthcare and education. The company has been responsible for landmark projects in and around the city. Utalika Luxury, one of Ambuja’s most extravagant projects in the recent times, relied on our lead generation skills for its business.

The Challenge

Working for big, renowned name is a challenge itself. There is always a factor of high expectation that doubles the pressure on the team. Ambuja Neotia being one of the most valued and regular client of our online lead generation agency we couldn’t have let them down with a moderate rate of leads. Our motto was and always will be, highest rate of conversion via running a strategic social media campaign.


Utalika mobile app created by MaxMobility

How We Did It

  • For this real estate campaign we started by jotting down every detail about Utalika Luxury project in order to develop a digital strategy roadmap. It helped us in identifying the right target audience in Kolkata – the affluent populace.
  • Next, we developed our audience messaging and sharpened them time-to-time. We made sure that our audience understands the end consumer benefits at a glance. Hence, we expermimented a lot with the project USPs in order to carve out the best possible content outreach for the campaign. USPs like spacious rooms, a 3-storey club, an interlinked podium, a 2.6-acre lake within the property – all these made us create a stylization of the social media creative posts.
  • To create a live experience for our target audience, we developed a 360-degree view of the apartments. And these 360 degree visuals on Facebook created a very high user engagement. Also, we developed an assistive m-brochure mobile App for the project so that prospects can experience every details of the property on their mobile. Ambuja Neotia expressed their appreciation for this innovative ideation by the team.
  • Nothing can beat the superior appeal of motion graphics. Our creative team added its share of creativity into it to create a merger of visuals and graphics in motion. This unique approach in video featuring a character finding joy, refreshment and peace at Utalika space was not only liked by our client, but earned millions of views on Facebook adding up to a very healthy lead conversion.
  • Cold Tweeting, a useful way to find free Twitter leads for realtors worked for Utalika Luxury project. We made it happen by starting conversation with the people residing near the Ambuja Neotia real estate office, as if we were building networks. Few hours of engagement on Twitter, this way provided us with some qualified leads which later generated a fair conversion rate.

The Impact

Our strategic promotional management wrapped under lead generation services through several digital creative posts, videos and cold tweets was bringing successful results.

Utalika mobile app created by MaxMobility

  • Total Leads generated – 2637 Enquiries in just 5 months
  • The “Jai Hey” video, by Saregama, featuring Chairman Mr. Harsh Neotia went viral on social media.
  • Total reach – 1,346,122
  • Each social media post reach on Average – 3000+
  • 11K+ Fans joined

Looking for THE right Digital Agency to drive your digital marketing and generate good ROI? Contact Us.


The testimonial from our client is the most precious award to us –

“It has been great working with UrsDigitally on the Utalika social media project. We, at Ambuja Neotia, had put a lot of emphasis on the digital platforms for Utalika and it has indeed been a benchmark to follow on several fronts starting from having an interactive user-friendly website to achieving high responsiveness on social media. They have managed to patiently walk the tightrope of balancing our marketing philosophy with new age techniques and thereby helped us ride the social media wave by attaining the desired outreach.”– Manish Basu, Head – Public Relation and Research, Ambuja Neotia

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Case Study for Popular Jeans Brand

How Our Social Media Marketing Strategies Translated a Legendary Jeans Maker to a Youth-Friendly Brand

Moustache Jeans is one of the earliest brands who associated with us and the association is still going strong. Since 1984 Moustache has been into manufacturing ready-made garments. The denim makers, brought this trend-setting fabric to India 30 years back. Today, with over 54 outlets, the brand has an impeccable reputation nationally and internationally.

This social media marketing case study draws spotlight on how our social media advertising agency made Moustache the mass choice.

The Challenge

In spite of being in the trade for a fair amount of time, Moustache Jeans was somewhere facing stiff competition to the newer competitors. Contemporary brands with more digital visibility were grabbing the market, whereas, Moustache was in urgent demand of a quick and potent market tapping strategy, online.

Hence, they were looking for a professional social media marketing firm who can bring them back to the race with prominent digital exposure.

Modus Operandi

Being a social media management company our prompt suggestion to Moustache Jeans was taking the route of innovation on Facebook. Our logic behind choosing Facebook as the digital medium for the brand was was their TG spectrum. We helped them define their main target group as 21-34 year olds. The time time we started campaigning, around 100 million people in eastern India were using Facebook, most of the being the youths. Our mission was to engage this millennial audience with the brand products. Basically, our key objective was to create a distinct brand recall value for Moustache Jeans and position it as a youthful fashion forward brand. The client wanted our social media marketing firm to create them an eCommerce presence on their own website.

The following route-map for Moustache Jeans social media marketing turned out to be a effective –

  • Every post our team published on their Facebook page carried a hint of their jeans fabric. We tried to play with their chief product jeans visually, that uplifted their image as an innovative brand.
  • Every new product Moustache launched, like water repellent jeans or flavoured jeans had to create a long-lasting presence on the viewers’ minds. Thus, our social media marketing team chose the trending path of storytelling. We developed numerous animated GIF-s emphasizing each new product. targeted towards eCommerce conversion and viral marketing.
  • The brand carries a legacy of 30 years. UrsDigitally wanted to capture this legacy and use it as a wonderful marketing stuff through compelling videos. We portrayed the growth story of Moustache Jeans through these animated videos, scripted, developed and executed by us.
  • Our east Indian region is inhabited by residents of different cultural and lingual backgrounds. We decided to break the language barrier reaching users of every language. We added native speakers of several languages, in-house so that they can reply, comment or generate conversation, organize conversation in the mother tongues. This enabled us get a wider reach and develop an innate bond with the brand followers.


The Impact
Bridging the gap between consumer perception and brand persona, Moustache Jeans was catching up the success stream, gradually.
  • In less than 2 years we have been able to create a listenership of an extensive queue of followers.
  • 40000+ user responses within 3 months of 2016
  • 78000+ proactive fan following and counting, a majority of them belong to the youth community
  • A huge youth community of proactive followers