5 ways You Can Leverage Instagram For Building Awareness For Your Brand, Online!

5 ways You Can Leverage Instagram For Building Awareness For Your Brand, Online!

Ever since Instagram debuted in 2010, it has taken the world by storm. It has changed the way we have been communicating over social media with its ability to empower visual storytelling. Apart from being the favourite most photo-sharing app for individuals around the world, its features have also helped businesses worldwide to market its products or services online. With more businesses turning to Instagram for better digital marketing, check out five ways in which Instagram can leverage your business, online!

Instagram is the hit app of our generation. Filled with interesting filters that can change the very perception of your photos, interesting features such as boomerang and its easy hashtag search mechanism, Instagram is the hot favourite of any Gen Z.

Like all other popular apps, Instagram can also be tremendously helpful in optimizing your business online. Lets us know how.

    1. Instagram filters can add a whole dimension to your brand’s personality- Not only do instagram filters enhance the quality and appeal of your pictures, but it can also be used to match the personality and story of your brand to create a better connect with the audience. Say for example, you are creating a series for your brand, in that case using a Crema or Aden filter can make the audience easily relate to your story.

    2. Hashtag marketing makes it easier to find your content- Just decide a campaign based hashtag for your business and keep using it on your picture captions of Instagram. You are done! Anybody clicking on that hashtag can easily find your content.

    3. Marketing on instagram is easier - Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not employ an Edgerank system or an algorithm technology to decide what your audience views. Every post shows up and remains active in your audience’s newsfeed for future viewership. Instagram has recently introduced the Instagram Direct feature, a messaging function that can be used for customer communication.

    4. You can easily track your analytics on Instagram – Although instagram has no in-built analytics tracking mechanism, using a website called Statigram, using which you can know everything from your target audience preferences to the times when they are the most active to how many followers, you have gained and lost.

    5. You can now upload longer videos and narrate more to your users- Instagram has just upgraded its video length from 15 seconds to 1 minute, that means you can now upload better and longer videos and make video based advertisements with a longer screen time to narrate your story better.

    6. Instagram has recently launched Business Profiles feature which makes it easier for the brands to customize their appearence on the platform. This is one feature many were waiting for!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your brand on Instagram, and start tagging your way to success.


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