A Crazy Digital Marketing Rap Song – A Side Kick Creative Project That Went Too Far

A Crazy Digital Marketing Rap Song - A Side Kick Creative Project That Went Too Far

I always wondered why we have that section in our CV which talks about our co-curricular skills. But now I know, all thanks to the out-of-the-box thinking of my boss.

I am a content writer working in a Digital Marketing agency in Kolkata. Just like any other content writer, my life was confined to the keyboard.

Was it monotonous?

Hell No!

From fish feeds to dating tips, I had to write on various topics some of which were fascinating and some which were nothing less than a nightmare.

With low spirits and a constant battle between my grey cells and Monday blues, I finally managed to reach office with a fake smile and a tired soul.

Everything was normal until IT happened. My boss called me.

I was taken aback. Owing to my typical back-bencher mentality, I was wondering what I have done wrong.

To my utter surprise, I got to know that he was toying with a crazy idea - making a Digital Marketing Rap song! and HE wanted me to spearhead the campaign. Wow!

Monday Blues were entirely crushed by high spirits; somewhere back on my mind the tunes of 'Apna Time Ayega' were constantly bolstering my spirits. I knew I would nail it!

Digital Marketing is a strange field. What is hot today can be a far-forgotten thing tomorrow. This is why marketers always hunt for innovation. Marketers are always on the rush looking to creating something unique, something funky, and something new. This was something similar to that. A fresh idea and a fresh concept - every marketer's definition of a fairy-tale!

All that was remaining is execution and then marketing (obviously)!


The Script

First thing first!

The script had to be really appealing. Apart from 'Every night in my dreams', it was the script that made Titanic what it is today. Well! The expectations were not that high.

However, you need to dream big no matter what you do. Dreams are pleasant, free of cost, and always have a happy ending. So, there’s no harm dreaming, right?

Dream sorted.

Now it was time for me to wake up and prepare the script. I am no newbie in the world of Hip-hop and I know how rap music works.

You need to come up with trendy and meaningful short sentences. Period. The real challenge was to combine that with Digital Marketing elements.

Firstly, I consulted our videographer. After few sutta breaks and coffee conversations, we finally selected a beat. This gave me the perfect idea about the duration of lines and the tempo.

Next, I had written all the words which should be present in that RAP. Words like SEO, PPC, and competition were a mandate.

PPC rhyming with BBC, SEO rhyming with ratio, relax, it’s not that easy. You need to use the right words because competition can also cause termination. (Slow claps!)

Every Eminem fan knows the importance of storytelling through a rap. And, surely I wasn’t any exception. I came up with a typical story. A frustrated client looking to save the arse of their languishing business and then a Digital Marketing solution - my script concept was ready.

Once I did that, all I had to do is to blend easily relatable and happening things with Digital Marketing components.


The lyrics read – ‘Competitors sare jaise Virat Kohli / Sula do mujhe de do neend ki goli’

Content is something which is regarded as the KING in the world of Digital Marketing. You cannot make mark in this marketing world without good content. Quality content is a priority that tops the worksheet of every Digital Marketing campaign. Anything in this marketing world is incomplete without quality content.

Now, quality content doesn't mean attractive sentences romancing with fancy synonyms. It is all about creating a connection with the readers. More emphasis should be on developing something which people can easy relate to and enjoy at the same time. This rap script was not an exception.


Talent Acquisition

The next part was interesting – !

We all have some creative surge in us that gets buried due to our flexible work nature. And if we could bring out that, then the results are incredible.

OK, maybe not that kinda incredible! And this Rap Video is the perfect real-life example of my ‘gyaan’

Our designer became rap singer, the copywriter became actor, and what not. Recording Script sorted, singer sorted, and now the most obvious thing - recording.

Have you ever been to a creative agency? If you have then you will notice 2 things which every employee carries – ID card and earphones. ID Card, for the most obvious reason. But, without the second one, you cannot work properly because there is too much noise.

A nightmare situation for recording! So, We improvised. Our storeroom became our shooting spot. The results were messy and mesmerising. The pin-drop silence was tailor-made for recording.

As my designer friend (to the left) kept on rehearsing, me (right) and my videographer friend (centre) were busy watching ‘Chernobyl episode 6’. As wise men said, ‘Don’t work hard, work smart!’

The recording was finally completed. And when we came out it was 9 pm. everybody in the office left. We were so engrossed in the work that we had zero clues about time. This is what freedom does. Every work is a football and everyone is a certain Cristiano, when they get to do something which they like the most.

If you ever visit a Digital agency, you will be amazed to see how people coming from different backgrounds collaborating for a particular project. But, you will never find a graphic designer coming up with status copies or a content writer adding music to a video. This is because Digital Marketing caters to specialization. There are specialists in every department. Job roles are very important. So, we exactly knew about each other's specialisation and everyone knew what was expected from them right from the DAY 1.


Lights, camera, action!

Right, next up was shooting.

If you are a fan of hip-hop, you don’t need to stretch your grey cells to decipher the fact that there are a different swagger and flamboyance in these types of video.

The HR in me did great work I guess. The crew was ready. We thought the scenes and combined it with lyrics and exactly knew what we needed, the only thing missing was a director hat and a clapboard. We were all set to go.

After-hours shooting in the office offered the perfect respite from the lengthy worksheets and unending presentations. Coming back home with a tired body, really? We never felt exhausted when we were shooting after the office work.

That day I realised, feeling tired is a funny little excuse game played by our brain to limit our mind from doing something extra. After unending cuts and limitless retakes, the shooting was completed. We found so many hidden talents.

Creativity is not something which you need to hunt for. Creativity is to stay in your comfort zone, do what you love doing and compile it with the requirements.

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