Frequently Asked Questions On Digital Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions On Digital Marketing

With digital Marketing gaining incredible ground in the past few months, this year businesses can hope to see a never before seen business interaction on digital media. With an expected ten-twenty per cent rise in the global internet using population, not only will digital marketing services and offerings get bigger in the years to come, but the already competitive field is going to get tougher. While businesses and marketers are looking to find the key to digital success, there are few questions that always popup in the discussion. Here are a few of the most asked questions on digital marketing this year.

Which keyword tool is the most powerful for SEO?

Since SEO is now a multi-dimensional process, marketers are being pushed to work around various complexities to work out optimisation in a way that it is effective. Of, course there are plenty of tools available online to help with SEO strategies. But which among the thousands actually work and have a proven track record. Be it tools to help in keyword analysis, content effectiveness tools or ranking analysis tools, for your keywords to work well towards a strong SEO strategy, you may have to look at keywords and SEO not with a singular eye but with a multi-directional perspective. Hence there is not one single powerful keyword tool but many different that work together to help you plan out a proper SEO campaign. Most popular choices are Google Keyword Planner, Moz, Raven Tools, and Wordtracker.

What are the latest SEO techniques?

This is a question that gets asked a lot. Owing to the ever emerging personality of SEO, marketers and businesses have to keep in touch with what’s new in the business. Over the years, SEO has emerged as a complex web of processes involving many techniques that ultimately aim at improving SEO performance. So what are the latest techniques in SEO right now? From responsiveness of a website to LSI, there are a host of different aspects that affect SEO. Considering and involving each technique will create a more concrete SEO plan.

What are the best growth hacking strategies?

Ever since Sean Ellis introduced and then popularised the term "Growth Hacking", businesses all over have been going gaga over the seemingly foolproof way to acquire customers and grow user base. While growth hacking strategies vary from one business model to the other, one question that gets asked a lot is what are the best growth hacking strategies that one could use as part of a digital marketing strategy? From E-mail marketing, pre-targeting to various other hacks that help you attract customers towards your business, growth hacking is something that is growing in popularity and is in fact one of the most important aspects of digital marketing now.

What are the best inbound marketing strategies?

Inbound marketing is something that has been bothering marketers a lot. With digital marketing’s entry into the picture, traditional inbound marketing techniques like cold calling, advertisements and marketing mails are no longer effective. In fact customers find it extremely irritating to be shoved with stuff they do not expect or like. So with digital marketing, which strategies work the best in inbound marketing? From PPC, SEO to content development, a suitable inbound marketing strategy varies from business to business and will need an integrated effort to be fruitful.

What are good resources on digital advertising?

Digital advertising and marketing is a domain, which is evolving quickly, because the best practices and tools progress and improve each day. Therefore it becomes a necessity to keep a track of the latest developments in the digital marketing sphere. Digital advertising is a process that demands continuous learning. Though there are thousands of resources on digital advertising available online, there are only a few resources that actually qualify as good and trustworthy digital advertising resources. From Marketo’s blog page to Dan Zarella’s personal blog, one can follow hordes of resources online to keep in touch with the latest in digital advertising.

Digital marketing is a fast evolving field and it is important to continuously learn, unlearn and evolve with it to understand its dynamics.

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