Funny Durga Puja Cartoon Series

When She Almost Refused to Land - A Spoofy Series That Is Hard to Digest

Autumn - aah what a season! Clear skies, soft cushion-y clouds, youthful sun, and vibrant greenery; it’s perfect! Needless to mention, this newly sprinkled spirit of festivity on nature and our surroundings tingles our creative vigour too! Forget clients and the mountain of ‘Puja Special’ campaigns — yes, marketers’ festive season is not as ‘happy go lucky’ as others; we are loaded with more work because every other brand bets big on festive season for sales! Still, we just can’t stop ourselves from cooking something fun and mind blowing every Durga Puja.A couple of years back we created a viral festive campaign for leading footwear brand which managed to achieve a 700% growth in brand awareness.But Messing With the Divine?Believe it or not, we got real-life threats for creating a couple of fun videos on the eve of durga pujas! The videos went hugely viral on Facebook — despite having almost no media budget!And then last year, We came up with another one. This time it was the ‘OTHERS’! What do the divine pets do when they are not doing their regular ‘pet jobs’? After all, they also need work-life balance!Do these gigs validate our success as a digital marketing and creative agency? Truth is, we love to have fun and enjoy the madness in creating something beyond the Dos and Donts!So this time We wondered and wondered. Thoughts came pouring faster than the speed of light (no Einstein, you ain’t winning!) and greater than the amount of rain Bengal has received in it monsoon seasons. Our neurons were generating more electricity than our office bills and finally we had no option left! We had to take a leaf out of the ‘Creative Bible’. The sentences read— “When you are stuck into a creative whirlpool, don’t be a fool and jump into the moment!” In short, we decided to focus on what’s brewing in Bengal to brew our plans!Like a thunderbolt, the idea struck! Turns out, seeing everything happening, what if Durga Ma would really like to step into the mess! She is rightfully angry! Why?


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