Riding the winds of change in marketing trends: UrsDigitally’s collaboration with Brandie

Riding the winds of change in marketing trends: UrsDigitally’s collaboration with Brandie

The UrsDigitally team is delighted to announce our most recent collaboration with Brandie! Brandie is the world’s first crowd-marketing platform, operating with the ingenious motto of democratizing marketing. Calling Brandie an Influencer Marketing Company or a Social Media Marketing Company alone restricts its scope somehow. It is the world’s first platform designed with the idea of envisioning crowd-marketing with a holistic approach. As one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies in India, UrsDigitally has also taken great leaps in providing end-to-end digital solutions to our clients. As innovative and out-of-the-box thinkers ourselves, UrsDigitally applauds the inspiration behind Brandie. Our collaboration is essentially pivoted around innovative minds coming together to fulfill a unique vision. 2020 brought a sea of changes, and marketeers are already throwing out the rulebooks and leaning towards newer ideas. With Digital Transformation on the rise, 2020 has already seen a rising trend of different lines of businesses coming together and collaborating with each other to widen their horizons and provide holistic services. For instance, IT comes together with Marketing in the UrsDigitally-MaxMobility collaboration, a futuristic step in the direction towards providing end-to-end digital marketing solutions."No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." – H.E. LuccockThat musical note resonates well with the idea we nurture at UrsDigitally. We believe in the power of collaborating with leaders and trailblazers like Brandie to add sparks to new inspiration and ensure we are seen, heard, and talked about in the right places. Our Digital Transformation vision is holistic and vast, and 2020 has already been a major milestone in the long journey we have mapped out for ourselves. We have partnered with MaxMobility, one of the leading experts in Digital Transformation and Mobile App Development in India. Together we provide you the strategy and the infrastructure. Our loyalty solutions partner, GrabLoyalty, is another pillar holding up the digital transformation vision.

Change is no longer optional

We have always known that change is inevitable, but 2020 has had us looking change in the face. One silver lining of standing at the brink of an almost apocalyptic year is that we get to steer the wheels of change and accelerate into the new era of Marketing! The covid crisis has already caused a huge shift from physical to digital marketing. Innovation in digital marketing has the stage now, and we aspire to make the best of this limelight:
  • Social Media usage has seen a sharp 57% hike since Covid struck us. As a Social Media Marketing Company, the scope of this is endless. With our collaborations and creative campaigns, we need to target the customers on their own turf.
  • Influencer Marketing statistics have been on the rise since the lockdown. ‘Impulse buys’ rates are high too, and Influencer Marketing Agencies need to level up their game to make the most of it!
  • Social media platforms are slowly emerging as touchpoints of Customer Service. This is one of the trends of Digital Transformation that demands us to change our roles as social media marketing agencies as well.
Brandie employs the power of customer generated content to drive successful campaigns. With Brandie’s wide network of social media influencers and nano-influencers, we are aspiring to add more momentum and value to our campaigns. As Simon Mainwaring rightly said,"Effectively, change is almost impossible without industry-wide collaboration, cooperation, and consensus."

Why Crowd Marketing?

Crowd marketing goes well beyond the scope of social media marketing or influencer marketing. These are only subsets of crowd marketing, a holistic campaign that employs content creation, search engine optimization, reaching out to one-time buyers, harnessing the power and reach of nano-influencers, etc. for effective lead generation. Crowd marketing offers something akin to shooting-fish-in-a-barrel opportunities to entrepreneurs by helping them connect with highly targeted audience groups. With Crowd Marketing, you can: 
    • Raise Brand awareness and establish your unique brand story
    • Generating promo messages with a call to action that drives customer engagement.
    • Harness the powers of quality content to establish themselves as thought leaders.
    • Drive more website traffic because you are being talked about and noticed by your ideal clientele.
    • Lastly, and most importantly, lead generation through meaningful engagement driven by the above factors.
Crowd marketing holds promise for new businesses and established brands alike. That is why we say it is holistic in every aspect, from clientele to its scope in aiding digital marketing. Brandie has already garnered trust of notable brands like Puma, Nature’s Basket, The Belgian Waffle, Fastrack, Swiggy, and a lot more. Like UrsDigitally, Brandie’s partners and clients are also ranging across industries, encompassing Retail, FMCF, Telecommunications, and many more. This only widens our scope of driving Digital Transformation together.

What we can do together

Together, Brandie and UrsDigitally can revolutionize marketing trends with:
  • Over 99% increase in Total Available Market
  • 25-35% increase in engagement rate comprising customers and nano-influencers
  • UrsDigitally with Brandie can bring about greater cost-effectiveness, accessibility, authenticity, and reach.
  • Building greater customer trust by promoting user generated content
  • Create personalized user journeys so consumers can develop a personal relationship with your brand and be a part of your brand journey.
  • Digital word-of-mouth to create the buzz and hype and boost your brand image as well as sales.
 One of the driving consumer psychologies is the need for validation. When a consumer is doubtful or uncertain regarding a product or service, they always seek external validation. As consumer-centric brands, both Brandie and UrsDigitally are trusted by leading names across industries. Being one of the leading Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing agencies in Kolkata, India, UrsDigitally has already harbored a wide range of clientele and partners. Each partnership has added more plumage to our range of services and ideas. A dynamic pool of ideas is one of biggest assets in marketing. Each partnership enriches our journey and helps us delve a little deeper into the idea pool. Our most recent collaboration with Brandie holds the promise of innovating newer trends in Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing!


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