This Funny Email From Our HR Is So Creative That Will Make You Wow

This Funny Email From Our HR Is So Creative That Will Make You Wow

HR emails to the employees are too formal - sometimes extremely boring, but cant be ignored too. Those long list of to do / best practices points, some dreadful notifications, and quite a few meaningless emails flood our inbox with no option to skip them. But, then this email came last week from the HR that was so creative and different that the content team requested the HR to pitch in as a part-time content writer too!

The email could have been just one of those boring mails that list a few points as a part of the office best practices. But, a little bit of twist in the content made it super fun to read, and at the end it served its purpose. People remembered them! And apart from being funny, the email listed out a few important things that serve the life lessons as well.


Sky(pe) is the limit

Please log in to your individual skype id as soon as you arrive office. Always keep it on an available mode, in case you are having any technical problem please talk to me.


Have a positive *Outlook* Always

Please make sure , that all the official correspondence is done through outlook only, in exceptional cases when it is a large file , gmail id can be used but don’t make it a practice


*End Your Day* really well

Henceforth whenever you are sending your EODs through mail every day, do not forget to keep ***** Copied in that mail.


Be *Independent* (even at Kitchen)

As you are all aware that Masi (office cleaning lady) is not working with us anymore, and we are hiring maid from agency every alternate day, it is very important for all of us to remember that, whenever we are using any utensil from office pantry, make sure we wash it clean and return it to its own position after we have used it.


Cleanliness is an ART too

keep your individual desk clean, specially when you are using disposable paper/plastic cups for tea/coffee, put it in the dustbin after use.


Key to our happiness is a Key

It has been intimated over and over , still it is a reminder again, please return the red keys to HR desk on the next day whenever you are carrying the keys.


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