UrsDigitally Consulting Becomes a Member of the Bengal Chamber Of Commerce and Industry!

UrsDigitally Consulting Becomes a Member of the Bengal Chamber Of Commerce and Industry!

In just four years of incredible experiences, exposure and growth, Magne has grown from a humble set-up dealing with one of a kind retail consulting agency in Kolkata to become one of the best digital marketing companies involved in marketing and branding in Kolkata, specialising on online lead generations and branding. The journey towards success rides like a sine wave with its crests and troughs. Only passion pulls you through, and recently we found a reassurance for so many years of passionate existence.

Becoming the member of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a highly prestigious affair for any business or organisation. Let’s face it, it is presents one of the most active forums in business, wherein you get to know about the latest trends, insights, news and information from the business world of the state. Being amongst the most dynamic, robust and diverse businesses and organisation has its own positive influences. We all know about the ‘Proximity Effect’! You become the best by being around the best. The membership throws open an interesting door, for us to now share space and ideas with so many interesting people, businesses and organisations and better ourselves and Bengal with time.

The biggest boon that comes with such a membership is the ability to converse and share ideas and best practices on relevant business verticals as well as concerning socio-economic issues. We look forward to a brighter future for the company, esteemed clients, employees, and the society.


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