6 Amazing Ways in Which Digital Transformation is Changing Your Workplace

6 amazing ways in which Digital Transformation is changing your workplace

Clearly, the thing that’s transforming is not the technology  - the technology is transforming you.”

The MIT scholar clearly had his own reasons for coming up with this adage. The decades-old Digital Transformation phenomenon with innovative Digital Transformation Services hit the accelerator pedal with the rising changes in consumer expectations. The new-age consumer is information-hungry and always agile. That is why the rise in the number of CDPs has been one of the most striking Digital Transformation changes!

But we rarely ever stop to wonder the other side of the story. The not-much-talked-about side of the story is the impact Digital Transformation has had on employees and existing work models. It is of little wonder that as Digital Transformation Strategy becomes more complex, traditional work models can no longer accommodate the changes.

Let us look at a few stark changes Digital Transformation has made to workplaces:

1.Flattening hierarchies

While rigid hierarchies compartmentalizes the workforce, enforcing Digital Transformation Strategy needs more agility and fluidity of structure. As such, Digital Transformation is seen to flatten the hierarchy level and increase transparency of operations.

Digital Transformation largely revolves around transparent organizational structures. Dissemination of information is more transparent than ever lending a certain uniformity and agility to the process.

2. Changing for the better - updating employee skills

Businesses that have successfully carried out Digital Transformation have provided extensive training to their existing employee base so that they can keep up with the changes! One of the key practices that businesses could follow is to set up an appreciation program with the HR to help employees keep up their morale and warm up to technology!

3.Collaboration Tools on-the-go

How was a Covid-struck world keeping up with its myriad business communications? From Zoom video conferences to actively collaborating on projects remotely, Digital Transformation Services in India has really turned the ‘work from anywhere, anytime’ expression into a reality.

In a way these tools are truly expanding workplaces - you could have your employee base distributed globally.

From meeting trackers to team collaboration softwares, these Digital Transformation tools are not only globalising your workspaces but also fine-tuning the processes.  Task management software tools like Nifty, Quire, etc. are easing making the managers’ job easy. From monitoring a smooth workflow on Slack to seamlessly automating parts of the Sales cycle through Sales Force Automation, businesses have registered a stark hike in productivity and managers are heaving sighs of relief.

4.Better Capacity Planning 

This is of greater relevance in the present times more than ever. With the Covid-crisis upsetting business models, certain upsurge of demand for resources in some departments has been on the rise.

With Digital Transformation Services on the rise, resources could be deployed from one department to the other without much ado. This helps the management in taking prompt and effective decisions.

5.Changing Competency requirements

Digital Transformation has had a major impact on hiring and competency requirements of companies. ‘Digital fluency’ is what the recruiters search for in a resume.

Digital fluency refers to the ease with which you can achieve your desired outcomes by using technology. Digital fluency actually refers to something much broader than being technology savvy. It denotes a certain proficiency with which individuals can manipulate information technology to fulfill strategic goals and construct ideas.

6.Rise of telecommuting & Communication Technologies 

With a stark rise in affordable communication technologies, Digital Transformation is granting employees a lot of flexibility between work and home roles. Telecommuting is essentially a structure where consumers perform some or all of their work outside traditional office settings! Leading business firms are now compelled to unbind time and task from place, and they have witnessed a stark increase in productivity for this too.

As Digital Transformation Strategy in India gains more layers, it is clear that workplaces will soon be unrecognisable from their old traditional models. Dynamic organizations are shifting to  ‘squad’ operational models where there is fluidity in roles and tasks. IDC has already forecasted that by 2024, more than 60% of high-performing businesses will be adopting fluid, outcome-based, reconfigurable team options to optimize results!

Digital Transformation is essentially leading us towards using resources smarter for greater results! Businesses that want to stay on track need to roll along the tide of changes.


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