The Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide for 2021

The Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide for 2021

Digital Transformation Strategy
‘Transformation’ is a very positive and futuristic term in itself. A transformation, metamorphosis, holds a lot of promise for the future and hope of renewal. While we are standing at the brink of an almost apocalyptic year, you should be chalking out a sound Digital Transformation Strategy for the upcoming year. It is normal to set a lot of expectations from a new year. But in the case of 2021, the expectations are mounting sky high, as are the changes. Businesses have been aware of the potential of Digital Transformation since long, but 2020 really put things into perspective. Digital Transformation in businesses evolved from a work-in-progress status to a booming phenomenon. That is why 2021 could be the best year to bring your Digital Transformation vision to fruition.

Digital Transformation Strategy and Digital Marketing Strategy are often complementary. In fact, it is said Marketing techniques and IT solutions should work together to jointly drive digital transformation. Thanks to Digital Transformation, 2021 will see many such exciting transitions from traditional planning to models of active agility. Did you know there are over 8000 apps on Marketing Technology alone? IT has been innovating apps to facilitate marketing since ages. We already have all the resources we need to expedite Digital Transformation. When IT and marketing come together, they open up a vista of endless opportunities where autonomous organisations come up and flourish with their own individual brand of novelty technology solutions and transformation strategies.

For instance, UrsDigitally, one of the leading experts of Digital Transformation Strategy in India, has already joined hands with a leading edge Mobile App Development Company, MaxMobility to bring this futuristic model to work in executing a unique Digital Transformation vision.

With all the alluring possibilities and promises 2021 holds, we bring to you this guide that takes you through the areas of digital transformation that has robust opportunities for innovation & novelty:

Transforming the roles of Chief Marketing Officers and their teams

While Digital Transformation is gaining ground, the roles of CMOs are changing rapidly. Formerly, CMOs were mostly just concerned about marketing techniques and strategies. Now their chief priorities include brand image, brand health & hygiene, and facilitating customer service to name a few. What is it about digital transformation that has caused such a sea change within the internal workings of the company? It is possibly the fact that the chief aim of Digital Transformation is to keep up with the changing needs of the consumer. As you know, the new-age consumer is slowly imbibing the changes in market models and becoming more alert and demanding. With social media channels, customer service outlets, content marketing services and everything else going digital, accessibility has increased and so have consumer expectations. The CMOs are responding to this change by updating their activities too.

Automation all the way

Embracing automation is one of the key things for you to do in 2021 for driving digital transformation. By implementing the correct APIs (Application Programming Interfaces,) you can simplify app development considerably. APIs facilitate communication between your product/service and others of its kind. APIs play a very critical role in expediting the app development procedure, while saving money and resources. But the majority of business leaders across industries agree that often the inability to connect systems, data, devices, etc. or in other words the lack of seamless enterprise mobility options inhibit automation initiatives. Consequently, for your digital transformation model to succeed, you need to put your APIs to better use to reduce automation complexity.

Process automation is another phenomenon that most companies are embracing in every department, be it Sales Force Automation or in HR. The end effect is not just reflected in efficiency but also in a robust revenue boost. In this Covid-struck situation, almost 58% of businesses around the globe are estimated to start Process automation and Robotic Process Automation by 2021. Those who have already started implementing the changes have reported a whopping 83% increase in agility and resilience is their supply chain framework.

Branding as an all-inclusive process

As Digital Transformation gains momentum, we will witness the rise of one-stop consulting firms that provide end-to-end services. When different Lines of Business work together with IT to jointly drive Digital Transformation, we see the rise of autonomous more self-reliant organisations with holistic bands of services. Therein, the entire branding process becomes more uniform. Can you imagine one organisation doing everything for you?

Boom in Customer Data Platforms

Of course Customer Satisfaction Index is one of your most important KPIs, and Digital Transformation brings about a welcome change in the way brands are interacting with their customers. Customer Data Platforms are rising rapidly, and brands are focussing on making customer interactions more informative and value-driven. The new-age customer is alert and expects to remain connected with the brand at all times. Enhanced customer support and easily accessible support platforms is the answer key to the ‘always connected’ customer test.

CDPs have an added relevance amidst this Covid crisis because with the remote working models gaining ground, data is becoming more fragmented. Within such an ever-expanding vista of touchpoints, CDPs will become even more relevant. Organisations are already coming up with newer CDP services with the hopes of gaining the coveted 360-degree view.

Since the Covid crisis hit us, we have witnessed how marketeers have thrown away all the rulebooks. The need for innovation and thinking out-of-the-box is of prime importance now more than ever. Perhaps this need and urgency is aligning perfectly with the rise of Digital Transformation. Companies are increasingly investing on cloud platforms. CIOs are demanding better digital strategies to survive and thrive in the pandemic-hit market. That is why the changes in Digital Marketing Strategy is becoming so important in 2021.

While 2020 only laid the groundwork for the change, 2021 will see the changes taking effect and coming to fruition. From the rise of autonomous branding units to a boost in cloud strategy, 2021 is all set to be a historic year. That is why you need to ensure your Digital Transformation model is fully equipped to set sail on this sea of change we are about to witness!



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