A Hilarious Digital Agency Life

What Does (Digital) Agency Life Seem Like? These Funny Videos Will Give You Chill Pill

Howdie people! I regularly get this query from many people I am connected to on Social media. What it feels like to work in a cool digital marketing agency!And then Something incredible happened a few weeks ago!We were dead bored. The daily client works, the same deliverables being repeated, corporate videos based on the same boring clips, our creative genes were craving for some life! The already viral digital rap video we did roughly a month ago with zero studio experience and amateur actors had really stuck in! Needless to say, we were craving for some more camera action like we did a few months back: A first ever digital marketing rap songAfter a couple of deliberations, trash talks, and ‘slang badminton games’ we finally decided—BOSS, why not make our lives the topic?!In short, why not do an original video series on our digital agency life itself i.e. When creativity takes a full swing, you translate your worst moments into the seeds to create the best one! So, we set out to create some cool agency humor!But.. There was a problem. How to make it different? Running out of thoughts, we banged the door of our Boss and Creative Director. Literally dragging him out of his ongoing work, we brainstormed. And then the idea shined—the light is in the dark!No need for a head scratch. Here’s what it is. We would create small black and white, silent film type comedy videos for the series; like black and white nanofilms. We came out with a catchy hashtag too—#KuchBhiUD (Just about Anything funny that happen at UrsDigitally) or UD Originals. Pulling out our android phones, equipped with some fuzzy ideas in our head, and marching ahead with our crazy creative-vengers it was finally time for ACTION!Here’s how things turned out—Brainstorming - Whatever that means  What happens when a conclave of people engaging in an incoherent miscellany and gallimaufry of deliberations, random postulations, abstractions, and visualizations resulting in substantial diminution of precious seconds ... ?? 🤣🤣🤣 

  Briefing - A designer’s dilemma If you thought marketing agencies were filled with creative people who sat for ages in silence trying to find out original ideas, you couldn’t be more wrong. What actually happens in a digital marketing agency when designers get brand or task briefings from project managers? Here’s the truth 

 Changes - A Never Ending Cycle There is one universal saying in the digital marketing bible—Change is the only constant. Sorry, Client Change is the only constant. You might just create the Monalisa, but you still would be showered with mind-bogglingly confusing changes. Here’s a short overview of that situation. 

 Review Meeting - yeh DIL Maange More, more, and more! Get this straight. Even if you take your client’s site before Google in Google rankings, they would ask for more. Yes, that ‘more’ is never accurately defined, but they always need that ‘Extra Bonus’. In short, there is nothing called ‘client satisfaction’. Here’s what happens generally in monthly or weekly client review sessions. Deadline - Finding the Perfect Idea!A copywriter spends the same amount of time finding the ‘perfect’ ad copy as Einstein spent on his scientific theories. Yes, a lot of things go into creating those magical 3-4 words that enthrall the audience. But, sometimes, outcomes might not be some illustrious 

 When Client Attrition Occurs In a digital agency, whatever happens, there is always frustration everywhere! And, that reaches its peak during the exact moment when client leaves giving weird reasons. But, obviously, that frustration comes out in a rather different sort of expression! 

  About the Author:Priyajit is an enthusiastic writer and a deep thinker. When he is not writing, you can find him complaining about onion prices because he is only 25 but married! 


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