Content Strategies that Startups should employ to increase Conversions in 2021

Content Strategies that Startups should employ to increase Conversions in 2021

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Imagine you have just moved into a new neighbourhood! The first thing you do once you have settled in is to get to know your neighbours. What you say, how you choose to introduce yourself goes a long way towards creating the right impression! Even this simple analogy throws light upon how crucial Content Marketing Services are for startups. In the world of digital Marketing, your content is the voice of your company that your customers connect to. 

Content Marketing Agencies in India play a very significant role in the branding process for startups. Apart from the usual content services that businesses require to boost revenue and increase conversions, startups need even more specialised content tools to create an entirely new brand identity in digital platforms. Google has a radar on how your content is being received and your content engagement online. Therefore, a sound content marketing strategy is not only indispensable to engage and retain users, it also optimizes a site’s Google search rankings. As it is, things are definitely going to be a lot different in 2021. While we are standing at the brink of an almost apocalyptic year, 2021 seems to hold the promise of renewals and rejuvenation. Your brand needs a sound content strategy to surf the waves of digital change that 2021 will bring! 

Your brand, your voice

Content strategy has an undeniably important role to play when it comes to creating a brand image for startups. When you are forming a strategy for a brand that has no digital presence, you have to decide the brand voice and create a brand image that will be followed for the rest of the journey. This is in itself a Herculean task that needs market analysis, research, and launching the campaigns at the right platforms. 

For instance, UrsDigitally, one of the leading Content Marketing Agencies in Kolkata, India has a detailed procedure that we follow to create or revamp a brand’s digital presence. We run survey campaigns to determine how the brand is perceived by its existing clientele.

When Excel Interior Wallpapers approached us for their digital marketing needs, they did not have any digital presence at all. We ran campaigns, surveys, and employed numerous tools to vitalize their digital presence. We used Content Marketing Services in India such as digital storytelling through campaigns such as Walls Come Alive to create a strong brand voice. Long story short, within a few months the website footfalls reached 1.14 Lakhs while its social media reach skyrocketed to 2,26,601. There has been no looking back since then. You can hear what the CEO of Excel Wallpapers has said regarding UrsDigitally’s impact on their services here

Your Page Experience determines your SEO ranking: Google’s new Algorithm

Consumer experience has always been the central factor while devising a strategy. As brands grow, so do their SEO traffic. But did you know even new brands can rank on top with a stellar Page Experience? Google’s new algorithm uses Page Experience as a marker of how much users are liking your site. The most liked sites are ranked on top. After delving into the intricacies of how this algorithm works, we have narrowed it down to one key factor for you - your overall Page Experience is dependent on the loading speed of each page! You need to ensure there are no broken pages, irritating pop-ups, and pages that just won’t load on your website. These factors bring down your entire site experience. You also need to assess your website design and sort out any usability issues. There are many analytics tools like Crazy Egg test to check for these issues. The digital world is increasingly running on the ‘what Google thinks’ metrics. Use these tips to stay ahead of the game!

Create a Brand Story that your customers will find engaging and relatable

One point to remember is that everyday your customers are interacting with over 20 brands, only 40% of which manages to leave an impression on them. What is it about these brands that is different? The answer is that they manage to strike a chord of familiarity with the customers, which increases the brand’s relevance in their lives. An engaging brand story ensures client retention as well as expansion. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to reach your customers on various platforms, but whether you can grab and retain their attention is entirely based on your content strategy. So, one of the biggest steps for a startup is to develop a brand story that will appeal to its target audience. 

Content-driven Personalization

The new-age consumer is smart, and they expect your attention and support. By personalizing their customer experience with your brand, you make them realize they are important to you, and give them a reason to come back. How do you do it? The answer again is through content. Create a personalized reading experience for them. For instance, if a consumer who interacted with your content last browsed a story about a new restaurant that has opened up, give them a list of the ten best new cafes that have opened up in town! A brand ought to know how to pique their customers’ interest. With content-driven personalization you create a bond of familiarity with the customer, which could just be the content strategy you need to set your brand apart in 2021.

Automated on-request Content Channels to help you stay on top of things in 2021

You are missing out on a lot if you are not making use of the tremendous advancements of technology. Chatbots are slowly becoming the new face of customer support. You can now add innovation to your content as well by creating on-request content chatbots who can aid self-learning. Using content automation has been a very recent trend that is helping businesses expand their presence through various content channels. Here are the few ways in which AI can help with your content:

  • Identifying trending content topics: What you write about is just as important as how you write for a successful piece of content. This is a relatively easy automatable task that AI tools can help you with - identifying the topics with most potential.

  • Basic content creation: Although bots can’t create comprehensive blog posts or creative and moving content yet, they can generate basic content. This can be used to fasten the content creation process.
  • Proofreading: AI can totally take a chunk out of your proofreading time and resource.

With the help of NLP and NLG (National Language Generation) services, AI can really revolutionize your content creation process.

Create campaigns that will capture the prevalent mood and drive it home with an effective strategy

One of the most crucial content-related services is creating campaigns that capture the essence of your product and manage to infuse the prevalent mood of your customers into it. To cite one perfect example of this, we could look at the campaign UrsDigitally suggested for Dalmia Gold Tea. The campaign slogan was ‘chalo chaye ho jaaye’ that manages to capture the Indian sentiment behind making tea an accompaniment with every mood. Be it a get-together with old friends, festival gatherings, or even a simple de-stressing at home after a long day of work, tea captures every mood just as our slogan does.

Such effective eye-catching campaigns is one of the primary content marketing strategies startups should be focusing on. Startups need campaigns that can create an impression and stay with their customers long after their interaction with the brand. The aim is to transform one-time buyers into regular patrons, while also enticing dormant viewers to make a purchase.

Figure out what forms your core Messaging Matrix

Once your brand voice is decided and your objectives are laid out, next-in-line is the process of analyzing what underlying message each of your content strategies are meant to convey. Haphazard strategies do more harm than good, therefore streamlining your campaign messages is one of the most important Content Marketing Services. It lends a definite purpose and pattern to your marketing strategies. This process is especially long and extended for startups because in the nascent stages, your organization really needs to find itself and map out the messages that will appeal the most to the brand’s ideal customer base.

Fix a consistent publishing plan for your content

In relationships and brand activity alike, consistent efforts are your biggest friends. Create a publishing plan for your content - fix the dates, manage regular intervals, and target specific key dates in a month. Constantly updated content retains customer engagement, while a consistent publishing plan builds faith in your brand. The faith-building process is especially crucial in the case of a startup. That is why your ideal Content Marketing Services not only encompasses creating the best content but also maintaining a consistent flow.

Pay close attention to the ‘where’ and ‘when’ while publishing your content in 2021

Did you know many recent surveys that indicate that sharing your content at a specific time in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have garnered more engagement than other times? There’s one tidbit you could use while publishing your content in 2021.  Your agency of choice should be the one that is well informed and alert to these trends and patterns so you know that your content is shared at the right place at the right time. A startup should also focus on which social media platform your ideal customer base is most active. This is based on the brand details and product specifications. For instance, LinkedIn is the best place to appeal to a B2B customer base, but Instagram and Facebook have a much wider scope of reaching the young populations (if they are the key demographic of your customer base.) Ads and campaigns are accordingly customized based on the platforms where they are launched.

Multi-Channel Marketing for your content in 2021

Consumers are rapidly adapting to new platforms, brands can not be far behind. Do not miss out on the advantages of multi-channel marketing in 2021! With multi-channel marketing you not only engage a larger demographic, it also helps you chalk out more buyer personas and analyze a greater number of buyer journeys. If the same consumer comes across your content on different platforms, it creates the image of a brand that is alert, engaging, and accessible anywhere. That must work wonders while creating a brand image from scratch!

With Digital Transformation on the rise, Content Marketing strategies are becoming increasingly popular. Content is king, or so they say! But what is it that distinguishes content writing from Content Marketing? A content strategy is what can help your content be more relatable and relevant for your target clientele. A well-informed consumer is a happy customer. As it is, with Digital Transformation on the rise, the primary focus is on enhancing customer service. In a futuristic digital transformation model, even social media channels are meant to serve as Customer Data Platforms. The new-age customer is always connected and alert. To meet the rising and evolving customer expectations, companies are slowly increasing the number of CDPs. A data-driven marketing plan is the need of the hour. 

Digital marketing is slowly but steadily leaning towards humanizing brands! New-age consumers no longer buy products or services, they buy ideas and experiences. Surveys have shown that 60% of consumers have agreed that they will not have any further association with a brand after the first negative experience. You can  understand the importance of successful customer interactions for successful conversions, and turning one-time customers into patrons.  

2021 is going to be different in so many aspects. Amidst the present conditions, everybody is looking forward to this new year more than ever. You need to constantly update your content to match up to the rising expectations from this year. Even apart from these key strategies there are countless more strategies you could employ to give your content an edge over the others. 

The key point is ‘Edit! Edit! And More Edits’! 

You have to be ruthless with your content sometimes because a well-updated content is one of the key factors that go into building a brand image. A brand that is sensitive to details dedicated towards perfection is the image you need to establish to build faith in your brand. Being interactive on social platforms, attentive towards customer feedback, and informative while solving customer queries goes a long way in building a solid brand image for a startup. Your content is your voice in the digital marketing world! A deep baritone (your brand story) and well-articulated speech (your content strategy) is what you need to make people stop in their tracks and listen.


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