E-commerce Marketing from Start to Finish: Things You Need to Consider

E-commerce Marketing from Start to Finish: Things You Need to Consider

“Communication is at the heart of eCommerce and community”Meg Whitman Hewlett-Packard CEWith almost all the businesses shifting online, the online marketplace is getting more crowded every day. It is getting more and more difficult for audiences to differentiate between two separate eCommerce brands.Therefore it is not just enough for you to build an online store and wait for customers to knock at your doorsteps. It’s just not going to happen. Hence, you need eCommerce marketing strategies in India to stay ahead of your competitions.

Let us first understand what is eCommerce marketing?

Ecommerce marketing refers to all the strategies & efforts that you do in order to generate eyeballs towards your brand, get liked by your audience, and finally convince them to spend money on your product or services. There are many facets of eCommerce marketing services but like normal marketing, it can be segregated as organic marketing and paid marketing.Different brands use different mediums to reach their audience. However, all these boils down to one question -- ‘where is your audience hanging out?’ that is where you are supposed to be present. As simple as that.

Ways to market your eCommerce store/ product

When you get the answer of ‘where your target audience is spending their most time in’ you now need to understand how to market on these platforms. Every online platform comes with its own game to succeed. Let us quickly see what it takes to make your eCommerce brand a success in each of these marketing channels individually.

Joining the social media party

Unless you are living under the rock, you must be knowing names like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. This is where more than 70% of the entire world will be found.According to a recent survey by Adespresso, people spend an average of 38 minutes on Facebook alone. Plan your content strategy around the idea of how you can capture their attention within these 38 minutes.

Optimize your product page copy

Your product page is where the real battle happens. This is the place where it gets decided whether you win the game or you are left with an abandoned cart. We usually get clients who were either paying too much attention impressing Google or they were forgetting the SEO side and only focused on how the thing reads. As a result, they may have ranked well but no conversion or the worst of it, they never got in front of their ideal target audience. Of course, you don’t want that to happen with you right?Therefore, it is crucial that your product page copy is written to impress Google as well as your prospects. This way, you not only rank for those keywords but also get conversion out of it.

Use blogs to influence and impress them

Only the right kind of keyword will bring you an audience who has the potential as well as the interest to buy from you. Then, to rank for your target keywords on Google, you can use blogs as your powerful weapon.So, what do we mean by choosing the right kind of keyword?Basically, the most high-performing and high-converting keyword for your eCommerce business will be those which your actual customer will be searching on the internet while in their awareness stage or perhaps while making that buying decision.Create content that helps them make better decisions with their purchase. Cater to their interest softly and they will reward you with their loyalty.

Handle their objection before they ask

The best of the marketers know the most powerful way to convince someone for your point is to cater to all their objections before it comes into their own mind. How do you do that for your eCommerce business? With the power of the internet, you can use forums like quora, Reddit as well as paid tools like SEMRush to know what the market is asking about. Then, collect them all and use them as your content topic. If that looks like too many topics to write, make an FAQ section below your web pages where you will be answering all of their questions

Ready, Set, Sell

Ecommerce marketing has taken 100 folds since last year. Although there will be new inclusion coming every now and then, we have tried to put in the fundamentals of what makes a strong eCommerce marketing.All of these strategies are tried and tested through our extensive research and practical experiences on our current commence clients who are doing 3X with their eCommerce business especially after the pandemic.If you want us to help you achieve similar results, just contact us. You can then go for a refreshing holiday while we will work day and night for your success. Join the community of our successful clients who have availed our eCommerce marketing strategies designed for Indian businesses and currently running a super-busy eCommerce store even during today’s market situation. In case you need proof of our results, head over to our testimonial & chase-study section. Some of the big retail brands have reached a monthly margin of 25 lakh+ in their eCommerce sales. Ready to scale your eCommerce business? We’re just a call/mail away.    


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