E-commerce Marketing Strategies to Inspire More Conversions on Your Online Marketplace

E-commerce Marketing Strategies to Inspire More Conversions on Your Online Marketplace

Simply put, eCommerce software is an online platform that allows businesses to set up functional digital stores. 

While the business world is slowly making the shift towards an eCommerce model, optimizing E-commerce Marketing Strategies become one of the most important tools for a digital marketeer. The convenience of eCommerce lies in its easy accessibility. But the downside to this is the fact that your competition is just as easily accessible to the customer. Herein lies the importance of coming up with E-Commerce Marketing Strategies that keep you ahead of the competition. 

The success of any strategy is based on the conversion rates. Once that primary goal is achieved, patron retention is the subsequent concern for the digital marketeer. Therefore, this is a long drawn-out process that requires proper planning and the utmost attention to metrics, customer expectations, and market research.

At UrsDigitally, we do not have any one-size-fits-all strategy for e-commerce augmentation. The marketing strategy for each brand is as unique as the brand itself. While the strategy provides an overarching plan comprising a set of goals, the tactical decisions -- which can be defined as a set of actions -- are made to accomplish the strategy. Unlike brand strategies, tactics can be similar irrespective of the brands. 

 However, there are some things that need to be kept in mind while making an overarching strategy.


The right information leads to the right action

The foundation for creating successful E-Commerce Marketing Strategies is accurate and extensive market research. The right information is the most important step towards taking the right action, especially when it comes to creating any digital strategy. One must take into account your customer expectations, understand and analyze target customer details like age, gender, geographical location, as well as the amount of money they are likely to spend towards the purpose. These are the parameters that determine the subsequent stages of strategy building. 

Knowing what the competition offers is also another aspect of increasing the relevance of your brand to the target customers. Market research often reveals data that can not only add to the marketing strategies but also become significant while setting product details. 

A well-researched strategy grabs the attention of your target customers, helping them relate to a brand that is aware of their expectations. 

Selecting the right tools increases the chances of conversions multifold

Google Shopping Ads 
This is one of the tactics we have used for multiple brands with great effect. For brands with a large inventory of products, we use showcase shopping ads that bring several related products in the display. Some marketers claim that this tactic can yield a 200 percent increase in the conversion rate. That may sound too ambitious. However, we did experience quite a jump in sales for some of the brands we manage. 

 Personalized e-mails

This tactic is so common that it is often taken for granted. We do not, however, stop at just using the customers' names. We invest time in researching a customer’s purchasing habits and then plan our interaction with them personalizing the tone of the content, subject line, and the CTA. The initial communication is followed by several rounds of personalized follow-up emails for the best result.

 Blog posts

This is another proven tactic to boost e-commerce sales. In fact, well-written, informative blog posts have helped us achieve a 2-3 times increase in organic SEO traffic over the course of a year. And did we tell you? To this date, this remains the most cost-effective means to increase footfall in your online store.

 Amazon first

Although we follow a unique strategy for every brand, there are a few rules that we keep in mind while devising an overarching plan. And that starts with making a presence in a high-traffic marketplace. When it comes to selling merchandise, that means Amazon. The next step involves going to a product/ service-specific marketplace (such as Nykaa for personal care brands). 

 Online sales through the website

With the nature of business becoming more online post-Covid, more and more companies are integrating e-commerce features into their websites. However, at UD, we never commit to making conversion through the website an overnight affair. In this context, our strategy is to amplify the brand's presence on several channels, first. With the growing familiarity of the brand and its offering, the traffic will increase automatically. 


There is no substitute for creativity

All the research and strategy in the world may just fall flat if you fail to add that unique edge to your marketing program. That creativity of your campaign is what sets you apart, grabs the attention of your ideal buyer, and turns one time buyers into loyal customers. You as a digital marketeer need to have that unique vision that your ideal clientele will be able to relate to immediately. Most successful marketing campaigns in the world employ that creative aspect which creates a lasting experience in the minds of its immediate customers as well as all those who come across it. 

Successful E-Commerce Marketing Strategies not only cater to immediate demand but create buyers out of those who are actively viewing the campaign by piquing their interest and addressing their expectations. A creative marketing strategy has the advantage of expansion as well as retention.


Adding Influencers to the mix adds a dash of credibility

You can not deny the relevance of social media while talking about digital marketing strategies. But among other E-Commerce Marketing Strategies, the one that takes the social media experience richer is Influencer Marketing. 

A social media influencer has authentic followers who have faith in him/her. This strategy uses that follower list to promote products, thus turning the influencer as well as the followers into patrons. The influencer’s recommendation is usually seen as relatable and reliable. 

The active conversion rate of Influencer Marketing has gone off the charts in recent times, turning influencer marketing into an invaluable tool.

 E-commerce Marketing Strategies form a big part of the marketing campaign of any business because it enhances the digital buying experience, which is after all what the future era of business looks like. Digital commerce platforms are still evolving, changing every day, which is why leading digital marketing companies in India such as ours are offering their services in creating the strategy best suited for the business concerned. 

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