Enhance your ‘Googleability’ with these 8 amazing Google Analytics insights

Enhance your ‘Googleability’ with these 8 amazing Google Analytics insights

‘Googleability’ is everything, or so they say!And SEO Service Providers in India will unanimously agree.Google Analytics is changing everyday! Research shows how almost 89% of Search Engine Optimization strategies can be fine-tuned and boosted through Google Analytics reports.Want to track the age, preferences, and interests of your viewers? Ask Google! Want to note the number of impressions of your ad copy? Ask Google. Want to figure out how to attract your target demographic? Ask Google.Google seems to have all the answers  and now with improved Google Analytics, you are all set to turn your SEO strategy into a raging success as well.Here’s how you can use Google Analytics to your advantage and drive more organic traffic to your website:
  •  1. Utilize the potential of Google AMP Tracking
 With the all-new Google AMP Tracking, you can now provide an uber-fast browsing experience to your mobile visitors. Amazing studies have shown how publishers are recommending Google AMP tracking everyday for all-round visibility and engagement boost.Search Engine Watch recorded how enabling AMP has increased click-through rates by 90% whereas 80% of the content is getting more views.  And it doesn’t end there! You can now use Google Analytics tracking to analyze and record user interactions on your page!
  • 2. Check & resolve XML sitemap issues 
 Ensure that your sitemap is registered with Google Search Console before you use Google Analytics to resolve your sitemap issues.But it doesn't just end at syncing. Ensure that Google can read your site properly by getting rid of any indexing errors that might hamper the analytics process. As they say, you need to set things straight before Google can get things right for you.SEO Service Providers should conduct a thorough check of the sitemap & ensure that nothing is getting in the way of Google successfully reading your site.  
  • 3. Check organic keyword performance with Google Search Console
 Your work does not end at sprinkling an assortment of keywords across your webpage.With Google Search Console you can keep one beady eye at how your organic keywords are performing! This is crucial for your site to maintain its rankings within Google Search results.Keep tracking and revising your organic keywords with Google Search Console to ensure that your page is reaching the target demographic!The keyword performance report also provides you with valuable insights regarding clicks, impressions, CTR, and average position. It also records the relevance of your pages with respect to search queries.
  • 4. Monitor your backlinks 
 Referrals play a major role in driving traffic to your website. In fact, they are one of the top ranking monitoring factors. As the number of backlinks rise, so do the chances of your site ranking top for search entries.One you use the analytics to track and monitor what kind of website are referring to your site, you can contact them and even map out some cross-platform promotional plans that can further benefit both the parties.
  • 5. Find your top-ranking content
 Come to think of it, there will always be some content on your site that will convert better than others.With Google Analytics at your service, you can now identify and capitalize on the best-performing content.With some luck & the right tools in play, you could even turn some of these into ad campaigns that can accelerate conversions!
  • 6. Check the attribution path
 This happens to be one of the stellar Google Analytics features that you can use to your advantage.An Attribution path is the history that a user followed that led them to discover your content.The attribution paths are almost like direct roadmaps to your consumer’s preferences. You can use it to analyse patterns and tweak your strategy to maximize engagement and conversions.Apart from these major tools, you can use Google Analytics to map the buyer’s journey, determine whether your site is optimized for Google crawling, and so much more.Content may be the King of your Digital Marketing Strategy, but a strong SEO strategy bulletproofs it! That’s why we at UrsDigitally focus on fortifying our clients’ SEO stance. Google Analytics is already changing the ball game for most SEO Service Providers in India. Are you in the loop yet?


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