How To Bring Your Brand Alive on Social – The New Age Marketing Mantra

How To Bring Your Brand Alive on Social - The New Age Marketing Mantra

It’s not too long ago, communication, especially print media was all attuned to copy and images. Digital media followed suite, with prominent success, for quite some time. The new age of communication demanded more, much more interactivity to be precise. In comes video in its multitude of avatars and cousins like GIFs. Result? An experience of motions and sound which captivates and captures consumer attention like none other.

The ever-evolving demand of BORED human psyche

Human psyche is wired to get bored- quite frequently! It does not come as a surprise that digital communication is evolving seamlessly over the years to satiate the demand of the human psyche. Marketers, especially social marketers are increasingly coming to terms with the power of video marketing and for good reasons.

One of our recent works for a Leading footwear brand


Cultivating multiple senses at once

One of the major pluses for video is its capability to stimulate multiple sensations. Portrayal and conjuring of emotions becomes easy with videos and that is something marketers are using to the optimum. GIFs play an important role in spreading short/snappy stories which brands make use of optimally.

Another of our works for a Hospital Brand in Kolkata


Numbers that predict a video bandwagon

When it comes to marketing, nothing shows impact better than hard hitting statistics. Let’s discuss some markers which point to the fact that videos are here to rule and not fade away as a passing trend:

  • Mobile traffic for any brand is now sourced from online videos. As much as 50% of the traffic is generated for the multimedia medium.
  • A whopping 65% of people go all through to 3/4th of short-average span videos. What that means is the marketers get ample chance to impress upon the viewers with their content.
  • Consumer internet traffic from videos stood at 65% of traffic for organic videos. This number is set to rise to 69% in 2017 and to 79% by 2018. What that means is more traction from videos than ever before.
  • Videos ensure an increase in click through rates at as much at 65%. Not a small number to overlook by any count.
  • Websites with interactive videos in their homepages or major landing pages can increase dwelling time by as much as 2 minutes more. That’s a lot given the limited attention span people nowadays have.

Given the statistics, it does not come as a surprise that a massive 69% of digital marketers are continually using videos/GIFs for branding and marketing purpose.

Animated GIF is a great way to tell your story in just a few frames. See more of our creative works here

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