How We Achieved 700% Growth on Social Media During Durga Puja

How We Achieved 700% Growth on Social Media During Durga Puja

Finally it’s the time to throw open the gates of fun and chill out for a few days of unhindered , unadulterated, uncalculated and unapologetic fun. As Durga Puja slowly seeps in, our minds and souls slowly expand into a state of unspoken bliss which can only be shared by experience. All the extra hours of mind exploring ideation and body stretching work in the past few weeks for the grand festival- Durga Puja is starting to seep in and fill us up with so much excitement and happiness that we have to share it with you.

Can You Make People Laugh With Your Content?

Now that Maa Durga, her children and Shiva are all coming to town, this time on horses, I believe, it’s now time to ask, ‘Who let the GODS out? ’

The answer, in all humility I believe is us. Magne! Have you ever wondered what the gods would be up to in this day and age of Digital Media? So, we decided to have a fun take on the subject, and a madness of few days followed with the whole team working till midnight to produce the first of our animated series - a comical spoof on the lives of gods and goddesses up there! We named it DUGGA DUGGA.

And what happened? The video went viral within a day of releasing it on Facebook and Whatapp. We got some veiled threats too from the religious bigots. Reactions poured in from every quarter. A few enquiries from local media houses came in. The branding got a huge boost for us as we got more than 700% growth on our social media channels.

The Power of Story telling

Aren’t the Gods as fun as us? It seems they just #CantStopHopping. I mean Puja Pandal Hopping. For those who do not know what Pandal Hopping is, never ask a Bengali the question. It’s highly offensive. There are over 45000 pandals or makeshift decorative structures erected all over town to worship the Durga idol and her children Ganesh, Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Karthik, with Shiva playing a cameo on the backdrop. Pandal hopping is the fun act of exploring all these –pandals, mostly on foot manoeuvring self through the sweltering crowds.

Guess what? If you are in Kolkata during the Pujas, I bet you just ‘Can’t Stop Hopping! ’

For a popular footwear brand, our #CantStopHopping Facebook campaign has picked up such steam that it is unfathomable. This campaign has been revelatory on so many levels. For once again, we have broken all shackles and doubts and gone ahead to prove how Facebook Marketing can actually reach out to the mass at a limited budget, and that the tides of marketing are actually tipping towards the digital. If you have been following our recent blogs and posts, you must’ve already caught up on how video and visual creatives like GIFs are making a huge furore on Social Media in terms of digital marketing.

Our whole campaign, for the footwear brand, included a series of sequential videos and animated gifs that told some highly engaging stories related to Durga Puja. The campaign garnered huge engagments and was able to achieve 5x growth on brand recall. Within a couple of weeks, we got a mindboggling 1 lakh views on Facebook which were shared by thousands of viewers on Facebook and Instagram. Here is a glimpse into the various videos and GIF’s that made the campaign a success.

Story of the Barowari Puja

Our first video of the campaign was to introduce a small fact from history which actually is huge in terms of emotional content. The huge deal that Durga Puja is today, begun humbly as a mark of rebellion by a bunch of youth. Surprised? We were too! Check out the whole video to know more.

The Story Behind the Iconic Mahisasur Mardini Pala

What harks the beginning of Durga Puja in Bengal? Well the sweet smell of Kans flowers, the smooth breeze of autumn and the spirit of festivity all falls in line. But the Mahisasur Mardini Pala at 4 am on Mahalya, roaring through radio sets all across town is considered the harbinger of Durga Puja. But did you know that the Pala you hear today has been on for decades in the voice of Mr. Birendra Krishna Bhadra. What if someone tried to reproduce it in someone else’s voice? Well they tried it once. But things got awry. Check out the whole video to know more.

The Story of Kumari Puja on Maha Ashtami

Every year, thousands and thousands of people gather at Belur math to withness the event named Kumari puja, popularised by none other than the great monk Swami Vivekananda.

The Story of Sindoor Khela on Vijaya Dashami

This was the final part of our Durga Puja Sutra series, and went most viral too. The emotion of sadness looms in at every bengali heart as it is the time to bid good bye to the Goddess. Literally thousands of bijoya wishes were done on social media with this beautiful video.

Kill the Asura

Durga Puja is a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. We though everyone should be part of the victory of good over evil. So we created a GIF contest and it was an overwhelming success with Flashflood engagement on social media.

Get in touch with us here, if you wish to create a viral campaign on social media to give your brand a high boost.


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