If You Are into Digital Marketing, Then You Must Avoid These

If You Are into Digital Marketing, Then You Must Avoid These

The Digital Age has reached its prodigal adolescence. Puberty was way back when Facebook took over our lives and now finally, the digital age has popped its cherry with the advent of the glorious medium called Digital Marketing. This is the trending buzzword of the year. Every brand, from shoe makers to Schumacher, is delving deep into the marketing manhole of the digital media. But why is it so important? Firstly every bloody person is on the net. We are chatting with the person sitting next to us on Facebook, updating our DP to proclaim our happiness and declaring revolution on the social media. So, to be visible, to be recalled or to create the brand identity, digital marketing is the way. But we should keep in mind that is major NO NOs in Digital Marketing. Keeping these in mind can decide the fate of your digital campaign.


Content is KING. But Size Does Not Matter!

You can ask any advertiser but you will get the same answer. In advertising, content is really the king. That maybe the truth, but as we have learnt from our news channels there are multiple variations of the truth. In Digital Marketing, the main focus is to engage the audience i.e. getting a quantifiable response from the target audience. The virtual world is now saturated with voraciously increasing advertising communication. So, to stand apart from the horde, one should keep the content short, crisp, funny and extremely intriguing. A sample, “You won’t believe how much ROI we can generate for your brand.” Should suffice to be a click-baiting headline.

funny lion king
Content might be the king, but do not make yours king-size!


The main thing is to stay trending. Do NOT decide yourself, what is interesting

The net is the place where nothing is forever young. What is IN today will surely be OUT by tomorrow. The key thing is to stay updated. Following current affairs will yield enough information to know the trending topics of the day. Designing your communication around those topics will surely ensure quite a lot of footfall. Every person is an individual with different choices and ideology. So, NEVER decide for yourself what is interesting, let the internet do it for you.

change is contant funny
Trends Change faster than you can think!


There are multiple channels of Digital Advertising. Do NOT invest in only one

From email to YouTube, Twitter to WhatsApp, the digital world is now brimming with insane number of channels for marketing. So NEVER put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify in your digital campaign. Choose multiple avenues and bombard everything in sight with relevant communication. Once done, you will be assured a hell lot of traction.

funny advertising
Channels come in diff size and color :) Do not stick to only ONE!


DO NOT miss your target. Right targeting = Sure ROI

One of the main attractions of Digital Marketing is the customised targeting. There are several tools for beginners and advanced marketers alike, to skilfully target the desired TG. So roll up your sleeves, do your research, understand the parameters and Voila! You have successfully profiled your TG. Now design your communication relevantly and laugh your brand to the bank.

right targeting is super important
Practice well for finding the right target, or else...


NEVER delve into strategy without proper research. It is better to look before you leap

Proper research will ensure you do not struggle to search for a foothold in the digital advertising world. Understanding the brand and the analogous traits, the recent trends as well as the customer psyche is indeed as important as any of the above four mentioned points. So invest the midnight oil in in-depth research and logical analysis before formulating your digital strategy.

research enough to find insights
Strategy w/o the research will produce only the junk!


It doesn’t matter if the brand is established or a start-up, Digital Marketing is the newest media everyone is investing in. With proper research, targeting, creativity and strategy, your digital ROI will skyrocket like Virendra Sehwag’s sixes. A specialised digital 360-degree growth-hacking agency, like UrsDigitally, can surely build your brand and build a digital legacy of it.


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