Insights From Engage 2018 – East Indias Largest Digital marketing Conference

Insights From Engage 2018 - East Indias Largest Digital marketing Conference

Digital Intelligence—the future of the world run by the two digits (0 and 1) and the key to further human advancement. That was exactly the topic on which the industry’s best minds, veterans, luminaries, enthusiasts, agencies, entrepreneurs, and students plunged in together for a gruelling, engaging, and highly interactive session at PRSI Engage Digital Summit on 20th August, 2018. Famed as the largest digital conference in all of East India, needless to say, the summit at ITC Sonar, Kolkata was a grand success and opened new doors of knowledge for all.


AI is going to completely revolutionize everything we know and have. It’s going to drive a new era with unlimited possibilities of beneficence for humanity and the world ”, said the legendary Sandeep Marwah—Founder of Noida Film city, who was the keynote speaker at Engage—initiated the proceedings.


Post that, dignitaries from multiple renowned organizations further enriched the ambience with inspiring lectures on different industries such as robotics, fashion, public affairs, social, design, and marketing wherein digital intelligence is currently catalysing a disruption. The negatives were also discussed and some common anxieties were chided away.


For instance, Bhupesh Daheria —CEO of Aegis–remarked, “AI would certainly take away some redundant jobs, but, it will also cough up completely new types of jobs unheard till now!”


In addition, the social impact of this technology also didn’t go untouched. “Digital technologies have enabled us to reach out to millions through a finger tap, and hence, making people happy has become so, so easy if we wish to. Even an appreciation a day for the ones you love, through a whatsapp message, would certainly bring smile to their faces!” exclaimed the vibrant founder of YUVA Unstoppable, Amitabh Shah!


Well, as a matter of extreme pride, we, at UrsDigitally, were the official digital media partners for the entire event. The summit was thoroughly covered on social media through live videos and posts and that garnered significant traction. In addition, our directors, Amitava Bhattacharya and Ayesha Hazra were also invited to speak at this grand event!


Amitava Bhattacharya, a veteran in creative marketing and Co-Founder of UrsDigitally, gave the audience a detailed glimpse on the future of marketing and what that means for all in the industry. According to him Marketing automation is growing by leaps and bounds, and in no time, AI-based marketing would spread its roots in all industries around the globe. While that means a death knell to redundant activities and the people employed to perform them, it also opens up a plethora of opportunities. However, this revolution is essential for any enterprise to stay relevant, since customers, be it of any age bracket or demography, are now looking for more frictionless experiences and AI is the only key to this. To add more, local and regional language-based marketing, assistive e-commerce, omni-channel experiences, and micro-channel targeting are going to be the critical marketing success factors in coming years, and to conveniently embrace them, AI is a must adoption.


Ayesha Hazra, an expert in marketing strategization and project delivery and Co-Founder of UrsDigitally, threw comprehensive light on how digital communication is being disrupted by the application of AI. Speaking of the challenges that plague marketers, personalized communications, real-time frontend interactions, omni-channel presence capability, and customer behavioural analysis on these channels form the quartet of the biggest silos in today’s digital marketing. AI is revolutionizing in each of those segments with exhaustive data analysis from multiple channels—visual, consumer characteristics, content, audio, and more, surface insight generations, and hence allows marketers to now drive insight-based decisions that obviously lead to increase in response rates and eventually ROI.


It was an experience to remember for a long, long time and the day at Engage could be summarised in a phrase— ‘celebration of knowledge!’ We earnestly look forward for the next year and wish to be again significant contributors in the biggest digital meet of East India.



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