The 8-Step Master Guide to Create a Fail-Safe Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

The 8-Step Master Guide to Create a Fail-Safe Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

We are clearly living in a world of “digital chaos”.

With more and more brands saying the same things for promoting their product/ services, your prospects are bombarded with hundreds of emailers, ads & social media content in just 24 hours’ time.

That’s why a Digital Marketing Strategy that can set you apart from your competition is the need of the hour.

Do you know what is happening as a result of the digital chaos though?

Our brain is working harder than ever to block promotional content so that we do not suffer from decision fatigue or information overload. Now, can you identify its impact on your business revenue? If your customers are getting trained to ignore these brand messaging, that means your brand message will also be ignored by them, isn’t it? But don’t worry, there is a loophole in the circle & that is why we use digital strategy to find that loophole & leverage it to boost your business.

A perfectly curated digital strategy will help you reach your organizational goals no matter what changes are being introduced in the online world. We have discussed a detailed analysis and a step-by-step blueprint on how to create a robust digital strategy that brings results to your business. Make the most of our 360-degree Digital Marketing Services.

Here’s how:

1. Define Your Goals

Jumping on the strategy session without understanding what is the result that you want out of its successful implementation is a fool’s job. Let’s not make this mistake for your business.

Note down what is your expectation out of this digital strategy.

Your strategy will be based on your goal. Is it brand building? Increasing your social media reach? Onboarding high-profile influencers? Boosting ROI?

Once you decide what to focus on, we let our strategy handle the rest.

2.Thorough domain analysis

Thorough domain analysis is the key aspect of your strategy. Understand your target customer group, figure out how they respond to your brand image, or whether you have established any, map out their expectations and then create a strategy that best fits your business needs.

Competitor analysis is another area that can help you make a headway. So, let’s suppose you are in the finance niche. You are probably not the only one selling this product/ service, are you? That means you already have a good competition going on even before you think of jumping into the game. So how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? The answer lies in “personalization”.

  1. Personalize your product
  2. Personalize of your offerings
  3. Personalize your content to attract the most suited prospect
  1. Focus on your Buyer Persona
However, you can not personalize your messaging for a million people at a time, can you? Even with the largest sales & marketing team, it is not possible. For that very reason, you need to sit down with pen & paper and note down who is your audience? What’s his age? What does his life look like? Why does he need your product?

This becomes your buyer persona. Now use this while communicating any brand message of your product, whether written or verbal.

4. Identify your key marketing channels

First time in the history of the business world it is happening that businesses can now reach anyone at any time without relying on big broadcast media houses & spending millions of dollars for a few seconds of attention. The Internet has empowered businesses with very strong marketing channels to reach out to their target audience for almost no cost. There are 100s of channels today that you can use to reach out to your audience.

However, effective Digital Marketing Services in India helps you narrow down your marketing efforts to fewer of these channels at least for the beginning phase. It will not only help you cut the unnecessary pressure out of your marketing team but will also ensure whatever you are putting your energy into is getting you some level of traction in return. After you start getting some momentum in your business, you can always increase your reach and try out other marketing channels to grow your reach.

After all, it doesn’t bode well to be master of none!

5.  Plan a robust content strategy

Your content is the voice of your brand online. There is no salesperson standing in front of your audience online while they are going through your website, your ad, or even your Instagram page for that matter. Therefore it becomes very important that you come up with a strong content marketing plan that ensures your brand is moving towards the direction it should be, in order to make those profit margins increase.

6. Use a content calendar to streamline your workflow

Your digital strategy is of no use if you fail to upload consistent content that drives traffic & converts leads. However, usually, we have found that digital strategy comprises huge content demand. It might happen that your team forgets about an important content post that was to be uploaded yesterday. To avoid such confusion & chaos, we would advise you to start maintaining a content calendar of your own.

A well-drafted contempt calendar will include-

  1. The list of content pieces to be published for a given month
  2. Name of the assigner & assignee
  3. Content format
  4. Date of submission
  5. Date of approval etc

7. Plan your resources

Once you have your strategy laid out, jot down the resources that you need in order to achieve the result you want. It can be adding a new member to your team or buying a sophisticated tool to support your star-performers and help them excel at work. Noting these small details separately will not only help you stay prepared from the beginning but also ensure that you are keeping track of any expense that your digital strategy’s implementation process might involve.

8. It’s all about analytics

Planning and then executing a Digital Marketing Strategy needs a lot of effort from your end. It requires you and your team to perform a lot of activities in order for you to execute what is being planned. Therefore, it becomes of prime importance that you measure your outcomes. There is analytics provided with almost all of the paid/ unpaid tools & platforms used today. Use these data insights to dive deep into what’s working for you and what’s not.

Rome was not built in a day and the same goes for your Digital Marketing Strategy. In a world of changing consumer expectations, brands need to be agile, responsive, and adaptive to float along the current! That’s why we at UrsDigitally believe in providing stellar Digital Marketing Services in India, not only to build up revenue but to build a brand that sells! As they say, put your best minds at work for the most critical tasks!

Have you started building your strategy yet?


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