Top Social Media Marketing mistakes you need to stop making in 2021

Top Social Media Marketing mistakes you need to stop making in 2021

We are all familiar with the age-old adage - too many cooks spoil the broth! While analyzing the recent trends in Social Media Marketing, we at UrsDigitally, one of the leading Social Media Marketing Agencies in India, have decided that the adage needs to be modified a bit to be applied to our context. Not just too many cooks, even the right ingredients in the wrong amounts, or too many ingredients can spoil the broth just the same! Same goes for your social media marketing strategy. Of course, none of us are ignorant of the immense potential of social media in digital marketing. But have you ever wondered why it works wonders for some and not for others? 

For the perfect broth, you need to adhere strictly to the recipe. In Social Media Marketing too, there are some ‘do’s and ‘don'ts that you just can not ignore. 

Automated Back-link Posting

This is one of the biggest blunders you can make while posting on social media. Imagine you were a consumer interacting with a new brand’s social media page and suddenly there’s a huge number of back-links appearing on your newsfeed. Random, thoughtless back-link posting will make you seem like just another spamming website. That’s the last thing you want!

Not using tracking analytics

How can you possibly manage something that you can not measure? Well, you need to use proper analytics tools to figure out which tactics are working and which are not. For instance, many Social Media Agencies use Google Analytics to figure out the engagement rate, click-through rate (CTR,), and various other parameters that need to be checked.

Don’t be the jack of all ‘platforms’ and master of none

Another oft-repeated adage that supports the point we are trying to make. You can set up social media pages on all platforms, but without the bandwidth to manage them, your efforts will always fall short. Social Media Marketing Agencies need dedicated teams to manage all channels and provide quality service to your visitors.

Avoid creating multiple profiles on Social media platforms

This is another serious concern that can put the authenticity of your social media pages to question. When a consumer sees multiple profiles of the same brand on social media, they get confused. More than 75% of the time, they will not be engaging with the brand thereafter.

Not highlighting enough user generated content

No matter how adept Social Media Marketing Companies are at promoting content, nothing convinces consumers better than reviews from other customers. Showcasing user reviews and recommendations can work wonders for your social media strategy. You can not ignore the importance of user-generated content.

Passive stance and Low Visibility

In an attempt to appear less aggressive on social media channels, some brands lose out on a lot. The world of Social Media Marketing is dynamic and ever-changing. You need to maintain a similar energy in your post frequency too! 

Deleting or being unresponsive to negative comments

When you have a social media channel, you can not avoid negative comments. But one of the biggest blunders that Social Media Agencies need to be wary of is deleting or any kind of unresponsiveness or passivity while managing negative feedback. Instead, when you respond responsibly, you create the image of a brand that accepts accountability and is ready to provide better services.

Excessive self-promotion and no content diversification

It is no news to us that promotional content runs a huge risk of being ignored for good. Instead of imparting value to your consumers, if your social media activity is largely just self-promotion, you will not garner much engagement. Also, the content needs to be diverse and appeal to the taste of your customer base. If you came across a brand that only spoke about its products and services but not about the value that it provided to your life or the purpose of the brand itself, would you engage? 

The world of social media marketing is an evolving vortex, you miss one step and you slip into the ‘low visibility’ zone. That is why UrsDigitally, one of the leading Social Media Marketing Companies in Kolkata, India follows a fixed social media strategy - a plan of action that is updated every month. This strategy is the lifeboat you perfect with time to sail through the changing currents. Policies are updated, trends analysed, and mistakes spotted to foolproof all social media marketing policies. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the reins now and get an infallible social media strategy for 2021!     


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