5 Digital Upgrades your local business needs right now to thrive in the post-pandemic world

5 Digital Upgrades your local business needs right now to thrive in the post-pandemic world

With Covid-19 onslaughts rising in numbers, 2020 was an almost-apocalyptic year, to say the least. Clearly, 2021 has the tell-tale markings of a post-apocalyptic year where the focus is on renewal and stepping up our game.Reimagine. Rebuild. Revamp. These are the watchwords of the day!

What does it mean for your business, though?

As experts at devising eCommerce marketing strategies for a varied range of businesses, we at UrsDigitally were stunned to find out that almost 59% of small businesses are likely to scale down and shut shop as fresh waves of the pandemic keep hitting us!


So, what did we do? We made a foolproof strategy-lifeboat to help you navigate these rough waters, of course. As the pandemic forces us to restrict our mobility, we are becoming more digitally agile. Is that good news for your by-the-lane shop that always got a steady stream of business from the locals? It could be, only if you could adapt to the changing times and let eCommerce marketing take the reins.

Turn your store footfalls into website traffic, your store-front display into a brilliant digital catalogue, and add some prompt delivery options to the mix - that’s a surefire way to wake your business up from the stupor!

The success mantra for any business is firstly founded on mapping its consumer needs and expectations. For instance, as a local grocery shop who has recently gone online, what is your biggest trump card over retail giants? The answer is the immediacy of service, of course! By adopting an online-delivery model, you could cater to your local band of customers and better yet, do it faster than anybody else!

Needless to say, you need to take your business online to retain and expand your customer base. But it does not end there. To ensure that you are doing eCommerce marketing right, you need Digital Marketing Services custom-tailored just for you!

But before that, let’s look at the five Digital Upgrades you need to adopt right now to save your business and even make it thrive better than ever:

  1. 1. Sit atop the ‘Near Me’ search list

While more and more of your customers are shopping online, seeing their familiar store topping the ‘near me’ search list will definitely give them a jolt of excitement.

Why do we stress on this? Because, ‘near me’ searches have seen a whopping 200% rise in the last two years alone. Clearly, as eCommerce transactions rise, businesses have a way to play their location as a trump card to attract as many nearby customers as they can.

Integrate the ‘Near Me’ search option within your app, optimize your visibility by signing up on Google My Business, use nearby location landmarks throughout the content that you publish, and make sure that your customers can find you!

So, when you are updating to an online store model, you need some stellar Digital Marketing Services like SEO tone-up & Content Marketing  to increase your businesses’ visibility.

When you employ the best services, it reflects on your ROI!

  1. 2. Delivery cycle optimisation

Promptness is the watchword for businesses these days! So, the edge that you are looking to gain over your competition is neatly tied up in appearing on location-based searches & prompt deliveries.

In a market that facilitates instant gratification, you can’t expect your customer to wait for hours for a product from a store that is just close-by.

We suggest in-app location integration and ETA estimation to keep your customers in the loop at all times.

So, along with sprucing up your SEO checklist to ensure that you top the search list, you need to also do it justice by optimizing your delivery cycle options!

Make the wait a pleasant one for your customers with fun in-app delivery tracking features too!

  1. 3. Loyalty programs

Customer retention is one  of the biggest concerns that businesses have while shifting from the brick-and-mortar model to an online store setup!

But we say that you have options to retain and expand your customer base better than ever digitally.

With smart eCommerce Marketing Strategies in play, you can give your customers reasons to keep coming back to your store. Loyalty points, customer benefits, rewards on purchases greatly enhance a buying experience.

That’s why we at UrsDigitally have partnered up with GrabLoyalty, to bring you the best benefits of both! Now the best Digital Marketing Services for your newly budding website comes complete with a loyalty program too!

It’s time to wow your customers at the end of every purchase!

  1. 4. It’s all about Product Catalogues!

Did you know that almost 60% of customers lose faith in a business after a dissatisfactory ecommerce experience?

To avoid that, you need to figure out the pitfalls first.

Confusing menus, difficult navigation between product categories, ill-considered product cataloguing could be doing you more harm than you can imagine!


To put it simply, you always put your best players in the frontlines if you wish to succeed. When you do that for your store, why not for your eCommerce website as well?

Surveys have shown that a well-thought product catalogue plays a pivotal role in changing website visits into conversions.

For instance, we at UrsDigitally ensured that our client Excel Interior Wallpapers reaped the benefits of a perfect product catalogue when they chose us as their digital partner. From creating an online presence for the company to boosting their business by a whole 150% over the years, we know first-hand the wonders a well-crafted product catalogue can do to your conversion rates.

  1. 5. Seamless payment options & surprises too

To excel at anything, you need to tread along the fine line between a job done and a job done well. That’s where we could use our help.

Shifting to a digital model is not just new for you, but for your customers too. Even today consumers are apprehensive about the security of online transactions. While they are embracing the ecommerce trend more than ever now due to the Covid crisis, you need to make the journey easy and enjoyable for them as well.

We suggest multiple payment options, seamless process, and a well-crafted buyer journey leading to the point of purchase.

But what about the extra something that could ensure another visit from your buyer?

Surprise them with perks just while they’re paying. Suppose your customer has just made a purchase and voila! Delivery free!


Placing such perks at this strategic point in the buyer journey has worked wonders in retaining & expanding the customer base.

In chaos, there is opportunity. And that’s the operative theory you need to put into play to turn your eCommerce website into a resounding success. From the works of maestros like Moliere to strategists like Sun-Tzu, how often have we chuckled to ourselves while reading about people who have thrived under pressure.

From anecdotes of a modest food-peddler churning profits by serving World War soldiers to inspirational business biographies, fiction and facts both support the merits of spotting an opportunity and then making it big! Just like Dalmia Gold Tea did with UrsDigitally’s stellar eCommerce Marketing Services! The brand saw a whopping 56% increase in sales within the February-May cycle even in the midst of this pandemic!


It’s your turn to set an example. Why don’t you start by ringing us up on +91 9830897683 for the best eCommerce Marketing Strategies in Kolkata?


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