Franchisee Aquisition Case Study for A Reputed Footwear Brand


How We Generated Tons of Leads for A Footwear Brand Franchisor

A brand always has to be in a state of flux. Stagnancy usually spells disastrous for brands of any size. Thus every entrepreneur is always on the look out to expand their business, expansion has its own costs and logistical issues. Not only does it entail certain investments in real estate and intellectual property but intangible expenditure in time and effort. So what is the best way for fruitful expansion with a high ROI? Franchising.Franchising your brand is one of the well proven avenues through which fast expansion is possible. The PROs outnumber the CONs in these ventures. Now, digital marketing can have a positive impact in finding potential franchisees that can effectively help your brand in scaling up.A case in point is our work for franchise lead generation for a known footwear brand in East India. This case study speaks about one of the component - video marketing - that gave the franchisee aquisition strategy a strong leg to run through.

The Client Brief:

 The brand has a huge and loyal customer base and an expansive catchment area. The products have been well-received and the Customer Loyalty Program re-enforced trust on the brand. Thus the time was ripe for aggressive expansion.What the franchisor (client) wanted:
  • To generate leads for prospective franchisees
  • To let prospects aware of the logistical and legal parameters of being a Brand Franchisee
  • To inculcate interest and intrigue through creative advertising of the aforementioned parameters.
  • To make the transition from a prospect to franchisee, smooth.

Our Strategy:

 Taking the client brief into account, our strategy  was designed after the following activities The main idea of the video was to showcase a store slowly forming out of nothingness juxtaposed with texts directly regarding the information we wanted to share. 


The set target was reached in terms of lead and client expectations. Also we established a strong contemporary connection with the usage of minimalistic graphics and images in our video.Video marketing is an able and efficient tool to mass market your product as well as expanding an established business though finding apt and optimum service partners i.e. Franchisees in the aforementioned cases.About us: We are a multifaceted marketing company specialising in digital marketing, designing, and strategic consulting. Our departments are varied and portfolio, diverse. Our dedicated team of efficient researchers, marketing experts, visualisers and designers are adept in handling any of your logistical and enabling needs for growth hacking and proliferation of the business.
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