Online Market Research for a Leading Cab Aggregator


How we did a comprehensive field survey for an online cab booking app and helped them tap in the consumer psyche, before launch

Ride hailing apps are now making waves in urban transportation and India as a whole is observing a wave of frenzy around the concept. With India recording an unprecedented economy growth rate, disposable income is at an all time high.

What the client wanted
The client wanted to map out the consumer psyche and consumer potential before launching their cab hailing app in Kolkata. Being one of the most populated metropolitans, with a history of issues with taxi operators, Kolkata posed as the perfect backdrop for a business. Cab refusal, overcharging and nuisance are just some of the problems which were bugging the citizens of Kolkata and that is something that needs addressing. The cab hailing company saw it as a perfect opportunity to tap in the audience. Our job was to do a comprehensive survey to map out consumer potential.

What We did

We went overboard with the concept of compiling a comprehensive research on a plethora of essentials which can give the client a good amount of insights on the market. To ascertain the same, we chalked up the following:

  • Kolkata - Population Statistics – We provided a comprehensive study on the population breakup of the metropolis. We categorised on the population segregation among the urban and the suburban locales.

  • Kolkata – Zone wise View - We provided a comprehensive study on the various socio-economic zones across Kolkata.

  • Kolkata – Notable Places – Areas of Interest – We jotted down the notable places in Kolkata to segregate the notable places where the need for taxis will be at the highest.

  • Kolkata – Profiling Railway Stations – We provided a brief on the main railway stations which work as a lifeline to the city conveyance and the allied infrastructure that the taxi services bring in.

  • Kolkata – Profiling Airport - We provided a brief on the airports, where the cab hailing services are needed.

  • Kolkata - Income Profile - Monthly Disposable Income- this served as our focal point to ascertain the demand that the cab hailing services can have.

  • Kolkata – Transportation Statistics – The statistics provided an insight into how the urban metropolitan mass moves about the city and the gross average spend that goes into the same.

  • Kolkata – Taxi Insights – A note was created to ascertain the main players in the Kolkata Taxi unions and firms. This was done to gauge out the competition that the cab hailing app will face in Kolkata.

  • Kolkata – Conveyance Preference- We mapped out the conveyance preference of Kolkatans.

  • Fare Comparison Chart – Taxi Operator – We did a comparative study on the fare structure of different players which provided the insight that the decision makers wanted to position their fare structure.

  • Products Offered by Competitors – A comprehensive study was done to understand the various amenities or perks that the competitors of the cab hailing service provided. A vital element in making a product plan.

The Social Connect

One of the major successes came in the shape of a social connect we were able to create with the can hailing mass of Kolkata. A page dedicated to taxi problems in Kolkata became the hub for various communications related to the issues faced by common people with taxi refusals and other negatives. The page became a raging success with people from diverse demographic background pouring in their views about the taxi scenario in Kolkata. Our client, the cab hailing service got real time, responsive data about the user experience that the can hailers look for. Result? A truly seamless information structure for the client to make use of in their marketing proposition.

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