Optimizing PPC for Brand New Jewellery Brand


How we took a jewellery brand which had limited awareness, to the top tier of search results

The ever evolving digital marketing space is becoming all the more competitive with each passing day.  Search marketing as a playground for marketers is opening up new avenues with each passing day. We delved right into the centre of it with a comprehensive search marketing endeavour, garnering massive response from the audience.

What the client wanted

Being a new player in the block, the client side wanted instant attraction and conversion to happen. Getting a foothold in the search results with no brand equity is a tall task and we tried to soak in the challenge.



What We did

To make the funnelling of the search marketing results more viable, we holistically delved into the following essentials:

  • Did a comprehensive competitive study taking brands of the same to slightly above pedigree in the bracket.
  • Used social listening tools to gauge out discussions and trends in the real time.

  • Did an end to end website audit?

  • Provided user experience consultation.

  • Keyword research and search volume augmentation.

  • AdWords campaigns
What We Achieved

It didn’t necessarily come as a surprise that the campaign got an immense response from the audience. Not only has it gained a top rung in the search results, but also we have been able to transform the seemingly casual visitor into customers.

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